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What Extremists Say

 What Extremists are Saying


            On 8 February 2006, “Abu-al-Fidaa” posted on the Islamic Renewal Organization forum links to a six-minute, five-second audio statement issued by the Media Commission of The Mujahidin Shura Council in Iraq [Majlis Shura al-Mujahidin fi al-Iraq].  In the audio message, the unidentified speaker boasted of, “a series of good omens,” including the ongoing conflict in Iraq which has, “ceaselessly persisted for three years.”  He talked of the mujahidin becoming “cognizant” of God's wishes for them and therefore have “agreed” to “unite and reject division” by forming The Mujahidin Shura Council.  While the speaker urged the Muslim nation to rejoice, he called on mujahidin to join the ranks of jihad in Iraq

            The Mujahidin Shura Council was formed on 15 January from six insurgent groups in Iraq including Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi’s al-Qa'ida Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers (The name is reference to the Tigris and Euprates Rivers which flow through the country).  A seventh group joined later.  Since the group’s formation, no statements or audio recordings have been issued under the name of Zarqawi, his associates, or the al-Qa'ida Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers. The Islamic Renewal Organization website is reportedly operated by a Saudi dissident group headed by Dr. Muhammad al-Mas'ari and based in the United Kingdom.

            A translation of the audio statement follows:

            “In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

            “Praise be to God, Glorifier of His worshippers the mujahidin.  Degrader of infidelity and the infidels, and Revealer of the faults of the hypocrites.  Prayers and peace be upon the one sent with the sword ahead of Judgment Day as a mercy for mankind. 

            “The Crusaders entered Iraq and the caller called saying, 'Oh, God's stallions, ride.'  So, the youth, who have exhausted themselves and the world, including everything in it, jumped up on horseback and rushed forth to God Almighty at this world's roots where God Almighty's enemies are, as calves asking for death, with their slogan, 'I have come quickly to you, my God, so that you may be pleased.'

            “Therefore, the Land of the Two Rivers became the source of good omens for the Muslims throughout the world.  The good omens came one after the other, manifest, and directing the Muslims to the jihad against God Almighty's enemies where there is no place for him, he who is powerless. 

            “Then the first good omen, for how long has Islam remained absent from the congregation of power commanding the earth, when they [I.E. Muslims] are most worthy in being foremost among the powers. This has not been because of a defect in Islam; it is because its people have abandoned it.  God Almighty said, ‘So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in Faith.’ [Koranic verse, Sura 3:139. This verse was also quoted in an audio statement by Zarqawi posted online 9 January 2006]

            “Then the battling and slaughter of God Almighty's enemies began, and the second good omen -- despite the disapproval, belittling, and the wicked smearing by the media -- the fighting escalated in entrapping God Almighty's enemies and ceaselessly persisted for three years.  The need to increase the jihadist operations was another good omen.  The incessant insistence on jihad was the mujahidin's language of negating that of the infidels, which always belittled the magnitude of jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers.  This is a good omen, and today we bring the Muslims in the corners of the earth; another good omen is in the series of good omens from the land of jihad.  In it lies the clear proof that the mujahidin are cognizant of what God Almighty must decree.  Jihadist groups who are fighting have agreed to fight in the rank most loved by God. The Almighty said, ‘Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure.’ [Koranic verse, Sura 61:4]  Thus the groups holding the rope of God have responded to God's command to unite and reject division. The Almighty said, ‘And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves.’ [Koranic verse 3:103]

            “God Almighty facilitated for these blessed groups to form a council which they called The Mujahidin Shura Council in Iraq. They pledged in the name of God not to forsake their arms until the Almighty empowers their religion which He had willed or die without it. This group, God willing, will not cease to fight the enemy of God, no matter who it is or where it is. They [the mujahidin] are, with God's will, God's armies. They are the vanguards of this nation and the bearer of its sorrows. They are the ones who are working toward empowering God's faith and its followers. By God, we have not said what we said to flatter ourselves. Far be it from us and from them. It is the actuality of what we have seen in those who have grouped in the name of God Almighty and who have only gathered for that purpose. This council, God willing, is going to be the core around which the groups that are following the right path, who are fighting in the battlefield, will be gathering.  With the will of God Almighty, it will be the motivator of other groups to fight in one united force. It is the invitation that we send out to our mujahidin brothers: Come brothers in faith and rise to the position that pleases God and His prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, and defeats His enemies.

            “The hands are extended to you, and the hearts are wide open to accept you. Rejoice oh nation, for your sons in Iraq have taken the path of pleasing God and are moving forward in it.  Oh, Lord! Bring the hearts of those who gathered in Your cause closer together and let the hearts of those who have not yet joined them come to them. Oh God, Lord of the seven heavens and the supreme Ruler of the supreme throne: this council was the outcome of the injustice of the infidels, the apostates, and their parties and was formed to stop their oppression and their tyranny over them. Venerated is Your Might and glorified is Your Majesty. There is no God but You. Our last supplication is to praise you, oh, Lord of all creation.”



          On 9 January 2006, “Al-Humam” posted to the Syrian Islamic Forum several links to a new audio recording by terrorist leader Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, leader of the Al-Qa'ida Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers [Tanzim al-Qa'idah fi Bilad al-Rafidayn]. In it, Zarqawi makes a variety of proclamations and explains, “Our demands are: First, expelling the invaders from our land in Palestine and Iraq and the rest of the land of Islam. Second, establishing God's Shari'ah [Islamic law] on Earth, spreading the justice of Islam, and eliminating the injustice of [other] religions. We will not stop the raids until Islam triumphs and Shari'ah is established or we perish while doing that.”

             Following is a translation of Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi's statement:

             “Praise be to God who gives strength to Islam with His victory, and who humiliates polytheism with His defeat, and who manages matters with His order, and who entices the unbelievers with his cunning, and who has judged time to rotate with His justice, and who has set the reward for the pious with His grace. Peace and prayers be upon he whom God has advanced the light of Islam with his sword.

