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Wrestling Relations

4th Generation Family:

Shane McMahonVincent McMahon Jr.Vincent McMahon Sr.Jess McMahon

3rd Generation Family:

Gino Brito, Jr.Gino Brito, Sr.Jack Britton
Doug GilbertTommy GilbertArlie Gilbert
Eddie GilbertTommy GilbertArlie Gilbert
Randy OrtonBob OrtonRobert Orton, Sr.
Robert FullerBuddy FullerRoy Welch
Ron FullerBuddy FullerRoy Welch
Chavo Guerrero Jr.Chavo Guerrero Sr.Salvador "Gory" Guerrero
The RockRocky Johnson (Step.)Peter Maivia

2nd Generation Family:

Brad AndersonGene Anderson
Brad ArmstrongBob Armstrong
Scott ArmstrongBob Armstrong
Steve ArmstrongBob Armstrong
Road DoggBob Armstrong
Shawn BarrSandy Barr
Jesse BarrSandy Barr
Art BarrSandy Barr
Tully BlanchardJoe Banchard
Matt BorneTony Borne
Kerry BrownBob Brown
Nick BockwinkleWarren Bockwinkle
Jackie WieczEdouard Carpentier
Jesus CastilloPedro Castillo
Steve SimpsonSammy Cohen
Shaun SimpsonSammy Cohen
Jim Crockett Jr.Jim Crockett Sr.
David CrockettJim Crockett Sr.
Ted DiBiaseMike DiBiase
JC IceBill Dundee
El Cobarde, Jr.El Cobarde, Sr.
El Hijo Del GladiadorEl Gladiador
El Rayo de Jalisco, Jr.El Rayo de Jalisco
Super Medic IISuper Medic I
Super Medic IIISuper Medic I
Dory Funk, Jr.Dory Funk, Sr.
Terry FunkDory Funk, Sr.
Greg GagneVerne Gagne
Mike GrahamEddie Graham
Jimmy GarvinRonnie Garvin (Step.)
Juventud GuerreraFuerza Guerrera
Chavo GuerreroSalvador Guerrero
Eddie GuerreroSalvador Guerrero
Hector GuerreroSalvador Guerrero
Mando GuerreroSalvador Guerrero
Nick PatrickJody Hamilton
Bret HartStu Hart
Dean HartStu Hart
Bruce HartStu Hart
Owen HartStu Hart
Keith HartStu Hart
Ross HartStu Hart
Smith HartStu Hart
Wayne HartStu Hart
Curt HennigLarry Hennig
Ted DiBiaseHelen Hild
Pat TanakaDuke Keomuka
Kelly KiniskiGene Kiniski
Nick KiniskiGene Kiniski
Brian ChristopherJerry Lawler
Kevin ChristianJerry Lawler
Lizmark Jr.Lizmark
El Villano IRey Mendoza
El Villano IIIRey Mendoza
El Villano IV Rey Mendoza
El Villano VRey Mendoza
Ricky MortonPaul Morton
Mitsuo MomotaRikidozan Momota
Yoshihiru MomotaRikidozan Momota
Angelo Mosca Jr.Angelo Mosca Sr.
Barry WindhamBlackjack Mulligan
Kendall Windham Blackjack Mulligan
Dick MurdochFrankie Murdoch
Paul HeymanPaul Nabors
Larry OliverRip Oliver
Barry O Robert Orton, Sr.
Bob OrtonRobert Orton, Sr.
Miguel Perez, Jr.Miguel Perez
Lanny PoffoAngelo Poffo
Randy SavageAngelo Poffo
Scott PutskiIvan Putski
Dustin RhodesDusty Rhodes
Chris YoungbloodRicky Romero
Jay YoungbloodRicky Romero
Mark YoungbloodRicky Romero
Armand Rougeau Jacques Rougeau, Sr.
Jacques RougeauJacques Rougeau, Sr.
Phillipe Rougeau Jacques Rougeau, Sr.
Raymond RougeauJacques Rougeau, Sr.
David SammartinoBruno Sammartino
Sam HoustonGrizzly Smith
Jake RobertsGrizzly Smith
Rockin' RobinGrizzly Smith
Shawn StasiakStan Stasiak
ChazTug Taylor
Ultraman 2000Ultraman
Luna VachonPaul Vachon
Greg ValentineJohnny Valentine
Chris Von ErichFritz Von Erich
David Von ErichFritz Von Erich
Kevin Von ErichFritz Von Erich
Kerry Von ErichFritz Von Erich
Mike Von ErichFritz Von Erich
Dr. Wagner, Jr.Dr. Wagner
Silver KingDr. Wagner
Erik WattsBill Watts
Alex WrightSteven Wright
David FlairRic Flair
Randy OrtonBob Orton Jr.
Dean MalenkoBoris Malenko
Jeff JarrettJerry Jarrett
Fred CurryBull Curry
John Minton JrBig John Studd
Jimmy Snuka JrSuperfly Jimmy Snuka

Siblings and Cousins:

