Richie Ricardo Magda Part Four

Magda: Hey Richie - did you know that time and place exist in blurry indistinct partnership here in trendy Berlin?

Richie: Magda, you don't have to tell me that I have recently been "going out of myself" trying to get into myself while coming out of myself to extend myself, if you know what I mean.

Magda: Do you mean like in Being John Malkovich?

Richie: Yeah kinda thing Magda, except Im so fucking cool I don't need to pay John Fucking Cusack 200 bucks for the privilege! You know. Magda, when I found you I told you that I would be the wise one and you would be the grasshopper?

Magda: Yeah Richie I remember that and if I should forget, you remind me of it every day!

Richie: Well its about 3pm Magda and its time for a cup of tea! Can you put the Philip Stark designer kettle on please?

Magda: PG Tips?

Richie: PG Fucking tips? Im Richie Hawtin! I don't drink PG fucking Tips! Get me a cup of that Lapsang Souching and make it snappy grasshopper!

Magda: One day you're gonna be sorry for this Richie

Richie: Do I have to remind you that Miss Freaking Dinky is after a room in a trendy central Berlin duplex??

Magda: I'll put the kettle on.

Richie: Make sure its a minimal cup grasshopper.

Ricardo: Did someone say minimal?

Richie: Hey Ricardo!

Magda: Hey Ricardo!

Ricardo: Look what I just bought!

Richie: Perhaps another t-shirt?

Ricardo: Nein Dumkopf! Today is sontag ya?

Richie: aha

Ricardo: well today is record shopping day! I got the latest Helmut Bumpusher! "Living Lightbulbs (Alcoachofa Remix)"

Richie: I had the cdr for 6 months Ricardo! Im Richie Hawtin!

Magda: I havent heard it!

Richie: Thats because youre making the tea Magda! Anyhow Ricardo I was saying to Magda how time and place exist in blurry indistinct partnership! what do you think?

Ricardo: Well I once had a t-shirt with that written on. It was a v-neck one in brown with green piping! It went really well with my brown suede Ug Boots! But I so agree with you Richie! We are currently within the vast thoughtscapes of this neo-liberal utopia currently under construction don't you know?

Magda: Im sure I read that line someplace!

Richie: Grasshopper, I got one word it begins with T and ends with Tea!

Magda: Im coming.......

Ricardo: Anyhow Richie, how do you know it's "time" for tea?

Richie: In Windsor Ontario we always stopped for afternoon tea!

Ricardo: Maybe in Twee Windsor Ontario you did such things but this is BERLIN! Remember here in Berlin the clock is only a utility that marks the time between contacts, events and projects; otherwise it is useless!

Richie: Well every day at 3pm the project is afternoon tea!

Ricardo: How minimal! Its so crass that its actually ubercoolische! Magda, can you make me a mug of that PG Tips Love?

Richie: oh jeez..........sigh

(Magda making tea)