             “One of Almighty God's norms for his worshippers is that this religion shall not triumph except through those who have stood firm on what is right and held on to the straight path. It is for that purpose that Almighty God has decided to try his worshippers, and has varied the temptations so that the ranks will be distinguished from one another and so that the believers' garb will be cleansed. Almighty God says, ‘God will not leave the believers in the state in which you are now, until he separates what is evil from what is good.’ [Koranic verse, Sura 3:179] Ibn-al-Qayyim [al-Jawziyah, a Muslim scholar; 1292 --1350 A.D.] said, ‘When messengers are sent to the people, the people have two choices: Either one says, “We have believed,” or he does not say, “We have believed,” but they persist in doing bad things. He who says, “We have believed,” Almighty God tests and tries him so that the truthful will be distinguished from the liar.’ End of Ibn-al-Qayyim's words, may God have mercy on him. One temptation is succeeded by another, steadily escalating until every pretender and everyone who thought championing religion is a picnic will be compelled to determine his stand clearly.

              “Hypocrites have been and continue to be the same in their lack of clarity of their stand toward belief and unbelief. On the surface they appear to be with the believers, while covertly they contact the unbelievers so that they can guarantee for themselves salvation from the possibility that the unbelievers gain ascendancy over the believers. Ibn-al-Qayyim said, ‘They stand between the two groups to see who is stronger and belongs to the greater tribe, wavering between the two, neither are they for this side nor for that side. They lie in wait for the followers of the Prophet's tradition [Sunnah] and Koran. If God grants them [followers of the Prophet's tradition and Koran] victory, they [the waverers] say, “Were we not with you?” If the enemies of the Koran and the Prophet's tradition have a share of victory, they [the waverers] say, “Did you not know that the contract of fraternity between us is fast and that we are related?”’ Ibn-Kathir, may God have mercy on him, said, ‘Almighty God said, “They are wavering between this and that, belonging neither to these nor those.” [Koranic verse, Sura 4:143] That means the hypocrites are wavering between belief and unbelief. They are not with the believers overtly and covertly, nor are they with the unbelievers overtly and covertly. On the surface they are with the believers, but within themselves they are with unbelievers. Some of them are ridden by doubts, so that sometimes they are inclined toward this side and sometimes they are inclined toward the other side. Whenever the path is illuminated for them they walk in it, and if it becomes dark for them they desist.’

             “Mujahid said, ‘They are wavering between the two, neither are they on the side of these (meaning the followers of Muhammad, may God's prayers be upon him), nor are they on the side of those (meaning the Jews).’

             “The Prophet said, ‘The example of the hypocrite is like a goat who looks odd among the sheep.’

             “Ibn-Jarir, citing Qatada, said, ‘They are not sincere believers, nor are they openly polytheists.’

            “Such hypocrisy has three sources. The first is ideological hypocrisy. It is represented by uncertainty and mistrust of Almighty God. That includes hiding one's unbelief and pretending to uphold Islam, while covertly helping to undermine Islam. That is mistrust of Almighty God. Ibn-al-Qayyim said, ‘He who imagines that he will get a reward from God by disobeying and contravening what He says, just as he gets a reward by obeying Him and seeking to get closer to Him, has thought of God contrary to His wisdom and contrary to His names and qualities, and that is mistrust of God.’ End of the words of Ibn-al-Qayyim.

             “The second is instinctive or innate hypocrisy. The most prominent kinds of such hypocrisy is cowardice and stinginess, and lack of jealousness for one's religion. The dilemma is that those people refuse to admit they are cowards, and refuse to be described as lacking in jealousy, and criticize and backbite those who hold on to what is right, and describe them as reckless and overzealous, or describe them as those who do not understand reality. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah said, ‘At times they say, “You who are few in number and weak want to break the enemy and you have been misled by your religion,” as God has said, “The hypocrites and those in whose hearts there is disease say, 'These people, their religion has misled them,' but if they trust in God, behold, God is exalted in might, wise.” [Koranic verse, Sura 8:49]. And at times they say, “You are mad with no brains. You want to send yourselves and the people who are with you to your death.”’ End of Ibn-Taymiyah's words.

             “Because Almighty God has destined his struggling worshippers to be tested by giving the unbelievers ascendancy over them before empowering them, we are confident that we will see the day in which we will see the group of hypocritical climbers compelled to show their hypocrisy. Then they will say to the unbelievers, ‘Were we not with you? Did we not get into parliament and have we not accepted democracy? We were your partners in eliminating the hard-liners and the strangers.’

             “Ibn-Kathir, may God have mercy on him, said, ‘God says that the hypocrites lie in wait for the believers, harboring evil against them, in the sense that they are awaiting their fall and the ascendancy of the unbelievers over them, and the fading of their religion. If God grants you victory -- that is, backing and support and triumph and booty -- they say, “Were we not with you?” That is, they curry favor with the believers by such an assertion. If the unbelievers have a share, that is ascendancy over the believers at times, as was the case in the battle of Uhud [in the sixth century A.D], then know that messengers are tested and they will get their reward later. They said, “Did we not overwhelm you and prevent the believers from finishing you off?” That is, we have helped you covertly, and we did not support them but misled them until you triumphed over them?’ Ibn-Kathir then said, ‘They were cajoling this side and that side so that they enjoy their trust and safeguard themselves against their cunning, because their belief is weak and their conviction is lacking.’ End of the words of Ibn-Kathir.

