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 Q (Sannas Post) Headquarter Battery RA  

 Q (Sanna's Post)Headquarter Battery


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 Q/HQ Battery Offices, Marne Barracks  Q (Sanna's Post) Headquarter Battery consists of all command, logistical and administrative elements of the Regiment. The Battery is sub divided into two troops: Lodge Troop, & Hornby Troop.




 A Surveyor of Q/HQ Battery on exercise in Canada Hornby Troop supplies the tactical command and signals for the Regiment on exercises and operations. The Troop provides the Fire Direction Centre (FDC) and the Fire Support Co-ordination Cell (FSCC) for the vital communication link between the Regiment and Brigade. They use the most advanced data and voice communications' systems that the British Army has. The Troop also supply the Battlefield Meteorologist system (B Mets). This provides real time weather to assist in the accuracy of friendly artillery fire.
  Lodge Troop provides all the administrative requirements of the sub units within the Regiment. These include the  Quartermasters departments (Battery, Maintenance and Technical), the chefs from the Royal Logistics
 Meterological Section during a launch Corps, the medics and the clerks from the Adjutant General's Corps.
The Battery has been on Adventurous Training in recent years to some of the most spectacular regions in the world, from South Africa to Norway. The Battery participates in Adventure Training every year, and plans are already afoot for a return trip to South Africa in 2005.

The Battery, at present, holds the Regimental cup (Victor Ludorum) for Tug


of War, Rugby, Football and they have a strong Boxing team.


 Q/HQ Battery during Op Fresco (Fire Service Strike Action)          Q/HQ Battery during Adventure Training in Wales         Members of Q/HQ Battery during Regimental Race Day

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 Q/HQ Battery  

 Q (Sanna's Post)Headquarter Battery


 Q (Sanna's Post)/HQ Battery was originally formed on the 1st of march in 1824, in Poona India as 3rd Troop, The Bombay Horse Artillery.  Between 1838 and 1857 the Troop saw action in the first Afghan war, the Sikh and the Persian wars.  In 1858 the Battery saw service during the Indian mutiny.

In 1862 the Battery was renamed C Battery, 4 Horse Brigade Royal Artillery and in 1864 became a Royal Horse Artillery Battery as C Battery, F Brigade RHA. Between 1864 and 1889 the Battery's title changed a further 5 times. In 1889 the Battery assumed the title of Q Battery Royal Artillery.

The Battery next saw service in the Boer war between 1899 and 1901. On 31 March 1900 the Battery had its finest hour when it saved its guns and the majority of General Broadwater's force from a vicious Boer ambush at Koorn Spruit, near Sanna's Post. The Battery fought with such collective gallantry and skill that Field Marshall Lord Roberts VC, directed that 4 Victoria Crosses should be awarded. It is the most highly decorated action in the history of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. In addition 3 Distinguished Conduct Medals were also awarded. In 1926 the Battery was granted the honour title "Sanna's Post".

During the First World War the Battery saw continuous action on the western front. At the end of the Great War the Battery's name changed again twice before being reamed Q Battery Royal Field Artillery in 1924.

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 Q/HQ Battery  

 Q Battery

The Battle at Sanna'sPost

 Major Phipps Hornby VC               Sgt Parker VC                Gnr Lodge VC                 Dvr Glassock VC

 U Batery's guns were Jammed in among the wagons and could not turn and the men were scattered and unarmed. The Battery was helpless and with two exceptions were captured to a man.

 In the meantime Q Battery was moving in Battery column at the walk towards the Spruit. It had arrived within about 400 yards of it with no suspicion of any untoward event. A gunner of U Battery, who had escaped, ran up and told Major E J Phipps Hornby, commanding and leading Q Battery, what had happened. Major Phipps Hornby instantly wheeled the head of his Battery to the left in order to obtain as much cover from view as possible behind the mass of wagons in front and, as soon as the wheel was completed ordered  "Sub-divisions left wheel gallop".  As the Battery galloped away to the rear in line, the Boers, seeing that part of their prey was escaping, opened fire with rifles from the edge of the Spruit. They brought down the teams of one gun and one wagon and the gun overturned. The remaining five guns got clear and dropped into action near some half built buildings of corrugated iron, about 1,200 yards from the Spruit. The guns were in the open, though the buildings gave some cover from view for the wagons and the teams. The only ammunition in the gun position, however, was that in the gun limbers which had been unhooked.

 Q Battery's guns were severed for four hours in that exposed position, subjected all the time to continuous rifle fire at 1,000 yards range- it must be remembered that at the time the guns had no shields. It was in the bringing up of the ammunition, when the small amount in the gun limbers had been exhausted, that the greatest dangers and the greatest need arose. One attempt to bring up an ammunition wagon with its team led to the whole team being shot down.

 In recognition of the conspicuous gallantry displayed by all ranks of Q Battery on this occasion it was decided to treat the case as one of collective gallantry, under the Rule 13 of the Victoria Cross Warrant. Accordingly direction was given that one of the officers should be chosen by the other officers, one non commissioned officer by the non commissioned officers and two gunners or drivers by the gunners and drivers for the award of the Victoria Crosses.

 The men who were awarded the Victoria Crosses were:

     Major Phipps Hornby VC
     Sergeant Parker VC
     Gunner Lodge VC
     Driver Glassock VC

If you would like any further information about 5 Regiment Royal Artillery please contact the Regimental
Recruiting Team at recruiting@5regtra.mod.uk

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