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Settiradio mp3-stream
Setti international music
Oman IP:n päivitys admineille CSS server
Total 28 of 25 slots taken
[SLO]NORC Im faster.SZU.1102:17:42
eXe-A™ ﮎď&sh;1101:29:49
rOBO [cz]701:15:21
[Cheater]Master Damage601:14:40
>>P.W<<R@dq 602:21:50
TuX Killer501:59:24
[PL]Dziad Borowy201:27:44
[OMG] Angry Arrow ( cz )200:46:39
!GER! Sourdough101:31:54
Ń‚Ń‚™l WĹ100:15:04
Tv-proxies claim 1 slot CSS server running

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2006-02-15 - 1 minute disconnect ban script released.
2006-02-12 - Setti international music launched.
                    - Good music needs to be heard, make it happen.
2006-02-08 - Internatinal match rules released.
2006-02-08 - Teamratio code released.
                    - Team selecting statistics based on Psychostats.
2006-01-29 - de_egypt installed. Download now. INSTRUCTIONS
                    - de_egypt.rar contains all needed textures. Thanks _omg.
2006-01-22 - Patch 8 (torrent) released by DigitalZone.
                    - CSS Server updated!
                    - New map cs_militia doesn't run on any computer.
2005-12-30 - cs_kismayo repacked. Download now. INSTRUCTIONS
                    - cs_kismayo.rar contains all needed textures. Thanks Perplexer.
2005-12-28 - cs_twilight installed. Download now. INSTRUCTIONS

Official DigitalZone Releases (CS:S + patches)
The page is messy but it contains all DZ releases

Stats CSS server stats
Players who play too much CT
Psychostats are updated every 3 hours

Download custom made maps. You need these at

CSS game demos (videos)
Updated hourly; all gameplays within 3 days

Videos from Setti CSS players
7 CTs trying to rush in cbble

DivX 6 (35MB) - MPEG (45MB)
AWP vs. M4

XviD (63MB) - MPEG (32MB)
CS:S tutorial

CS:S tutorial (WMV, 29MB)
Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon (DivX, 28MB)
Dust bombed

Dust bombed (XVID, 67MB)
AK47 massacre

AK47 massacre (WMV, 18MB)
El MariachiAll videos
The luck of El Mariachi

The luck of El Mariachi (WMV, 14MB)

Torrent - All videos in one torrent

Setti challenges you to give good music chance to be heard!

There are lots of national bands in every country. Most of these bands never reach worldwide popularity even though their music is great. Setti offers you a chance to upload good music that has been produced in your country.

Have a look at Setti international music portal.
Good music wants to be heard!

14-02-2006: 1 minute disconnect ban plugin enabled
When you disconnect you will get one minute ban. This is there to stop people forcing their connection to the server even when the server seems to be full. Do not use "connect" command to connect or you will get 1 minute ban at every failed attempt.

Fix to CS:S favorites
Fix to favorites, (2)

Message board

Stop spamming this message board with that crap. Post your server to and contact |2em!x so he can add your server to the CSN list. If you even once (or one of your friends) post the server IP address here I'll make sure that serverlist does not show your server. Your best bet is to wait for players to come in - if they come. 90% of the servers are empty 95% of the time.

Btw. You missed the .34 part of the address in your own post.

Do not reply anything to this, anything at all related to your server.
2006-02-19 12:38:10
Johnygo to 2006-02-19 12:08:28
PerplexerCheater "Bordel-AK" from France on de_dust2 at 10:30 CET.2006-02-19 11:50:25
TobleHmm, This in not working now :D
I meant... 2 oz Finlandia® vodka , 2 oz banana liqueur ,fill with ginger ale , ice cubes.
Enjoy ;)
2006-02-19 11:48:02
Toble@ Koolacc

Ampiainen recipe
2 oz Finlandia® vodka
2 oz banana liqueur
2006-02-19 11:45:07
PeatherMOŽETE SE PŘIPOJIT NA 195.22.111:27015 JEDEN Z MALA ČESKÝCH SERVRU2006-02-19 10:48:49

CSS servers (Updated: 2006-02-19 18:34:20.)
IP Players Map Ping Name [WTF] 24/7 CSS 1337 PWNAGE CS:Source CS:Source SourceMM 3 CS:Source 2 PIF-PAF CS:S #1 [ssClient required] [LT] G-SPOT 24/7 Digital CS:Source Server Northnet CS:Source Server #1 (20 slots reserve) Kr@lCity Server CS:S (CZ) Reborn Counter-Strike: Source Server #1 Reborn Counter-Strike: Source Server #2 Territorio Inimigo ( .::. 3D-Arg .::. CS:S Server #1 (Bs As) .::. 3D-Arg .::. CS:S Server #4 (CBA) H5H./D8-E=F[D> HEMG+7I6F/2H5F CONTRA Server #1 (v25) [FR] SuB-ServeR CS: Source [*T.H.C*] Team Server GERAS CSS LT Mega GERAS CSS LT V.I.P. C([CS:SI=?I#F8/C(]F6I6G25D?!FE!E7( IE-[2# H.-G;FE!E7( IE-[1# H.-G;FE!E7( fgg 7#CS:S C(FGG.CNC(G&E;:.G&E7; fgg 8#CS:S C(FGG.CNC(G&E;:.G&E7; CSS server Beast's CSS Server CSS Server [RUS][SPB] (PORTUGAL) =bHz Gaming= CS 3 Server [DigitalZone] Macosoft Counter-Strike: Source Targu Jiu Romania Source server [DMM] Empire [[MPD]] Sweep Maprotation [<=CoRp$=>] CS:Source $erver (testserver) *JABA* Counter-Strike Source dedicated server Taig CSS Empire [[MPD]] Sweep Maprotation =bHz Gaming= CS 3 Server [DigitalZone] GERAS CSS LT Mega [<=CoRp$=>] CS:Source $erver CSS server Taig CSS (PORTUGAL) (testserver) *JABA* Counter-Strike Source dedicated server Targu Jiu Romania Source server [DMM] CSS server
Thanks to |2emix and GrCs2Ek for this list

Servers on a map - See servers which are near you for low ping
ServerBrowser.vdf for CS:S servers
ServerBrowser.vdf for DoD:S servers
ServerBrowser.vdf for CS1.6 servers
ServerBrowser.vdf for all servers
Save the ServerBrowser.vdf over the original and you will have these servers in your favorites.
ServerBrowser.vdf is usually at CSS-INSTALL-DIR\platform\config\.

Excluded servers (ie. legit)
Post message to messageboard if your server is here and it shouldn't be
Add your server to the list
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