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The information I have on these recordings for the most part is limited as of right now. This contains what I know concerning the musical works of one Andrew Wilkes-Krier until 1998; and since most of this contains simultaneous side project recordings, I've decided not to do this by year, but by "artist", so to speak. Once again, the Miscellaneous pile contains things I've caught wind of but know nothing about, and most of this is available for download at in the "AWKhistory" section.

Special thanks for this page goes to the always-wonderful Aaron Dilloway, Twig Harper, Pete Larson, Fred Thomas, Alex from LabLob, Eric and Jeff from Kathode, Nick, Tavis, Sheila, and anyone else I may have forgotten who helped me pull this together so very long ago.

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ancient art of boar

Unusual Atmospheric Phenomena
cassette - Ganoderma: 1994

cassette - Ganoderma: 1994

AAB/LabLob split
cassette - (?): 1994/1995(?)

She's A Perfectionist*
cassette - Hanson: 1995

TORR reissue
cassette - Hanson: 1995

The Transition Team*
cassette - Hanson: 1995

Bright Dole
cassette - Bulb: 1996
CD-R - Ypsilanti [formerly Westside Audio Laboratories]): 2002?

This was a solo project of Andrew's; the Torr Reissue was a reissue of the previously mentioned self-released AAB cassette, and about 10 of these were made. Items marked with an asterisk are the "duo" version of AAB with Andrew (on synth) and Aaron Dilloway of Wolf Eyes. Bright Dole was recorded using several different modern keyboards, two guitars, and a customized three-track recording system, and is filled with some of the most amazing keyboard work known to man.


"s/t" (We Are Anti Nazi, Anti National War)
7" - Denied A Custom: 1996

01. Fools Die
02. Paste
03. BZ
04. Stripmined
05. Return

Kathode/Voidd split
7" - MCR Company Japan/Sound Pollution US: c.1996 (no copyright date)

01. Voidd - Total Mayhem
02. Voidd - The Day After
03. Kathode - Unearthed

On the self-title, Andrew, credited as "Glaucomanie", drums and sings. There's a gorgeous spider drawing on the inside; I wonder if it's of his doing. For information, it says, write "Andrew Graucoma", and there's a Michigan PO box. Credited simply as "Andrew" on the split, Andrew penned the lyrics for Unearthed and sings on it, as well as continuing his drumming duties.

lab lobotomy

Galen/Lab Lobotomy split
cassette - Hanson: 1994

AAB/LabLob split
cassette - (?): 1994/1995(?)

cassette - (?): 1995

No-Wave High School
cassette - (?): 1995(?)

Alex of Lab Lobotomy says:

"Well... we had three releases. The first was a cassette that came out in 199...4 or 5 and there were 25 made. It was a split with Ancient Art of Boar. The second was also a cassette release called Slacker, which had a run of 100. The third was No-Wave High School, which was kind of a greatest hits comp. I still have a bunch of copies of Slacker lying around in my mom's house back in Ann Arbor."

He also notes that on Slacker, Andrew plays drums and keyboards.


CD (Bulb): 1996
cassette with bonus tracks (Bulb): 1997

Andrew plays drums on the following songs: "(Drive Up) Snake Shop (Rats cover)", "14", "Captain Speed", and the song "Steam".

If you ask Andrew about this, be sure to say "TERODAKTIS" instead of "pterodactyls", because they misspelled their own name on the cover of the cd. Andrew was 15 and 16 years old during his three week Pterodactys stint. He was kicked out of the band for not being able to fulfill upcoming touring duties after oversleeping and subsequently missing the early morning class that Pete Larson taught. His parents had told him that if he slept in and missed class one more time he would be grounded for several months, making him unable to tour with Pterodactys. In addition, Pete gave Andrew a poor grade due to missing so many early morning classes. He was replaced with original drummer Steve "Steve Pterodactyl" Kenney.

The song "14" was written about Andrew's supposed age when he joined the band, however it was later revealed that he was 15, turning 16 by the end of his third and final week in May.

