Over five years ago a passionate group of fans gathered to create Austin's first and only convention dedicated to anime and manga. Many of these people had not previously met, but working together they strove to make Ushicon an event that would pay respects to the titles, creators and artists of the culture we love and strengthen the anime and manga community. Over time, we tried to add interesting programming and further improve the fan community.
Ushicon "GO" brings our adventure to a triumphant finale. We would like to thank the members, guests, dealers, industry representatives and staff who have helped over the years to make Ushicon a fantastic event.

What will Ushiko do now?

Many of us intend to move on, converting Ushicon into a kind of "fan co-op". If you would like to continue seeing guests like you met at Ushicon, if you liked the Manly Man Rally or the Shoujo PJ Party, if you want to see "Cow Prints" continue or any other programming and guests that we tried to put forth, then join our new endeavour. It may be more of a "club" than a "convention", but come with Ushiko to another convention and we'll all work together to make that event greater. Details will be posted soon and we hope all interested otaku will support us in this new venture.


Why did Ushicon have to end?

Can I still get Ushicon stuff?