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U.S. CENTCOM commander visits airmen in Kyrgyzstan (25 Jan 02)

New tent city establishes fixed presence for airmen in Kyrgyzstan (23 Jan 02)

Task force relieves plight of Afghani people (15 Jan 02)

Soldier's remains airlifted through Ramstein (7 Jan 02)

Security forces protecting contingency response unit in Kyrgyzstan (4 Jan 02)

C-17s support, re-supply forces in Uzbekistan (3 Jan 02)

Bulgaria hosts U.S. military mission (21 Dec 01)

Daily humanitarian flights from Ramstein come to an end (21 Dec 01)

AF halts TRIAD airdrops; CDS drops continue with fresh dates (15 Dec 01)

Allies unite during ceremony for Sept. 11 victims of terrorism (11 Dec 01)

Air MTV, celebrities arrive in Germany to show support for KMC troops (11 Dec 01)

Air Force assists with delivery of aid to Afghan children (11 Dec 01)

Deployed AF unit uses satellite technology to keep informed, entertained (10 Dec 01)

Injured U.S. servicemembers arrive in Germany (7 Dec 01)

U.S. remains arrive in Germany (7 Dec 01)

U.S. Air Force replacements arrive in Bulgaria (6 Dec 01)

U.S. servicemembers injured in Taliban uprising get Purple Heart (4 Dec 01)

C-17 aircrews deliver 2 million humanitarian daily rations  (30 Nov 01)

Humanitarian airdrops surpass 100 flights, 1.6 million HDRs (16 Nov 01)

Rumsfeld: Don't expect 'Instant Victory' in Anti-terror war (2 Nov 01)

Anthrax threat suspends Dear Abby, 'Any Service Member' morale mail (2 Nov 01)

AF surpasses 1 million-mark as C-17s continue ration delivery in Afghanistan (31 Oct 01)

Maintenance crews share in humanitarian missions (31 Oct 01)

RAF Mildenhall refueling missions draw media attention (29 Oct 01)

Afghanistan will be 'long, long campaign'; food rumor false, official says (25 Oct 01)

Mission outweighs risks for C-17 aircrews delivering aid over Afghanistan (23 Oct 01)

C-17 aircrews fight 'war' on hunger in Afghanistan (19 Oct 01)

by Jim Dao NY Times For U.S. European Command Media Pool

Air Force doubles humanitarian airdrops (14 Oct 01)
High-tech cardboard boxes used in Afghan food airdrops (13 Oct 01)
Air Force fliers continue Afghan food drop operations (13 Oct 01)
Army, Air Force riggers team for Afghan humanitarian mission (9 Oct 01)
Washington provides food, medicine to Afghans (9 Oct 01)
USAFE has proud tradition of providing humanitarian assistance (8 Oct 01)
Food airdrop to Afghans underscores president's humanitarian pledge (8 Oct 01)
Washington provides food, medicine to Afghans (8 Oct 01)

   AFNEWS Europe Radio News

U.S. troops address 'friendly fire' incident in Afghanistan
The 20 U.S. servicemembers injured by an errant bomb in Afghanistan are being treated at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, near Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Four of the troops talked to reporters about the experience near Kandahar. Tech. Sgt. Dan Robinson reports. (Dec. 11, 2001)


KC-135 tanker support arrives in Bulgaria
A new Air Force operating location has been established in eastern Europe as KC-135 Stratotankers begin supporting Operation Enduring Freedom from Bulgaria. Tech. Sgt. Matt Lomba has the story. (Dec. 7, 2001)


Aircrew recovery teams cover Southwest Asia
The Southwest Asian desert is one of the world's harshest environments, and with U.S. military planes flying airstrikes into Afghanistan, aircrew search and recovery becomes critical. Tech. Sgt. Dan Robinson tells us about the people and machines responsible for "bringing them back alive." (Nov. 19, 2001)


Terrorist attacks raise awareness for airmen in Gulf Region
Tension in the "Desert" has been on the rise since the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Southern Watch carry on, albeit with more stringent security measures and a much higher level of awareness. Tech. Sgt. Dan Robinson tells us what recent events mean to airmen assigned to the Gulf Region. (Oct. 23, 2001)


KC-135s keep planes flying as humanitarian airlift continues into Afghanistan
The humanitarian relief mission that is part of Operation Enduring Freedom continues delivering meals to refugees throughout Afghanistan. KC-135 air tankers are supporting that mission by keeping the planes airborne. Tech. Sgt. Matt Lomba has this report from aboard one of the flying gas stations. (Oct. 15, 2001)


Air Force Delivers Aid to Afghan Refugees
On Sunday, the United States and its allies struck back in what officials called "Yet another front in the war against terrorism." But while strikes were attempting to cripple the terrorists and those who harbor them, the Air Force and Army were aiding starving refugees with its first installment of humanitarian aid. Tech. Sgt. Matt Lomba has this report from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, where the first humanitarian airdrops originated. (Oct. 9, 2001)

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