             “The third is hypocrisy in the method. Its example today is seen in the nationalists [pan-Arabists as opposed to pan-Islamists] and those who have deviated from the Prophet's tradition in jihad, those who fight for borders and who accept secularism as an arbiter and national constants as a standard of loyalty and allegiance. They have deviated from the path of the Prophet and have taken the path of the secularists. Hudhayfah Bin-al-Yaman said, ‘Hypocrites today are worse than the hypocrites at the time of the Prophet Muhammad.’ He was asked, ‘Why is that?’ He said, ‘Because they used to hide their hypocrisy, while today they declare it.’ The most dangerous of today's hypocrites in the method are the nationalists and those who falsely claim to be Salafis [religious fundamentalists]. They mislead the people about their religion, and deceive the ignorant by fighting the enemies and seeking to liberate the country from the yoke of the occupier, while at the same time -- whether they feel it or not, and whether they know it or not -- they harbor hostility to [Islamic Shari'ah] by fighting its proponents. By God, those are the coming enemy. They are of the kind of an expected evil that has been absent. The Crusaders will use them to strike at the mujahidin. At that point, we need to consider the history and methods of the Crusaders, and see how Muslims were misled in more than one place because of the hypocrites.

             “In the early 20th century, Britain concluded its famous agreement with the so-called Sharif Husayn [Bin-Ali of Mecca], and gave him guarantees to appoint him a king over the Arabs if he supports the war against the Ottomans. As soon as it finished with the Ottomans, Britain turned to its ally who had fought in its place and exiled him, fighting illness and eaten by remorse. [T.E.] Lawrence, in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, says, ‘I knew that if we win the war our promises to the Arabs will be dead paper. If I were to advise the Arabs I would advise them to return home. The leaders of the Arab movement understood foreign policy in a tribal and Bedouin-like way. The French and British engaged in bold maneuvers relying on the Arabs' naiveté, weakness, and the simplicity of their hearts and thinking, and their trust in the enemy. I am more proud that English blood was not shed in the 30 battles I fought because all the countries subject to us are not worth for me the death of a single Englishman.’ End of Lawrence's words.

             “About eight decades ago, a sweeping uprising broke out in Egypt. The first spark went off in the mosques. The English then besieged it [Bani-al-Asfar], and quickly summoned what they called the leader of the Muslim nation, Sa'd Zaghlul, from his exile and entrusted him with their interests, and made him their agent in Egypt. For Sa'd Zaghlul is a secularist of their ilk, and would guarantee for them the undermining of canon law and the suppression of the rule of the Koran and the Prophet's tradition. Why then should they fear him? During that period, the 1920s revolution broke out in Iraq. Although it was not a call for jihad or for enforcing the rule of the Shari'ah, yet the English found themselves in a quandary and were compelled to bring Faysal Bin-al-Husayn and to appoint him King of Iraq.

             “In the 1930s the great revolution that was kindled by Izz-al-Din Qassam in Palestine against the Jews broke out. Britain failed to quell it, and so it called for the assistance of its servant, King Abd-al-Aziz Al Sa'ud, who sent his son Faysal to trick the leaders of the revolution to end it, after he assured them of the loyalty of what he called, ‘our friend Britain.’ The revolutionaries became lax, thus giving Britain the opportunity to regain its strength and organize its ranks so as to attack them and succeed in quelling the revolution and liquidating its leaders.

             “It can be seen from the above that the Crusaders' relinquishment of some of their ambitions does not abolish their greater plan. On one hand they relinquish one thing, while on the other they rearrange their situation to achieve their greater plan. It can also be seen that getting the opportunity to silence the revolutionaries, every time, spared them the possibility of their defeat. When will those who are running after the unbelievers' promises realize that they are deluded, and that by negotiating over calm they have given the unbelievers the opportunity to attack them.

            “They want to repeat those scenes today, with the story of the new Crusade raging in the Land of the Two Rivers [Iraq], and it [the United States] aspires to empower the Jews and seeks to prolong its monopoly by controlling the richest country in the world. Since it knew that it will not find in the region better than the religion of the Al-Rafidah a [derogatory term referring to the Shiites] to help it, and as an instrument with which to demolish Islam, it has made their support and reliance on them an indivisible part of its treacherous plan.

            “After the speedy invasion of Iraq, which it viewed as a ranch it owned, it appointed Bremer [Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III , appointed Presidential Envoy to Iraq in 2003] as military governor, and brought with him more than twenty American ministers. When jihad was launched, it gave way a little, and it summoned those who accepted for themselves a share of treason so as to form with them the farce of the notorious Governing Council. That step met with defeat, so it then resorted to the theatrical of handing over sovereignty. It appointed an interim government. And when the rewards of treason became due, they handed over the responsibility of the obedient servant to the Al-Rafidah and gave them free hand to persecute and torture Sunnis. By that it sought to embroil them in treason and to convince them of the futility of fighting it. It did not occur to the chiefs of the Black House [derogatory term referring to the U.S. White House] that the Land of the Two Rivers will be a quagmire in which the U.S. army sinks. They imagined that the land of the Caliphate [Iraq], after the rule of the Ba'thist unbelievers, had gone through two wars and a devastating siege, will be a ready prize. They were disappointed, and the lions of monotheism stood up to the mightiest armies on earth, armed first with their belief in God above all, and second with light weapons. They humiliated the Hubal [a pre-Islamic idol worshipped by the Prophet Muhammad's foes] of our times and rubbed in the mud the nose of its massive army and those who were allied with it.

            “After America's no's at the beginning of its Crusader plan in the Land of the Two Rivers, the series of concessions began to steadily increase as its losses in the Land of the Two Rivers increased, until it recently appealed for help and assistance from those it had kicked and tramped on their heads a short while ago.

            “To emerge from its impasse, the United States worked in two directions.  The first line of action was outside the Land of the Two Rivers by forcing its allies to bear part of its financial and military obligations.  However, this did not benefit it.  This is obvious to all.  Look at Afghanistan.  It was handed over to the armies of the NATO Alliance who had been witnessing the impasse of the leader of the new world order and the expanding disaster that was overwhelming it, supported by figures and as testified to by the politicians of the so-called U.S. Congress.  The real figures of its losses have started to appear.