The cassette with bonus tracks was made just for Wolf Kult Kanada's very own Tavis with extra live tracks, though Steve drums on those.

beast people

The Birthing
cassette (Hanson): 1997

CD-R (Hanson): 1999

The Birthing is Aaron Dilloway's recording, where Andrew helps grunt. This was also reissued as the Beast people track that appears on Labyrinths And Jokes. The untitled disc was made in one day while Wolf Eyes was living at Andrew's apartment (a href="disc/whatkindaband.html">for over one month and then got the fuck out) in Brooklyn.

andrew wilkes-krier

Room to Breath [sic]
cassette (Hanson): 1998

You Are What You Eat*
cassette (Hanson): 1998

There's reportedly another recording done around this time; a CD-R that contains the original recording of The Wolf crowd favorite Your Rules. Room To Breath reportedly is all electronic. You Are What You Eat, I've learned, probably was never made. But Aaron says, "The music was totally slow and brutal untuned metal with lots of screaming and the cover was an ice cream cone."

the hercules

cassette - Hanson: 1996

Andrew drums.

isis and werewolves

Candles And Magic/Moondust
cassette (Hanson): 1997

The Hidden People
cassette (Hanson): 1997

14-year-old Andrew on synths; footage is available at the 'Share.

artists against apartheid

Artists Against Apartheid - Unity + Peace = Strength
CD-R - Hanson: 1998

A 4am after-show noise jam session in Andrew's Ypsilanti apartment, this features members of Harry Pussy, Nautical Almanac, Isis and Werewolves, and a bunch of other people picking up instruments and just going ballistic. Andrew reportedly was running around and sticking microphones in people's instruments.


Labyrinths And Jokes
LP (Hanson): 1998
CD reissue (Hanson): March 2003

01. Nautical Almanac's Anti-Systems
02. Isis and Werewolves
03. Ron of Japan
04. Andrew Wilkes-Krier - "Labyrinth"
05. The Mini-Systems
06. The Beast People

The original cover image is an oil painting made especially for the album by Nate Young's (of Wolf Eyes) older brother. He worked on the idea with Nate and Aaron and painted for several months before finally completing the picture. The actual canvas was fairly large and incredibly detailed and unfortunately, the manufacturing technique did not showcase the work for all it's glory. The track itself sounds like one of those Halloween tapes slowed down. He also played synth for the Isis track, and grunts on the Beast People track (see the Beast People).

Plant the Flower Seeds: A Collection of Young People's Recordings
cassette - Westside Audio Laboratories: 1996
cassette - (?) reissue: ? (year unknown)

01. Andrew Wilkes-Krier - Mr. Surprise
02. Dead Roosters - Mama
03. Nick Smith - Rain
04. Ghost Town - Ghost Town
05. Edge of Reality - Reaper Song
06. The Play Masters
07. Spence Landeau - Selections from untitled submarine/space adventure tale

There was a reprint of this, but without a year. Andrew actually recorded this track at the age of 13.

Bulb/Blackjack split
7" - Bulb: c?

Andrew plays in a band called "Music Band".

In Bulb-O-Phonic
CD - Bulb: 1996?

Andrew drums on The Pterodactyls' "Creeper". The date of the cd is tricky because the track would be circa 1996; but the compilation itself may be far more recent.

Food Not Bombs
12" LP - Anima: no copyright on disc, but an enclosed letter from FNB is dated 1997

01. Anomie - Alienation
02. Palatka - The Bus Ride; Washington Park; The Truth About San Diego
03. Kathode - Falling Down
04. Inso Grey - Lying Vines; BBQ
05. Holocron - To Be Part Of A Group
06. Sixpence - Only the Faces Have Changed, Adapt
07. Swallowing Shit - I May be PC, But You're a Fucking Poseur; Welcome to Hell; I Heard Songs About Animal Rights Aren't Cool Anymore
08. Constatine Sankathi - untitled
09. Drift - Words That Burn My Ears

Good luck finding this. Sheila, who managed to snag a copy, says, "Kathode's page in the booklet has song lyrics, a list of band members-- Shawn, Mike, Jeff, Eric, Andrew--, and a notation that Kathode is no more, and some members are now in the band .nema. But, most intriguingly, the Kathode page is decorated with a full-size photo of H.P. Lovecraft." Both Jeff and Eric of Kathode admit to being huge Lovecraft fans, hence the photo, but neither knew if Andrew was a fan.


Andrew was also in/responsible for Freejumps (a band based on a song, or a song based on a band?), Sucking Coeds (with future members of Nautical Almanac, To Live and Shave in LA, Wolf Eyes and Metalux), Kangoo, the Portly Boys/Porterhouse Boys/etc., and I've heard Galen for a period (?). Contrary to popular belief, Andrew was NOT a part of .nema; there's a funny little band history thing that Jeff Rice (Kathode) wrote about .nema, and he mentions that he was also involved in a band with "[former] Island Def Jam recording artist Andrew WK" or something equally as amusing.

There's also apparently a Beast People vid starring this guy in a floor length wig and a Phantom of the Opera mask. And the "Hanson Records Object Series" was born when Andrew moved out of NYC in 2001 and sent a pair of "fake Adidas" sneakers to Fred Thomas and John Olson to wear.