SBleepo2 VST plugin
Use a Death Synth without getting shocked.

Download SBleepo2 for Windows (Beta!)
Download SBleepo2.3 for Windows (Alpha, with FILE LOOP!)
Download SBleepo2 for Mac (Beta Beta!)
SBleepo Safety Tips! (Docs, PDF)

"Can it play 'Mary Had a Little Lamb?'"

SBleepo2 is a VST simulation of the hardware-based Death Synth. It has its own sequencer, two oscillators, and about 15 combination metrics to join them. Oscillator A can be a live input or a square / saw, Oscillator B can be a square or saw. You can change pulse width, the frequency multiplier, the oscillator sync amount, and portamento. You can change the length of each sequencer, or how long they ring out for. You can adjust the volume of the entire mess (thank heavens!) You can set the number of measures before it "returns to 0." You can set the BPM.

There is also something called "Arpeggimonics," which might be a bit hard to explain. You can turn that off if you don't like it. Read the documentation for more information!

SBLEEPO2 is VERY LOUD. It eats up your harmonic space like Godzilla through miso. The volume knob is there for Your Protection. We heavily recommend you use this device with AudioMulch, which recently received the Nobel Prize in Wack.

You don't believe us.

SBleepo2 is available for Macintosh as well. There was a bug with the VST API for Mac but it appears to have been fixed. Please let us know if the Mac version performs correctly. (Works fine for us in Spark, etc.) Thanks to Yvan at Steinberg for the new beta API.

SBleepo2 is Heavy Beta, It's free to use and play with. We're adding "Professional Features" such as pitching the live input, a VCA (!), filters so it doesn't wax gluttony on your frequency domain, more combyops, different oscillators.

SBleepo2 can be downloaded from the links above for Windows and Macintosh.

SBleepo2 is not Pushpin. I know, you really want Pushpin. We do too, and heck, we have it already. There are a lot of legal/moral/ethical/financial and international issues preventing us from getting Pushpin Produced.

Please email for more information.

SBleepo2 is ©2001 Noah Vawter and Brian Whitman. Noah did the rolling; Brian, the detail. Based on "" Good night,

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