            “After it was revealed that there had been over 15,000 casualties, dead or wounded, the figures of the material losses emerged, reaching half a trillion dollars, apart from the dissipation of the U.S. prestige, which evaporated as the dreams in the Land of the Two Rivers vanished.

            “We say that this inventory was that of the Crusader enemy and is much less than the real figures. It is enough to give our listeners one simple example to appreciate the size of the losses among the forces of the Crusader alliance.  Since the beginning of the mujahidin operations after the fall of the Baathist regime and until today, about 800 martyrdom operations were carried out against purely Crusader targets and convoys, apart from the storming operations, ambushes, explosions, missile attacks, and other types of actions.  We believe that the losses of the worshipers of the cross in Iraq have so far been no less than 40,000 soldiers.  God is the omniscient one.

            “Moreover, they sought the help of the Arab League, represented by its Secretary General Amr Musa, who called for the alleged reconciliation conference in Cairo with those who brag about their allegiance to the Crusaders, like the Rafidah [Shiites], the secular Kurds and others, as well as those who are falsely considered to be from the Sunni community and who are holding the stick at the middle, fearing changes in their fortunes and coveting a share in the booty, curse their plans.

            “In view of this plot, we need to understand the methods of the infidels in dealing with issues that are similar to the conditions in Iraq.  We must explain the facts about those who met in Cairo because if you want to understand the danger of their role, and if you want to predict what they would do next, then learn their history and the black history of their forefathers as was manifested in all Islamic issues throughout the battle that has been raging between the infidel faiths and the nation of Islam.  They have always played the role of saviors for the United States and the entire Crusader West whenever the crisis overwhelmed the infidels and as disasters befell the enemies of the nation.

            “Now we mention the Arab League and its member states, which stood powerless in solving any issue or moving any military units to repulse any attacks against the Arab states.  From this angle, they are failures even if judged by the pan-Arab criteria and the nationalist standards, which they consider to be their guiding principles.  The only time the Arab League made hectic moves was when the Baathists invaded Kuwait.  They moved armies and fought along with their U.S. master to liberate Kuwait in the interest of the Americans and to transfer it from the hands of Saddam to the hands of Bush.

            “The states that met in Cairo to complete the national reconciliation project were the same states that participated in slaughtering Iraq and cooperated with the Americans in doing so by opening their territory, airspace, and territorial waters and extending intelligence support for the Americans.  Was the first missile to be fired at Baghdad not from a U.S. warship that was anchored near Alexandria?  It would not have been possible for the Americans to reach Baghdad without the cooperation of these states that surround Iraq.  Would America have allowed these pathetic states to speak on the Iraqi issue had it not been facing an impasse in Iraq?

            “The second line of action is now being pursued inside the Land of the Two Rivers.  It is the final lifebuoy because the masters of the Black House [White House] are relying on.  Therefore, the forces of infidelism gathered their arms and ammunition. When their attempts fail, they repeat their attempts.  Sometimes they establish a Governing Council and sometimes a transitional government.  They relied on the secular Allawi and Al-Ja'fari Ibn al-Alqami [derogatory term for the Shia named after Ibn-al-Alqami, a Shia minister who was accused of betraying the caliph during Hulugu's attack on Baghdad in 1258].  Thus, the United States started to try out its agents for a possible solution of its dilemma.  It is true that the United States is pregnant with agents but every time it gives birth, its child emerges stillborn.  This is because it is in the land of Sa'd and Al-Muthanna [heroes in early Islam] because Iraqi is still a lair of lions.  Today after two and a half years and after the failure of the grandchildren of Ibn al-Alqami in everything except in venting their Rafidi [Shiite] rancor, their US master has found out that it is time to abandon them in appearance and that the role today should be played by another type of agents, a special type of agents.  Who should these agents be but those who claim to be Muslims and who appear in the role of saviors of the Sunnis?

            “We can classify those who practice hypocrisy into two categories.  The first category is the type that realized from the first day when the crusaders entered the land of Iraq that its call would not be accepted unless it was linked with Islam.  Some of them elected to join Islam in a general way and some responded to the calls of the salafis and the communities of the Sunnis and the Islamic Jama'ah.  Now we find that they have been forced to return to their original ideologies.  They have been in contact with the infidels, protecting the election centers.  They are still deceiving their followers and tricking the people by saying something in the open and doing something else in secret.

            “God save Shaykh Abu-Qatadah [nickname for Umar Mahmud Abu-Umar, currently detained in the United Kingdom]. He said, ‘At certain periods during the work of Jihad, some achievements were unfairly claimed by those who did not realize them and were utilized by those who had no part in making them.  The reason was due to many factors, such as the fact that Muslim masses were satisfied with this jihad and because these individuals wanted to assume high places of honor on the shoulders of the mujahidin.  Thus, these parasitic organizations rushed to assume the roles of the heroes and displayed themselves as pioneers in this jihad.  Their assets in the media grew and subsequently their financial assets became greater.  This placed the jihad in a real impasse because the mujahidin were fiercely attacked with the aim of placing them under the command of these thieves and these bandits who falsely took the path of Almighty God.  Thus, strange illnesses appeared and rancorous intentions were revealed. A schism was created between the genuine mujahidin and the devious financier, the thief of Baghdad. There are many examples of this, ranging from Afghanistan, to Palestine, to Bosnia Herzegovina, and to Syria

            “Another factor was to appease the restless popular bases.  By his very nature, the ordinary and upright Muslim loves jihad and wants to participate in efforts to worship God against all sorts of infidelism.  In order to let the steam out of these boiling pots, some clever and devious methods are used.  Thus these groups claim jihadist action so that the leaders might convince their popular base that they have not changed their paths, or to tell their base that there is a diff erence between what is declared for the sake of acquiring a political cover and what is really concealed.’"  End of quote from Abu-Qatadah. We pray to God to increase his esteem and bring about his release.

