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This site is completely devoted to civic heraldry, i.e. coats of arms of countries, states, provinces, towns, villages etc. The site is not restricted to any country.

There are no data on coats of arms of families, individual persons or genealogical data, nor do I have any information on those subjects !
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Although as much information on the arms as possible will be included, like pictures, meaning, history, most often there is just a picture, not a description of the arms, nor a history. All information is taken from public sources (books, internet) and the sources are always mentioned and credited. Most pictures are scans from books, with the exception of the Dutch civic arms, where all the pictures are made by myself.

Arms of countries, areas or provinces that do not exist anymore, are placed under the country in which the area is situated at this moment (except for the historical provincial arms in Austria-Hungary). For example, cities, which were granted arms during the Russian Empire, are now under the individual countries. Similarly, towns in the former German provinces of Prussia and Posen are placed under Poland, the South African Homelands are under South Africa and Dutch East Indies are under Indonesia.

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