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Civics Sites

Civics Primer
Includes abundant information on political leaders, current events, campaigning, quotes on current issues, addresses, etc.
Civics Documents
Offers links to resources including the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Supreme Court Decisions, the Federalist Papers, etc.
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents
Includes the inaugural address from every president since George Washington.
State of the Union Archive
Offers the full text of State of the Union Addresses.
The Presidents of the United States
Provides a brief biographical sketch of each of the Presidents.
Vote Smart
Provides a vote-tracking site allowing you to follow specific votes by member of Congress, zip code and all other kinds of variations.
The Civic Network
The Civic Network is an evolving collection of online resources dedicated to supporting civic life and citizen participation.
The Library of Congress
Extensive collection of library resources with easy search capabilities.

Government Sites

U.S. House of Representatives Home Page
Includes news about the House, the legislative process, House committees, legislative schedules, organization of the House, and a directory of Representatives by name and state with e-mail addresses.
U.S. Senate Home Page
Includes news about the Senate, Senate Committees, Senate history, and a directory of Senators by name and state with e-mail addresses.
White House Home Page
Includes information on the President and Vice President, guides to various government services, a library of documents, speeches, etc., and news updates.
Guide to Law Online
Annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online.
U.S. Government Agencies
Provides links to both Executive and Independent U.S. Government agencies.
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Offers information on crime, justice, law enforcement, and the courts from U.S. Department of Justice.
Federal Citizen Information Center
Answers to questions about Federal programs, benefits, and services.

Political Sites

The Heritage Foundation
Organization is a conservative leader in both the political and communications revolutions. Resources include commentary on news, current issues, and links to other sites.
Political Science Resources on the Web
Political information maintained by the University of Michigan which contains news resources, periodicals, and specific areas of study.
The Brookings Institution
Organization is recognized as the liberal leader in political analysis. Resources include commentary on news, current issues, and links to other sites.
The Washington Times
Provides a daily overview of political events from inside the Nation's capital. Link includes daily front page and additional links to most other sections of the newspaper.


Contains demographic information collected from various government sources.
U.S. Census Bureau
Has extensive demographic resources including maps and reports and statistics on economics and population and housing.

Election Data Sites

The Gallup Organization
Provides information on polling and the Gallup organization.

Legal Resources

Internet Legal Resource Guide
Provides links to many Internet legal resources. Excellent search for legal issues and many good links.
FindLaw LawCrawler
Legal Web and database search to retrieve information geared towards the specific needs of legal professionals.

Civics at Work—Related Educational Activities

Congressional Quarterly
Web-based legislative tracking service that integrates CQs exclusive news and analysis with key federal documents and transcripts.
U.S. House of Representatives
Enables students to comment on issues directly to their representatives, take a tour of Capitol Hill, track the legislative process, and more.
U.S. Senate
Provides opportunities for virtual tours of the Senate and Capitol, direct access to Senators (through constituent e-mail addresses), on-line inspection of art and historical artifact housed at the Senate, and many other activities.
Stay Current with the Courts
Empowers students with access to free "current awareness" services including summaries of important court decisions within hours of their release.
Political Science Resources Class Assignments
Gives teachers and students a gateway to numerous current issue case studies and assignments used by the nations leading schools.
U.S. Census Bureau — Just For Fun
Gives "hands-on" opportunity for using data and geographic information to learn about demographic statistics and use tools to process data.

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