Quite simply, to laugh. To be entertained. And of course - to hear what everyone else is talking about.

Howard Stern is unique…his show is unlike any other on the radio, anywhere. Sure, it’s talk radio. But there is no agenda. The show is less of a "show" and more like a window into the lives of its cast, a dose of reality programming in its purest and possibly its earliest form. They pick on each other, fight, and laugh. And that laughter moves from your speakers into your ears and pretty soon, you’re laughing, too.

Critics say he steps over the line. Others believe that Stern just says what everyone is thinking, but would never say. Either way you can always turn it off.

But the show is successful in part because the people who participate are interesting, with all of their faults and idiosyncrasies. Listeners feel for them, laugh with them, and above all else, see little pieces of themselves in each and every one of them. And the entire thing is unpredictable.

Stern’s interviews are legendary. From Donald Trump (a regular guest) to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Howard opens up a different world for his listeners. Celebrities making the rounds to promote a movie or TV series get asked the same questions on every talk show, but not on the Howard Stern show.

The truth is, we’re all voyeurs, even with our ears. How often do you get to know lesbians, morons, drunks, dwarves, mutants, strippers...as well as celebrities? Stern’s goal is to refuse judgment. Try doing that as a new listener ­ and see where the show takes you.


Howard Stern

The show leader and self-proclaimed "King of All Media," something Stern said after Michael Jackson proclaimed himself the "King of Pop." He's been called a shock jock for more than 20 years, born in Roosevelt, Long Island on January 12, 1954. His father, Ben, was a radio engineer, and Howard would often accompany him to work. While studying at Boston University, Stern worked at the college radio station. After graduation, Stern worked as a DJ at various radio stations - and developed his "free form" personality in cities like Detroit and Washington, DC, before arriving at NBC in New York. The flagship AM radio station WNBC fired Stern over the controversial "beastiality dial a date" sketch in 1985 He quickly took his show to the FM dial in November of that year, and spent the next 20 years with K-rock, where his show was syndicated nation-wide. Controversy, FCC fines, and stardom came to Stern through his radio show, books, a movie, and his decision to move to unregulated Sirius Satellite Radio. Howard is a divorced father of 3 girls, 22 year old Emily, 18 year old Deborah, and 12 year old Ashley. His ex-wife, Alison, is remarried. Howard's current girlfriend is model Beth Ostrosky.


Robin Ophelia Quivers

Robin is the Howard Stern Show news anchor and co-host since 1981. She has also been called the show's "voice of reason." Her 1997 biography talked about childhood abuse at the hands of her father. Quivers has been tapped as a television talk show host, with a program now in development with Sony Pictures Television. Quivers is a former air force nurse, and dates a man named "Mr. X" who has never been revealed.


Fred Norris

Norris is the show's sound effects expert and his voice is rarely heard on the air. Norris goes back the farthest with Howard, when they worked together at a small Connecticut radio station. Fred is a musician who fronts the band, "King Norris," and his wife, Allison, was a contestant on one of Stern's "dial a date" sketches.


Artie Lange

Lange is an established comic and actor, and was hired in 2001 to replace Stern's longtime writer and sidekick Jackie "the jokeman" Martling. Lange appeared in the movie "dirty work" with Norm McDonald, and was a regular on Mad TV, as well as the Norm show for three seasons on ABC-TV. Born in New Jersey, Artie has been Stern fan since boyhood. Lange is not married, that we know of.


Gary Dell'Abate

Nicknamed “babba booey," Gary Dell'Abate is the producer of the show, and is often heard on the air. Dell'Abate was trying to remember the name of the Hanna Barbara character Baba Loooey when "babba bouey" stuck. Stern often uses derivative nicknames when referring to Dell'Abate, including "Fafa fooey." Dell Abate is married with two sons. Other cast names and voices you'll get to know on the show include writer Benjy Bronk, who feeds Howard jokes during the show, Sal the Stockbroker, who started as a phony phone-caller, and Richard Christy, a Kansas-born musician who joined the show when he won a contest.

The Wack Pack

The wack pack is a group of characters who are guests on the Howard Stern Show, and each has a unique talent. They include in no particular order, High Pitch Eric, Wendy the Retard, Double A, Crackhead Bob, King of All Blacks, Angry Black, Cliff Pallette, Jeff the Drunk, John the Sutterer, Yucko the Clown, and Beetlejuice, just to name a few.

The Format

In one word, Howard himself describes the show as “honesty.” The format is very loose, but there has always been a format:

The show usually opens with a song or two, and a comedy bit or two. But that can always change.

That's usually followed by discussion, phone calls, and eventually guests appear either by phone or in-person, ranging from major celebrities to wack pack members.

The Accolades

Chicago based national public radio host Ira Glass calls the show “beautifully formatted, like the Jack Benny show, where there's a set of characters you come to know.”

The Toronto Star says “the potty-mouthed rude boy of American radio is a cause celebre, a media darling.”

The Today Show calls the Howard Stern Show “the home of inquiring minds, confessions of the rich and famous and of course, provocative porn-star revelations.”

Air Times

The Howard Stern show will air live on Howard 100 at 6am eastern time on weekday mornings, and will repeat on for the west coast beginning at 6am pacific time on Howard 101. As always, Howard 100 News will provide in-depth coverage of the Howard Stern Show, as well as all programming on Howard 100 and Howard 101.

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