Al and Lou PerezBrothers
Apolo Dantes and Cesar DantesBrothers
Kurt and Eric AngleBrothers
Brad and Bart BattenBrothers
Ben and Iron Mike Sharpe, Sr.Brothers
Randy and Bill MulkeyBrothers
Bill Alfonso and David SierraBrothers
Bobby and Jackie FultonBrothers
Bobby Heenan and Jerry ValiantBrothers
Booker T and Stevie RayBrothers
Brett Wayne and Buzz SawyerBrothers
Luke Williams and Buthc MillerCousins
Chris and John TolosBrothers
Chris Champion and Mark StarrBrothers
Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000Brothers
Dusty Rhodes, Tugboat, Jerry SagsBrothers-in-law
El Brazo, El Brazo de Oro, El Brazo de Plata, El Super Brazo, AtomoBrothers
Frank and Jack TunneyUncle and Nephew
Frenchy Martin and Rick MartelBrothers
Gino Brito and Dino BravoCousins
Hulk Hogan and Horace BoulderUncle and Nephew
Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Eddie GuerreroUncle and Nephew
Rey Misterio Jr. and Rey Misterio Sr.Uncle and Nephew
Jack and Jerry BriscoBrothers
Jerry Lawler, Honky Tonk Man, Carl FergieCousins
Johnny and Tommy RichBrothers
Road Warrior Animal, Johnny Ace, The TerminatorBrothers
Marie, Maurice, Paul, and Vivian VachonSisters and Brothers
Mil Mascaras, El Sicodelico and Dos CarasBrothers
Paul and Terry OrndorffBrothers
Rick and Scott SteinerBrothers
Rick and Vic StemboatBrothers
Ron and Don HarrisBrothers
Scott and Bill IrwinBrothers
Tom and Bruce PritchardBrothers
The Sheik and SabuUncle and Nephew
Randy Savage and Lanny PoffoBrothers
Matt and Jeff HardyBrothers
Frank Tunney and Jack TunneyUncle and Nephew
Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy SmithCousins
Al Wilson and Torrie WilsonFather and Daughter
Vince McMahon Jr. and Stephanie McMahonFather and Daughter
Shawn Michaels and Michael ShaneCousins
Simon Dean/Nova and Donnie B (wrestling promoter/commentator)Brothers
Shane Douglas and Paul OrndorffCousins
Joel Maximo and Jose MaximoBrothers
Jay Briscoe and Mark BriscoeBrothers

Married Couples:

Vampire Warrior and Luna Vachon
Chris Benoit and Woman
Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
Vince McMahon Jr. and Linda McMahon
Booker T. and Sharmell Sullivan
Simon Diamond and Dawn Marie
Jimmy Garvin and Precious
Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch
The Undertaker and Sara Calloway
Rodney Mack and Jazz
Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson
Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly (separated but legally married)
Brock Lesnar and Sable (Getting Married in Spring 2005)
Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroko
The Sandman and Lori Fullington
The Blue Meanie and Jasmin St Clair
Shane McMahon and Marissa Mazzola
Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya

Not of Kin:

WrestlersAre NOT
Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, C W Anderson, and Ric FlairCousins
Nunzio and Jamie KnobleCousins
Arn, Gene, Ole, and Lars AndersonBrothers
Bart and Billy GunnBrothers
Beverly Brothers (Beau and Blake)Brothers
Davey and Johnny SmithBrothers or Cousins
Fritz and Waldo Von ErichBrothers
Great Kabuki and Great MutaFather and Son
Ivan and Nikita Koloff Uncle and Nephew
Hulk Hogan and Brutus BeefcakeBrothers
Jimmy and Ronnie GarvinBrothers
Jerry, Jimmy, and Johnny ValiantBrothers
Lance Von Erich and Von Erich FamilyCousins
Johnny, Tommy, and Davey RichCousins
Rick Martel and Sherri MartelBrother and Sister
Ricky and Tito SantanaBrothers
Rick Steamboat and Sam SteamboatFather and Son
Kane and The UndertakerBrothers
Molly, Crash and Hardcore HollyCousins
Edge and ChristianBrothers
D-Von, Buh-Buh Ray, Spike, Big Dick, Dudley Sign Guy, Snot, Dances With DudleyBrothers
Paul Bearer and KaneFather and Son
Andre The Giant and The Giant (Big Show)Father and Son
Axl and Ian RottenBrothers
Bo and Jack DuppBrothers
Ken and Ryan ShamrockBrother and Sister
Ricky and Todd MortonBrothers or Cousins
Lance Storm and VictoriaBrother and Sister
Doug and Danny BashamBrothers
Marietta Koombs and Beaver CleavageMother and Son
Henry O Godwinn and Phineas I GodwinnBrothers
Jimmy Jack Funk, Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr. Brothers

The Samoans: (From Afa's AOL Folder):

Afa and Sika are Brothers
Jimmy Snuka is a Cousin
Gary Albright is related to the Samoans
Afa's Sons are Samu and TheTahitian Warrior
Afa's Nephews are Yokozuna, Rikishi Phatu, Tonga Kid, Rocky Maivia
Rocky Johnson is related to the Samoans
Peter Maivia is an uncle to Afa.

Credit for this information goes to: Danny Porter, Benjamin VanderMeer, Scott Teal, G. Timothy Walton, Conn MackIntosh, Leo Keil, Jeremy Billones, CTGoss, Corby Gilmore, Marv Gordon, Fred Deaton, and Wilfredo Sanchez.

These pages are not affiliated with, sponsored or supported, by any pro-wrestling organization. This is a hobby site and used for wrestling informational purposes only. WIA, Copyright © 2001. Contact the webmaster for questions and comments about this website at If you are using any sort of information on this website, please give proper credit to the website and these sources listed on here. The NWA Name and Logo are registered trademarks of Pro Wrestling Organization, LLC. This website is not affiliated with the NWA. Other images and logos are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. This site is in no shape or form harming the product, it's wrestling fan website.The site contains nothing that infringes upon the copyrights of the wrestling federations to which this site is dedicated.