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Salomon Morel 

Salomon Morel

Salomon Morel

Salomon Morel - photograph from the 1940s


Salomon Morel was born on November 15, 1919 in the village of Garbów, Lublin district. He was born in a Jewish family. Along with his three brothers he helped his father to run a small bakery but as the material conditions got poor, Salomon Morel left for his aunt to look for a job in the city of Lodz. There, he took a job at a confectioner's store and worked as a sales person. After the brake-up of the war, he came back to his parents to Garbow. In order to avoid being placed in the getto, Morel's family had to remain in hiding. Starting from 1942, Salomon along with his brother Izaak and other friends started a group that robbed the nearby villages. During one of the robberies, the group was captured by the partisans of the People's Army. Salomon put all the blame on his older brother while escaping punishment. In 1943, Salomon entered Parczew's partisan group where he served in Holoda'a battalion. He performed various housekeeping jobs there.

On that same year his brother Izaak passed away. The last brother Josef died during the occupation while crossing the boarder to USSR. Morel helped to guide representatives of the State National Council through the boarded from the Parczew Forestry to a point behind the Bug river. In summer of 1944, Morel organized the Citizen Militia in Lublin. Later on, he was assigned to serve as a prison chief at the Lublin castle where solders of the Home Army had been imprisoned. Later on, he worked in Tarnobrzeg. On March 15, 1945, Morel became a chief of the labor camp in Œwiêtoch³owice. He was known from his inhuman treatment of prisoners. After the closing of the camp in Œwiêtoch³owice, Morel undertook a position of a chief of the prison in Opole, Katowice, Raciborz and Jaworzno. He finished his employment in the prison management sector in May 1968 while holding the position of a commanding officer of a prison in Katowice, at the rank of a colonel. During his time of employment he studied at the Katowice high school of the Polish Youth Association, where he passed his matriculation examination in 1949. In 1958 he started his evening studies in Wroclaw University's Law School. In the end of 1964, he defended his Master's Degree on "The prisoners' labor and its value." Salomon Morel was honored with Cavalry Cross of the Rebirth of Poland (Order Odrodzenia Polski), and the Golden Cross of Merit.

Zdjêcie paszportowe Salomona Morela z roku 1993.

Salomon Morel - passport photograph from 1993


Up to the year 1992, Salomon Morel lived in the city of Katowice. In February 1990, the General Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against the Polish Nation in Warsaw, Katowice Branch, started the research on the subject. In this same year, Salomon Morel emigrated to Israel. Currently, an investigation is being continued by the Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation, Katowice Branch During the time of investigation, other plots related to the subject are being researched as well.

February 20, 2002.