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Children's Library - Babette Cole

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Babette Cole

Babette Cole

Babette Cole was born in Jersey in 1947. Her mother saw the name Babette on a gravestone and liked it! She worked in advertising but didn't enjoy it. She then studied at Canterbury College of Art, where she developed her unusual style of illustration.

After she left college Babette worked on television programmes such as Bagpuss (ask your Mum or Dad about this), before becoming an author. All her books are meant to be fun as she claims she would not know how to write a 'serious' book. Each takes up to 3 months to write an illustrate.


Try reading these...

Here is a selection of books written by Babette Cole. These titles and many more can be borrowed from Tameside Libraries.

star Princess Smartypants Reserve Princess Smartypants
star The slimy book Reserve The slimy book
star Tarzanna Reserve Tarzanna
star Winni Allfours Reserve Winni Allfours
star King Change-a-lot Reserve King Change-a-lot
star Prince Cinders Reserve Prince Cinders
star The trouble with Dad Reserve The trouble with Dad

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