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Cinnamon Elementary is LESD's newest school and opened in August 2001. Cinnamon is located in the eastern section of the beautiful city of Lemoore. Our student body is ethnically diverse; our students come to school from a variety of cultures with rich tradition. Our students, as well as parents, speak many languages other than English. Our community is rich in diversity, which creates a vast educational opportunity for all our students.

Cinnamon Elementary is proud of the approximately 600 students who attend the school. They arrive each day to a solid curriculum of reading, writing, langauge arts, and math. Each of these subjects is supported by technology that enhances application, research, and presentation. Regular assessments support our data-driven, research-based curriculum. We are currently on track to meet one of our Governing Board's goals of having 90% of all students performing on or above grade level as determined by district multiple measure assessments by 2007.

Our staff receives regular training in instructional programs that are aligned with the state standards and district guidelines. Additional support is available from qualified academic coaches to assure that a quality program is provided. Support staff and Resource Specialists ensure that the needs of all students are met.

Students, staff, parents, and the community help provide a safe and clean learning environment. Students are expected to follow the character traits of the Character Counts! program. This expectation carries over into our school-wide discipline policy allowing for a positive environment for students to learn and teachers to teach.

Cinnamon's Quarterly Awards Assembly is the highlight of each quarter. Students are acknowledged for a variety of positive reasons from academics to athletics, behavior to attendance, character to effort. Our all-grades assembly takes place in our quad area with loud music and celebration. We by-pass the traditional calling of student names to an upbeat process where students place their names in drawings while peers, staff, and parents cheer them on. Cinnamon provides a variety of programs for our students that help encourage positive academic, social, and emotional growth.

Soaring to Excellence!


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