Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

A Danish paper publishes a cartoon that mocks Muslims.
An Iranian paper responds with a Holocaust cartoons contest -
- Now a group of Israelis announce their own anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

Eyal Zusman (30, back from anonymity) and Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, have followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally they came up with the right answer to all this insanity - and so they announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest - this time drawn by Jews themselves!

“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”

The contest has been announced today on the website, and the initiators accept submissions of cartoons, caricatures and short comic strips from people all over the world. The deadline is Sunday March 5, and the best works will be displayed in an Exhibition in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Sandy is now in the process of arranging sponsorships of large organizations, and promises lucrative prizes for the winners, including of course the famous Matzo-bread baked with the blood of Christian children.

For more info contact:
Amitai at or 972-54-316-4117

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  1. Les annales du FAS » Blog Archive » Les caricaturistes ont la vie dure ces jours-ci. Says:

    […] Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest! […]

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I hope this contest won’t get the Muslims worked up when once again they come out on the bottom. Thanx to their wonderful culture, they have the worse graphic and artistic sense of any culture.

  3. Spike Cohen Says:

    I’m a Jew living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA).

    I think it’s great that you guys are doing this. This shows the world yet another way that Jews are different from the Muzzies; we can make fun of ourselves.

    We also don’t send our children to blow themselves up in pizza shops, but that’s another subject entirely.

    I learned about your contest from I won’t be submitting anything, but only because my ability to draw leaves quite a lot to be desired.

  4. eric Says:

    Ahhh, the smell of competition- aint it great. But, I must add that the muzzies are WAAAAAAYYYY ahead in the smell department!

  5. Self Hating Says:

    This is a GREAT idea. All the self-hating tyoes will participate out of ignorance and naivete and those that ‘get it’ will laugh their ssses off!

  6. Sergio Says:

    With a great difference, this is the best response I saw in those danish graphics affair.


  7. Larry Lloyd Says:

    What a great idea!

    We’ll see who can draw the best hook-nosed, goyim-child -eating Yid! True, the Arabs are good at it, and they’ve had a lot of practice, but I’m sure either a self-hating Jew, or maybe even an Aryan Nazi skinhead will blow them all away!

    Good luck to all!

  8. Nauman Mithani Says:

    This whole thing is one sorry affair, intellectual idiots against mobs.

  9. Muzzy Says:

    Well, I’m one of those muzzies you’re talking about, and I really think that this idea (with the reversed humor) might stop a massive chain reaction for a new “cold war”.

    Cheers to you,
    and peace brothers and sisters.

  10. Sue Mitchell Says:

    Brilliant! Hope that takes the sting out of the whole silly business. 8-)

    I mean, killing people over lines drawn on paper? How daft is that? So many months after they were published, too. Took a while for anyone to notice, didn’t it?

    Best wishes and more power to your elbow! 8-)

  11. Jiga Says:

    I tried to enter the Iranian competition. Being Jewish I know i got the skillz to out-cartoon anyone, let alone someone drawing purely on hate.

    This idea is brilliant. It ironicly highlights what is really important about life.

  12. Uhclem Says:

    Brilliant use of humour, a major ingredient that has been lacking in both original cartoons and responses. I’ll publicize this contest a lot!

  13. Kraxler - Auf der Suche nach dem Edelweiss Says:

    […] Nun aber hat endlich jemand seinen Humor wiedergefunden. Amitai Sandy aus Isreal ruft zu einem antisemitistischen Karikaturen-Wettbewerb auf, als Reaktion auf den im Iran stattfindenden Holocaust-Karikaturen-Wettbewerb. Denn seiner Meinung nach könne niemand bessere antisemitische Karikaturen zeichnen, als die Juden selbst. Zitat: […]

  14. Fatwa Arbuckle Says:

    This is an absolutely splendid idea. I know that my late Dad (who was a guest at one of Mr. Hitler’s resorts in Zemlin, Yugoslavia) would have approved most highly. His way of dealing with that experience was a wonderfully macabre, yet whimsical sense of humor. The absolutely least offensive example of which is as follows:

    Shortly before his death, he and my Mom had lunch at a new, fairly upscale “nouvelle” restaurant. When the food was brought to their table, it consisted of small (but beautifully presented) portions on gigantic serving platters.

    When the manager approached their table and unctiously enquired how they were enjoying their meal, Dad’s laconic response was, “We had bigger portions in the concentration camp”.

    Mom said their server was doubled-over in silent laughter.

    Another brief (and fairly tame) example is Dad’s claim that the camp had a snackbar; their best-seller was “Arbeit Macht Fries”. (Believe me, most of his camp “schtick” was *far* more potentially offensive than the above.)

