Last Updated : 6:29 PM on 9/20/95 Skunk: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) SO YOU THINK YOU MIGHT WANT A SKUNK?

Skunks are very special animals. They are EXTREMELY intelligent. They are also EXTREMELY hardheaded. This is a powerful combination! A skunk owner MUST have more patience that you can imagine to live with and deal with these animals on a daily basis. Many, possibly most people don't have what it takes. Let's see if you measure up to the CHALLENGE!

Skunks are extremely STRONG for their size. They can move and get behind nearly any piece of furniture in your home. Skunks are CURIOUS. They will get behind, under, between, through or in anything. They will dump out pocketbooks, book bags, briefcases, drawers, laundry baskets, toy chests, trash cans, potted plants and bookcases just to see what in, behind or underneath them.

Skunks are THIEVES. They will steal anything soft to make their beds wonderful and snugly. They'll take socks, T-Shirts, bath towels left on the floor or stuffed toys from the toy chest and stuff them in their beds. They will even pull a spread or blanket from off of YOUR BED, drag it through the house to THEIR BED, arrange it just so, and go to sleep, while your feet turn blue from the cold.

Skunks are very DEMANDING. They want to eat NOW! They want to play NOW! They want to snuggle with you NOW! What you are doing doesn't matter at all!!!!

Skunks MUST HAVE CAREFUL DIETS!! They need lots of vegetables, a little fruit, some baked or boiled chicken, baked, or boiled or canned fish sometimes, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, one vanilla wafer or sugar cookie daily, a small quantity of rice or pasta once a week, high fiber cereal, Felo-Bit Vitamins and about 10 pieces of PURINA O.N.E. or PRO-PLAN Adult formula DOG Food. They MAY NOT have red meat, pork, fried foods, raw meat, canned dog food or CAT FOOD OF ANY KIND. Sunflower seed hulls WILL KILL THEM! Chocolate CAN KILL THEM! The preservative sulfur dioxide can KILL THEM! They need a very healthy diet that can be difficult in these days of fast foods, MSG, order in pizza and pre-prepared foods.

Skunks are very SENSITIVE! They can be allergic to pollens, dust and hair spray. Pesticides that we use every day can be DEADLY to a skunk. Lysol products contain a chemical that can make them very sick. GLADE Potpourri Carpet Cleaner and Glade Room Fresheners have KILLED skunks, dogs, and cats. Bleach solution that it TOO strong can DAMAGE their eyes and lungs. Skunk owners must read labels and know what can harm these animals, because THEY DEPEND ON US FOR THEIR HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING more than a dog or cat or a child. A dog, cat or child has a much stronger immune system to deal with these things than a skunk does.

NOW are you a potential skunk owner? If so, lets list some of the good things about living with and loving skunks!

Skunks are FUN! They love to play--with balls, newspaper, stuffed toys and YOU! They love to ambush you by dashing in front of you as you walk by and challenge you to get down on the floor and be a skunk with them. They charge forward, then scoot back with their tails in the air, doing their best to make you laugh. They run by you stamping their feet on the floor, begging you to do the same. If you should startle them, they spin around, stand on tiptoes, stick their tail straight ;up and look at you as if to say "EXCUSE ME? HOW DARE YOU?"

Skunks can be very LOVING AND LOVEABLE. Babies love to get inside your shirt and go to sleep. they like to snuggle down under long hair. When they are a little bit bigger, they like to curl around your neck. Most skunks like to sleep with us at night. No well-loved skunk was ever hugged too hard or too much. If you held and loved a skunk 24 hours a day, it still wouldn't bee too much.

Skunks are EDUCATION. All thing mentioned previously as dangerous to them are potentially dangerous to us. Chemicals, pesticides, preservatives--who knows that they are doing to us and our environment. Our families are living much healthier lives since skunks came into our hearts.

Skunks GIVE BACK 100 times the love, affection and fun that you give to them.

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