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26 November 2005

RI Announces New Upgrading Programme

After 15 years of independence, RI's campus is due for a major facelift, especially timely as the school moves into the next phase of development for the Raffles Programme. In less than 18 months time, the entire RI campus will be transformed with a S$36 million upgrading programme that will take RI into a new level of excellence.

Not only will we enhance our capacity to deliver a world-class curriculum for our students but will also further enhance our existing synergy with Raffles Junior College by bringing the true essence of the Raffles Programme to reality. With the development of our very own "Raffles Square" - a new pedestrianised mall that spans and connects RI to Raffles JC, and our new 7-storey 48-classroom block with the aerial walkways to RJC, the whole campus will be alive with buzz and dynamism as expected of a premier school.

To fully realize and drive the desired outcome of the Raffles Programme, many state-of-the-art high tech developments have been incorporated in our plans. These include the upgrading of the campus-wide wireless IT connection, a Science Hub with the addition of 6 new laboratories to enable the scope, breadth and depth of the current Advanced Modules and Research Programmes in Science to be further expanded and to cater to a larger number of students.

The classrooms in the new block will have an innovative connecting "Project Room" to enable differentiated and interactive learning. The new 580-seater auditorium will enable us to expand the horizons of our drama and musical talents. New sports facilities, in addition to the current sharing arrangement with RJC, will provide the best opportunities available in sports training and excellence.

Being a premier school synonymous with Singapore, RI has always see the need to reach out beyond Singapore and to groom our Boys to become the Global Leaders of tomorrow. As part of this, RI believes in the creation of an international community within the RI campus to enhance quality interaction between local and foreign students to build cross-cultural sensitivity and global outlook in our students. With this in mind and being the pioneer boarding school in Singapore, RI will expand our boarding capacity through a new 13-storey twin-tower hostel block. The additional 200 boarding places will provide more opportunities for such interaction and greater flexibility in our plans for international exchanges and outreach.

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