Honesty is very seldom heard nowadays, especially
from a politician. So, I am going to break from
political tradition. My name is Jonathon “The
Impaler” Sharkey, Ph.D., L.D.D.D. I am a Satanic Dark
Priest, Sanguinarian Vampyre and a Hecate Witch.
My Magikal Path name is: Lord Ares.

I despise and hate the Christian God the Father. He
is my enemy.

However, it doesn't mean that I hate all his
followers. This Country was founded on religious
rights and freedoms. This is guaranteed under the
1st Amendment of our great constitution. This right
allows me to worship Lucifer and the Goddess
Hecate, just as it allows you to worship the
Goddess/God of your choice.

It is a common misconception that Satanic people
are evil. This is a gross misunderstanding. On a
whole those who worship Lucifer, are no more evil
than those who worship other Gods.
The name Satan is truly nothing more than a title given to Lucifer
centuries ago. The term 'devil' is another loosely given name. This only
exists in the minds of the populace because it slips in and out of
religious terminology and mundane seamlessly and thoughtlessly.  In
all actuality, 'devil' in it's original Greek root form means diabolos,
'accuser, slanderer'.  It is also a loose name that is easy to apply to
that which we can't and refuse to accept.

I co-own two Covens:
Kat's UnderWorld Coven and
J & J's UnderWorld Coven of Minnesota, along with a Luciferian Church:
The Church of the Followers of Lucifer. The members of the Covens
are: Vampires, Witches, Pagans, Wi cans, Satanists, Demons and Other
Kin. I preach about unity and protecting the US Constitution, and all the
beliefs our Founding Fathers fought and died for.

Besides my personal spiritual beliefs, I am a 70% Service-Connected
(disabled by the VA) Army Veteran. I suffered severe injuries during a
training exercise while on active duty. Between my Active, Reserves,
National Guard and IRR duty, I served our country for 9 years through
the Army.

Though I have endured 15 knee operations, along with permanent
injuries to my lower back, left wrist and right hip, like Sly Stallone’s
“Rocky Balboa" I am a fighter. And I will fight for the rights of every
Minnesotan, as well as Americans when I become President.

I do not allow my physical challenges to impede my goals in life. In
1988, I turned pro as a boxer. In 1989, I decided to start wrestling
professionally. Hence my “stage name” of Rocky Flash. Since the age
of 13, I have been nicknamed after Stallone’s “Rocky,” the fighter who
never quit or gave up. Flash was given to me by Johnny Rodz, after I
started wrestling professionally.        

My original sport’s love is racing. As a child my father introduced me to
racing Go-Karts, and I have been addicted to racing since. In 2002,
NASCAR granted me an NASCAR/Busch Series race license.
Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not yet
made my NASCAR racing debut. However, it is my plan to do so during
the 2006 racing season.

Minnesota is a great state, with great people. My son, John Jr. was
born in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Though I have not lived in Minnesota
as long as the other candidates for Governor, this state holds a lot of
sentimental value to me. My wife Julie was born and raised here. Our
children will be born and raised here. I love the scenery here, the fresh
air, the friendly people.

However, like my birth state of New Jersey, Minnesota has a lot of
Governmental problems. Though there is a surplus and it is not being
used properly. There is a lot of 'back room politicking', that is affecting
innocent people in the state. As you will read in my platform, I am a
strong supporter of education and protecting not only Minnesota’s farm
lands, but farmers across America from becoming extinct.

As a Service-Connected Veteran, I believe a government leader should
have a deep concern for the care, health and well-being of all the
veterans. Hence, as Governor I will use parts of the surplus to fund
programs for not only our veterans here now, but those who are
returning from Iraq.

From being a former member of MADD’s Public Policy Board, I am very
well aware of the danger of those who DWI/DUI. As Governor I will
introduce stronger laws to punish those who drive impaired by drugs
and/or alcohol. These criminals will do jail time, from their very first

During my time as Governor, drug dealers and users will live in fear. I
will introduce extremely harsh punishment for those who not only use
illegal drugs, I will fight to make dealers serve life in prison, or better
yet, Impalement.

Any Terrorist who is caught in Minnesota while I am Governor, will find
out what the true meaning of my nickname 'The Impaler' means.  
Right in front of our State Capital. Then Fed’s can take the terrorist’s
body from the impaling stake. If the US Department of Justice (DOJ)
wants to charge me with brutally murdering a terrorist, they may do so.
I do not see an American Jury convicting me.

I will not deny or try to cover the fact that in 2008, I am running for the
presidency. SEE:
You may ask why you should vote for me, if in 2009 I could become the
President. The answer is simply this. During my first 2-years as your
Governor, I will work harder for you than most Governors do in 8-years.
My goal to become president can be achieved in part, by just how well I
serve Minnesota during my first 2-years.

My personal and political belief is: “If an elected official truly has the
betterment of those they serve in their hearts, than for the betterment
of their constituents, they cannot only work with all their elected
colleagues, but place the needs of those they serve above the
influence of ‘Special Interest Groups.’”

President John F. Kennedy stated only 2-months before his
assassination, “We have the power to make this the best generation of
mankind in history, or make it the last.” I promise you as your Governor,
I will make your life and that of all Minnesotans, the best it has ever

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey
Governor of Minnesota - 2006
With Miss American 2006
Jennifer Berry and me in
NYC - Fox News Day Side