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Percival Christopher Wren

(1885 - 1941)

Born in Devonshire England in 1885, Percival was a collateral descendant of the famous British 17th century architect Sir Christopher Wren. His literary influences included Frederick Marryat, R. M. Ballantyne, G. A. Henty, and H. Rider Haggard. After graduated with an MA from Oxford, Percival travelled the world for five years before joining the British Calvary. From there, he went on to join the French Foreign Legion, worked in India for the Bombay government for 10 years. World events saw him returning to active service during WWI with the India Army in East Africa, after which he settled and married in London in 1917. He lived out the remainder of his life in England concentrating on his literary career.


The Indian Teacher's Guide to the Theory and Practice of Mental, Moral, and Physical Education (1910 Bombay)

Indian School Organization, Management, Discipline, Tone, and Equipment, Being the Indian Headmaster's Guide (1911 Bombay)

The "Direct" Teaching of English in Indian Schools (1911 Bombay)

Dew and Mildew: Semi-Detached Stories from Darabad, India (1912 UK)

Chemistry and First Aid for Standard VII with H.E.H. Pratt (1913 Bombay)

Father Gregory; or, Lures and Failures: A Tale of Hindustan (1913 UK/1926 USA)

Physics and Mechanics with N.B. Macmillan (1914 Bombay)

Snake and Sword (1914 UK)

The Wages of Virtue (1916 UK/1917 USA)

Driftwood Spars (1916 UK/1927 USA)

Stepsons of France (1917 UK/1917 USA)

The Young Stagers, Being Further Faites and Gestes of the Junior Curlton Club of Karabad, India... (1917 UK/1926 USA)

Cupid in Africa; or, The Making of Bertran in Love and War - A Character Study (1920 UK)

With the Prince through Canada, New Zealand, and Australia (1922 Bombay)

The Snake and the Sword (1923 USA)
Reprint of 1914 text

Beau Geste (1924 UK/1925 USA)

Beau Sabreur (1926 UK/USA)

Dew and Mildew: A Loose-Knit Tale of Hindustan (1927 USA)
Reprint of 1912 text

Beau Ideal (1928 UK/USA)

Good Gestes: Stories of Beau Geste, His Brothers, and Certain of Their Comrades in the French Foreign Legion (1929 UK/USA)

Soldiers of Misfortune: The Story of Otto Belleme (1929 UK/USA)

Mysterious Waye: The Story of "The Unsetting Sun" (1930 UK/USA)

The Mammon of Righteousness: The Story of Coxe and the Box (1930 UK/USA)

Sowing Glory: The Memoirs of "Mary Ambree," The English Woman-Legionary (1931 UK/USA)

Valiant Dust (1932 UK/USA)

Action and Passion (1933 UK/USA)

Flawed Blades: Tales from the Foreign Legion (1933 UK/USA)

Beggars' Horses (1934 UK)

Port o' Missing Men: Stange Tales of the Stranger Regiment (1934 UK/1943 USA)

Sinbad the Soldier (1935 UK/USA)

Explosion (1935 UK)

Spanish Maine (1935 UK) Published as The Desert Heritage in USA

Fort in the Jungle: The Extraordinary Adventures of Sinbad Dysart in Tonkin (1936 UK/USA)

Bubble Reputation (1936 UK) Published as The Cortenay Treasure in USA

The Man of a Ghost (1937 UK) Published as The Spur of Pride in USA

Worth Wile (1937 UK) Published as To the Hilt in USA

Cardboard Castle (1938 UK/USA)

Rough Shooting: True Tales and Strange Stories (1938 UK/1944 USA)

Paper Prision (1939 UK) Publish as The Man the Devil Didn't Want in USA

The Disapperance of General Jason (1940 UK)

Two Feet from Heaven (1940 UK/1941 USA)

Odd - But Even So: Stories Stranger Than Fiction (1941 UK/1942 USA)

The Uniform Glory (1941 UK)

The Dark Women (1943 USA)
Reprint of 1934 UK text Beggar' Horses

The Hunting of Henri (1944 UK)

Stories of the Foreign Legion (1947 UK)

Dead Men's Boots and Other Tales from the Foreign Legion (1949 UK)

Edited and Revised Works

The World of India, Adapted for Use in Indian Schools, edited by Wren (1905 Calcutta)

Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, edited and simplified by Wren (1912 UK)

Longman's Science Series for Indian High Schools, 11 volumes edited by Wren (1913-14 Bombay)

Ernest F. Row's Work, Wealth, and Wages, revised by Wren (1950 Bombay)

First Lessons in English Grammar (1961 Bombay)

Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, edited and simplified by Wren (1963 Calcutta)

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