            “The other category is the Iraqi Islamic Party and its allies.  This Party's history with Jihad and the Sunni community is well known.  It has accepted to be the lifebuoy that saved the United States in the first Al-Fallujah battle, which almost devastated the US presence in Iraq had it not been for the truce that this Party worked for in order to save the US master from the quagmire in which it was sinking after the Crusader and Shiite forces around Al-Fallujah were tightly besieged, and after the Mujahidin, God be praised, cut off their supply lines, and after the earth under them became a burning fire to the extent that their carriers and vehicles ground to a halt in their tracks because they were out of fuel.

            “The brothers who had been detained in Abu-Ghurayb prison said that the prison management during the Al-Fallujah battle became certain that they would perish after the Mujahidin cut off all roads leading to this jail, and they were convinced that the mujahidin's arrival was imminent.  The prison management asked them, ‘What will you do to us if the mujahidin arrive here?’  Our brothers said, ‘You will hand over your weapons in exchange for ensuring your safety.’  The two sides agreed to this.  Then the Islamic Party carried out its thankless initiative to save their U.S. master.

            “Do you see how Islam is being slain at the hands of these opportunists?  This Party brought happiness to the heart of Bush and his gang by reaching a last moment agreement, as Newsweek magazine described it, and which breathed life into a constitution that was supposed to have died at birth.  This constitution had been rejected even by those who claimed to be nationalists and patriots.  However, the leaders of this Party found nothing wrong in accepting it and choosing it as an organizer of the lives of the Muslims in this country instead of the book of God and the tradition of his prophet, may God's peace and blessings be upon him.  This was because an infidel crusader made false promises to them that additional provisions would be added to the constitution, ensuring that it could be amended in the future. 

            “This Party coordinated contacts with Zalmai Khalil Zad, the U.S. ambassador, who is ruling Iraq, when he met with their leaders in the Green Zone before voting on the infidel constitution, and told them: Vote on the constitution and have what you want.  Thus the deal was struck and the Party started to give tempting bribes to certain tribal chiefs to convince them of the need to participate in the elections.  What did they get in exchange?  A seat in parliament was promised if the tribal chiefs promised to preserve the security of the U.S. forces in their areas.  A religion is being sold and a jihad stopped in exchange for a seat in a parliament that does not prevent harm or fight infidelism.  Has madness reached the extent that a man should sell out his religion for worthless mundane offers?

            “That is the political solution that the Islamic Party and its allies are propagating.  What a despicable behavior.  You are substituting the crumbs of the tables of the brothers of monkeys and pigs and the worshippers of the cross for the satisfaction of your God. I wonder, "then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest?" [Koranic verse, Sura 2:85]

            “America would not have begged for solutions from some people who belong to the Sunnah except after the failure of its military machine to destroy the mujahidin and the failure of its servants from Al-Rafidah and others to extinguish the flame of jihad in the hearts of the youth of this nation.  America realized that, by the will of God, it would not be able to wipe out the mujahidin.  It started to reach agreements, allowing these to as s ume the task of wiping out jihad by placing the Sunni community into the maze of political games by allowing them to participate in the moves of renouncing Jihad in favor of the defeatist peaceful solutions.  The result would be calm that would provide the crusaders with an opportunity to rearrange their conditions and prepare the necessary forces to protect their bases.

            “King of the French, Louis IX, wrote in his memoirs after his army was defeated in Egypt following the second Crusader Campaign: There is no way to control the Muslims by war and force because of the principle of jihad in the path of God.  The battle with the Muslims must begin by forging their deep faith, which includes the principle of jihad.  Distinguishing between the faith and the Islamic Shari'ah is necessary.

            “(Center for Strategic & International Srudies expert Anthony H.) Cordesman, the ideologue of the U.S. military creed, says the failure of the U.S. political project in Iraq means a definite defeat of the military.

            “The Cairo conference and the latest elections were only held to circumvent the mujahidin and bring the nationalists instead of them. Had this been harmful to America, it would not have allowed anything like this to take place.

            “In any case, now that the U.S. plot and the agreement that was reached with the traitors are over, we have demands that we will never abandon until God has excused us either by dying as martyrs or by realizing victory and living happily under the rule of God.

            “Our demands are:

            “First, expelling the invaders from our land in Palestine and Iraq and the rest of the land of Islam.

            “Second, establishing God's Shari'ah [Islamic law] on earth, spreading the justice of Islam, and eliminating the injustice of  [other] religions.

            “We will not stop the raids until Islam triumphs and Shari'ah is established or we perish while doing that.

            “We draw the attention of our brothers and kinfolk, the Sunnis in Iraq, to important matters. The first is that we are sad if one of you is arrested or harmed even by an insult.  However, the way to salvation from this situation is not to submit to the infidels nor accept the rule of the unbelievers.  The way of salvation is Jihad, which brings glory and the mercy of God.  If Salvation is delayed, you must just remember what God has told his messenger and his pious companions when they felt victory was going to be delayed and said, ‘Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden (of bliss) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? they encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Messenger and those of faith who were with him cried, “When (will come) the help of Allah.” Ah! Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!'" [Koranic verse, Sura 2:214]

            “The second matter is that humiliation does not come from being killed or arrested.  Humiliation is to live incapable of implementing the law of one's God on earth.  Humiliation is to see the Jews going about freely and happily among the Muslims while you remain silent, incapable of movement, and shackled, incapable of shedding your chains. Humiliation is when the Crusaders and their allies impose their control and establish bases and then use them to launch wars against Muslims and fight God and his messenger. Humiliation is to hear your sisters screaming from the oppression of the Crusader jailor while you are relaxing with nothing on your mind.

            “The two things are not the same.  The first deserves the wrath of God by accepting humiliation and loss in this world and the hereafter; the second is to win God's satisfaction and approval with dignity and to win glory and decisive victory in this life and the hereafter.

            “This shows that failing to perform jihad, relying on worldly life, and surrendering to the rule and oppression of despots over a long period of time will produce submissive, subservient, and humiliated generations relishing humiliation and ignominy and getting used to the life of oppression and slavery to other than Allah. Therefore, they could no longer disavow or eliminate any such things. They are generations that are led where others want them. Abandoning jihad leads to tribulation in the hearts of those who have the smallest iota of faith. Therefore, extinguishing the flame of jihad within the nation actually means turning the nation over to its enemies as an obedient and servile nation. For us Allah suffices, and He is the best disposer of affairs with regard to those who love to talk about the trials and evils of jihad, saying nothing about the evils caused by abandoning jihad and failing to perform it. How truthful was [Egyptian poet Ahmad] Shawqi, who said minds could be flexible like water or hard like rock and souls could be free or enslaved! 

            “The tax of jihad for the sake of God, no matter how big it is, cannot rise to the level of the tax paid in the form of humiliation and submission and the subsequent loss of one's religion and life unless it is raised. It should be borne in mind that the despot does not have limits in demanding subservience to it in order to dissociate people completely from their religion. They will thus lose their worldly life and have the penalty of fire and evil refuge in the hereafter. Is there an ordeal that is worse than this one? Can this ordeal be compared to one's care for one's self, money, post, fame, organizational status, or scientific rank? The case for which jihad is abandoned is exactly the ordeal a person may be afflicted with. Such an ordeal will pluck his religion out of his heart.

            “Orientalist Jerd [as transliterated] says in his book "The Trend of Islam" that westernizing the east is only meant to cut as much as possible the links the east has with its past in every field so that if it becomes possible to dye the past of the east with a dark color detested by its people, the peoples of the east will then lose their links with their past and thus they will lose the greatest aspect of their vitality. Their submission will then be considered a great honor. The messenger of Allah, God's peace and prayers be upon him, said: If you deal in usury and hang unto the tails of cows, being satisfied with cultivation and ceasing to take part in Jihad, Allah will inflict a humiliation upon you which will not be removed until you return to your religion.

            “Third: We could have spoiled the elections in most areas of Iraq, but we refrained from doing so for fear of the possible death of the common Sunni people, who were misguided by the imams of deception. We expected the Crusaders to betray them. We knew that they were lured into a trap that was carefully set up for them.

            “Fourth: We address a message to the Islamic Party, inviting it to abandon this rough road and ruinous path it pursued. It was about to destroy the Sunnis and implicate them in relying on worldly life and accepting the jahiliyah [pre-Islamic] rule, which they disguised as legitimate interests. They should have called on people to perform jihad for the sake of the almighty God and to grieve over our sisters and brothers in the prisons of the worshippers of the cross, instead of rejoicing and dancing in streets to celebrate an imaginary victory and alleged conquest. Where is their zeal for religion and Muslims?

            “This is another call on the Sunni people in general and followers of the Islamic Party in particular. Where are you being led? Which road are you treading? Do you not fear the almighty God in this blessed jihad? At a time when the defeat of the Crusader enemy in its war against the mujahidin has become clear to all near and far, you throw the rope of safety to it, unaware of what you are doing. By God, we care for you. We also feel pity for your situation. Beware of callers standing at the doors of hell. By God, the saying that unity is power and division leads to weakness applies to our and your situation.

            “The mujahidin are the nation's shield and strong fence. They are the ones defending your religion and honor, sacrificing all that is dear to them. By God, if the mujahidin become weaken, you will not feel secure about your women and honor for a single moment. O Sunni people, you have sacrificed and offered a great deal. Many of us were killed for the sake of this religion and for the sake of protecting the nation of Islam, so do not be an evil omen to the nation of your prophet and do not accept defeatism for yourselves. The consequences of defeatism are evil and remorse.

            “Our shaykh and emir, mujahid lion Usama Bin Ladin, may God protect him, said in his message to the people of Iraq [Broadcast on Aljazeera October 18, 2003], ‘Be aware that this war is a new crusade against the Islamic world. It is a decisive war for the whole nation. For those who do not know, its repercussions are dangerous and wicked for Islam and Muslims. O youth of Islam everywhere, especially in neighboring countries and Yemen, jihad is your duty and rightness is your path. Be careful not to follow the men who follow their whims or those who rely on those who did others injustice as they will spread lies and dissuade them from this blessed jihad. Voices were heard in Iraq as they were earlier heard in Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and others calling for a peaceful and democratic solution in dealing with the renegade governments or with the Jewish and crusade invaders instead of fighting for the sake of God. Therefore, there was a need to briefly draw attention to the seriousness of this stray and misleading policy, which conflicts with the religion of God and which hampers fighting for the sake of God. How can you obey those who never fought for the sake of God? How can you do so if the rules of jihad have been defined? Do you not consider this? Those are the ones who disrupted the nation's energies and its faithful men and appealed to the whims of people and to democracy, which is the religion of jahiliyah, by entering the legislative councils. These have strayed from the right path and with them they misled many people.’ Here end his [Bin Ladin's] words, may God protect him.

            “This is a message to the nation of Islam. May Allah accept from us and you the good deeds. May Allah return the occasion of this Eid [Al-Adha, The Feast of Sacrifice, which marks the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca] while you are enjoying might and power. I renew my talk to you today. It is not meant to remind you of the wounds or inspire the proud people. It is talk about glad tidings on the days of selflessness and sacrifice. Operations are continuing. God willing, the Crusaders will be defeated in such a way that they will not rise again in the Land of the Two Rivers. Rejoice, my nation, the time of harvest is drawing near and time of reaping is close. Rejoice, my nation, because victory is for the believers and the faithful no matter how long the night of oppressors lasts. Rejoice, my nation, over the forthcoming destruction of America, the head of infidelity. The almighty God can establish a just state even if it is atheist and destroy an unjust state even if it is Muslim. The country carrying the cross turned tyrannical and acted arrogantly. Its injustice spread all over the world. Allah has allowed its fall and, therefore, He moved the soldiers of earth and heaven against it.

            “One hurricane after another struck at its [America's] people. Hardly could they forget the wounds and pains of a hurricane when it was followed by another whose strength and force made them forget those of the ones preceding it. Besides, the hands of the mujahidin are reaching their soldiers on the Land of the Two Rivers and in Afghanistan. America today is in its death throes. It is staggering in front of the strikes of the mujahidin in Afghanistan and Iraq. All that you hear from the liar of the White House that the situation in Iraq is continuously improving and that the Iraqi army began to shoulder its responsibilities and spread its control over Baghdad and other cities is sheer lies and forgery. By God, this army, which God's enemy, Bush, is inflating and behind which he is taking shelter against the strikes of the mujahidin, cannot protect itself from the swords of believers in God. The morale of this army is at its lowest level. Fear and panic have overwhelmed the ranks of this army to such an extent that the soldier began to carry a small bag in his hand in which he keeps his civilian clothes. If the battle becomes fierce and God's soldiers approach him, he will take off his military uniform and put on civilian attire and mix with people. More than 500 soldiers from this army were killed over the past two weeks. In the Diyala Governorate alone, the brothers mounted an organized armed attack by storming three police and army positions in Ba'qubah, Buhruz, and Al-Uzaym, killing no less than 150 enemy soldiers and completely destroying these centers. This happened in one city, so imagine losses in other cities like Baghdad, Al-Anbar, Salah al-Din, Ninawa, and others that are purged with the help of God from the filth of Crusaders and spiteful Al-Rawafid.

            “Had it not been for the malicious media collusion with the crusade enemy by all sorts of means, you would have been shocked by the size of the losses inflicted on the crusade enemy and its henchmen. God willing, what they are facing at the hands of the mujahidin will make them forget the horrors of Vietnam. What you have seen over the past days; namely, the pinpointed firing of rockets on the grandchildren of monkeys and pigs [derogatory reference to Jews] from southern Lebanon is the beginning of a blessed action to strike the Zionist enemy at the heart of its existence, God willing. All of this is at the instructions of the shaykh of mujahidin, Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, may God watch over him.

            “Let America and its ally, the state of Zion, know that liberating the city [Jerusalem], from which the messenger of Allah made his midnight journey to heaven, is in the essence of the Muslims' creed. The Muslims in Palestine are backed by a nation that does not tolerate injustice. Its vanguards are mujahidin fighting for the sake of God. They vowed not to bat an eyelid or enjoy life as long as there is a single Jew on the soil of the holy land. ‘And say: When will that be? Say: May be it will be quite soon!’ [Koranic verse, Sura 17:51]  I swear by Allah, the only god, that Allah will support his mujahidin against their crusade enemies. The dawn of glory is looming on the horizon and tomorrow is close by. ‘Verily, the help of Allah is near!  So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in Faith.’ [Koranic verse, Sura 3:139]

            “O God, inflict on America and its allies the harm that cannot be repulsed by the unjust group. O God, torment them through your power or with our hands. O God, turn the machinations of those who conspire against jihad and mujahidin against them, uncover their secret, expose their intentions, and make them a lesson for others. O God, inflict sicknesses and tribulations on them. O God, punish the leaders of the Islamic Party and those colluding with them. O God, disperse their ranks and sow discord in their hearts. O God, tear them into pieces and turn them into an example for others on earth. "And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.” [Koranic verse, Sura 12:21] 



On January 19th, 2006, Aljazeera broadcast an audio tape purportedly carrying a message from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to the people of theUnited States. The following is a transcript of that message:


“In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate.

“Peace be upon those who follow [God's] guidance:

“My message to you is about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the way to end it. I had not intended to speak to you about this issue, because, for us, this issue is already decided on: diamonds cut diamonds. Praise be to God, our conditions are always improving and becoming better, while your conditions are to the contrary of this.

“However, what prompted me to speak are the repeated fallacies of your President Bush in his comment on the outcome of the US opinion polls, which indicated that the overwhelming majority of you want the withdrawal of the US forces from Iraq, but he objected to this desire and said that the withdrawal of troops would send a wrong message to the opponents. Bush said: It is better to fight them on their ground than they fight us on our ground. In my response to these fallacies, I say: The war in Iraq is raging, and the operations in Afghanistan are on the rise in our favor, praise be to God. The Pentagon figures indicate that there is a rise in the number of your dead and wounded, let alone the huge material losses, and let alone the collapse of the morale of the soldiers there and the increase in the suicide cases among them. So, just imagine the state of psychological breakdown that afflicts the soldier while collecting the remnants of his comrades' dead bodies after being torn into pieces by landmines. In such a situation, the soldier gets caught between two fires.  If he refuses to go out of his military barracks for patrols, he will face the penalties of the Vietnam butcher, and if he goes out, he will face the danger of mines. So, he is between two bitter situations, something which puts him under psychological pressure--fear, humiliation, and coercion. Moreover, his people are careless about him. So, he has no choice but to commit suicide. What you hear about him and his suicide is a strong message to you, which he wrote with his blood and soul while pain and bitterness eat him up so that you would save what you can save from this hell. However, the solution is in your hand if you care about them.

“The news of our brother mujahidin, however, is different from what is published by the Pentagon. This news indicates that what is carried by the news media does not exceed what is actually taking place on the ground. What increases doubts on the information of the White House's administration is its targeting of the news media, which carry some facts about the real situation. Documents have recently showed that the butcher of freedom in the world [US President George Bush] had planned to bomb the head office of Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel in the state of Qatar after he bombed its offices in Kabul and Baghdad, although, despite its defects, it is [Al-Jazirah] one of your creations.

“Jihad is continuing, praise be to God, despite all the repressive measures taken by the US army and its agents, which have left no significant difference between these crimes and those of Saddam. These crimes include the raping of women and taking them hostage instead of their husbands. There is no power but in God.

“The torturing of men has reached the point of using chemical acids and electric drills [to pierce] their joints. If they [those who torture them] become desperate with them, they drill their heads to death. If you like, read the humanitarian reports on the atrocities and crimes in the prisons of Abu Ghurayb, Guantanamo, and Bagram.

“I say that despite all the barbaric methods, they have failed to ease the resistance, and the number of mujahidin, praise be to God, is increasing. In fact, reports indicate that the defeat and devastating failure of the ill-omened plan of the four--Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz--and the announcement of this defeat and working it out, is only a matter of time, which is to some extent linked to the awareness of the American people of the magnitude of this tragedy. The wise ones kno w that Bush has no plan to achieve his alleged victory in Iraq. If you compare the small number of those killed when Bush made that false and stupid show-like announcement from an aircraft carrier on the end of the major operations to the number of those killed or wounded in the minor operations, which was dozens of times more, then you will see the truth in what I am saying, and you will know that Bush and his administration have neither the desire nor the will to withdraw from Iraq for their own dubious reasons.

“To go back to where I started, I say that the results of the poll satisfy sane people and that Bush's objection to them is false. Reality testifies that the war against America and its allies has not remained confined to Iraq, as he claims. In fact, Iraq has become a point of attraction and recruitment of qualified resources. On the other hand, the mujahidin, praise be to God, have managed to breach all the security measures adopted by the unjust nations of the coalition time and again. The evidence of this is the bombings you have seen in the capitals of the most important European countries of this aggressive coalition. As for the delay in carrying out similar operations in America, this was not due to failure to breach your security measures. Operations are under preparation, and you will see them on your own ground once they are finished, God willing.

“Based on the above, we see that Bush's argument is false. However, the argument that he avoided, which is the substance of the results of opinion polls on withdrawing the troops, is that it is better not to fight the Muslims on their land and for them not to fight us on our land. We do not object to a long-term truce with you on the basis of fair conditions that we respect. We are a nation, for which God has disallowed treachery and lying. In this truce, both parties will enjoy security and stability and we will build Iraq and Afghanistan, which were destroyed by the war. There is no defect in this solution other than preventing the flow of hundreds of billions to the influential people and war merchants in America, who supported Bush's election campaign with billions of dollars.

“Hence, we can understand the insistence of Bush and his gang on continuing the war. If you have a genuine will to achieve security and peace, we have already answered you. If Bush declines but to continue lying and practicing injustice [against us], it is useful for you to read the book "The Rogue State", the introduction of which reads:

“If I were a president, I would halt the operations against the United States. First, I will extend my apologies to the widows, orphans, and the persons who were tortured. Afterwards, I will announce that the US interference in the world countries has ended for ever.

“Finally, I would like to tell you that the war is for you or for us to win. If we win it, it means your defeat and disgrace forever as the wind blows in this direction with God's help. If you win it, you should read the history. We are a nation that does not tolerate injustice and seek revenge forever. Days and nights will not go by until we take revenge as we did on 11 September, God willing, and until your minds are exhausted and your lives become miserable and things turn [for the worse], which you detest. As for us, we do not have anything to lose. A swimmer in the sea does not fear rain. You have occupied our land, defiled our honor, violated our dignity, shed our blood, ransacked our money, demolished our houses, rendered us homeless, and tampered with our security. We will treat you in the same way.

“You tried to deny us the decent life, but you cannot deny us a decent death. Refraining from performing jihad, which is sanctioned by our religion, is an appalling sin. The best way of death for us is under the shadows of swords. Do not be deluded by your power and modern weapons. Although they win some battles, they lose the war. Patience and steadfastness are better than them. What is important is the outcome. We had patiently foug h t the Soviet Union for 10 years with our few weapons and we managed to drain their economy. Thus, they became a history, with God's help.

“You should learn lessons from that. We will remain patient in fighting you, God willing, until the one whose time has come dies first. We will not escape the fight as long as we hold our weapons in our hands.

“I swear not to die but a free man even if I taste the bitterness of death.

“I fear to be humiliated or betrayed. [Lines of poetry]

“Peace be upon those who follow [God's] guidance.”


In a press briefing regarding the tape, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said, “We continue to act on all fronts to win the war on terrorism, and we will. The President is fully committed to doing everything within his power to prevent attacks and defeat the terrorists. We are taking the fight to the enemy; we are working to advance freedom and democracy, to defeat their evil ideology. We are winning. Clearly, al Qaeda and the terrorists are on the run. And that is why it is important that we do not let up, and that we do not stop until the job is done. And that's what we will do.”


Responding to a journalist’s query about the possibility of a truce, McClellan said, “And as I indicated, clearly, the al Qaeda leaders and the terrorists are on the run. They're under a lot of pressure. We do not negotiate with terrorists. We put them out of business. The terrorists started this war, and the President made it clear that we will end it at a time and place of our choosing. We continue to pursue all those who are seeking to do harm to the American people, and to bring them to justice.”


The Coalition is winning the Global War On Terror and bin Laden’s message is a clear indication of the desperate nature of al Qaeda and its extremist associates. With each successful election, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are showing their brave resistance to the terrorists’ barbarity. CENTCOM proudly stands with the free citizens of these countries.