    Given my upbringing, your contest idea resonates very strongly with me and my family. I look forward to seeing the finalists’ work. (And hope that you understand why I’m using a pseudonym.)

    Best of luck,
    Fatwa Arbuckle
    Somewhere in NE Ohio, USA

  15. Snorpht FingerPoot Says:


  16. Alan Kellogg Says:

    Picture the scene…

    Three stereotypical Jews in stereotypical garb are at the store, obsessively going over the prices at the counter to insure they aren’t being cheated.

    As they haggle with the clerk over one problematic item one of them looks at the other two and observes, “You know, if we were Scottish, this would be a virtue.”

  17. david Says:


    Oh well. I guess that’s the end of that discussion then.

    Guys… your idea is seriously FUNNY! I wish I was Jewish so I could enter.

    But then I’d have the whole “death to all Jews” thing hanging over my head… so maybe best not convert for the time being.

  18. lance Says:

    Let the games begin

  19. Diana Morrison Says:

    Speaking as blonde schiksa (not sure of spelling, but that’s what the girls from Long Island called me in college) Presbyterian, I love the cartoon idea. It’s like Christian denomination jokes. E.g., what’s the difference between a Methodist and a Baptist? The Methodist will say hello to you in the liquor store.

  20. NeanderNews » Jews Elf derap Says:

    […] Amitai Sandy, an Israeli graphic artist and publisher based in Tel-Aviv, has announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest, this time drawn by Jews themselves. […]

  21. david Says:

    Ignore him Denise.

    He’s a “comedian” playing the Snorpht Belt. That’s what passes for humor out there.

  22. Rob Says:

    I’m a gentile, so I don’t feel comfortable submitting ‘anti-semitic’ cartoons. Can I submit an anti-English or anti-gentile cartoon?

  23. Irène Delse, un blog d'écrivain Says:

    Caricature-moi ! La réponse des Juifs à l’Iran

    Un journal danois caricature le prophète Mahomet : on connait l’histoire. L’Iran, jamais en reste pour avancer ses pions géopolitiques sous couvert de défendre les convictions religieuses, dénonce le système du deux poids, deux mesures que l’Oc…

  24. PsycloneJack Says:

    First thing I found funny in this bloody mess of Cartoon War, really.

    But to keep up the guys here I wanna say something.
    I think the best thing you can do to your enemies is to try to make ‘em laugh. An enemy who can laugh on your joke is someone whose purpose of killing can be turned off.

    Hope you will make the headlines.

  25. Jah Says:

    Your logo rules! HAH! Good luck!

  26. Chipos Hoekje :: Leuk Says:

    […] 15-02-06: Leuk Lachu maar wie moet nou daluk wat gaan verbranden voortegen wie? Via Zeg het maar (0) […]

  27. James Says:

    The story is now being reported on SomethingJewish and is the lead story on this UK-based site.

  28. » Blog Archive » Karykatury - znowu Says:

    […] Tymczasem grupa izraelskich Żydów pod wodzą rysownika Amitaia Sandy’ego ogłosiła konkurs na najlepszy antysemicki rysunek… narysowany przez Żyda. Ze strony Pokażemy światu, że to my potrafimy zrobić najlepszy, najostrzejszy, najbardziej obraźliwy antysemicki rysunek, jaki kiedykolwiek opublikowano! Żaden Irańczyk nie pobije nas na naszym terenie! […]

  29. Denise H. Says:

    OK Poot I’ll prove I’m not fat or ugly. you go to the website and check out my pic. I dare you poot.

  30. Denise H. Says:

    yeah this website you dummy poots

    if you can figger out how

  31. rdpch Says:

    To be fair, self-deprecation has always been a part of Jewish humor, but the humor is only “funny” when Jews are telling the jokes. I’ll be curious to see how people feel when these jokes make the rounds and are no longer connected to the Jewish website or to the political statement.

  32. Denise H. Says:

    you think so rdpch?
    we’ll see how “funny” it is when I cut off your Schmeckel
    and marinade it with gefilta fish to put on Bagels.
    you want ’self-deprication’, you got it.

    no schmeckel…………………………so there.

  33. Norm L. Whitemann Says:


    Get your hands off Denise. This is a respectable place to bag on religion, race, gender etc. So we’ll have none of your blatant advances.

  34. Prof. Willard Says:

    For cartoons about the cartoons, go to and then browse through about 20 pages, several cartoons to the page.

    My personal favorite is on page 9. It features “The Big Fat Book of Offensive Religious Cartoons”. It was originally published in the Philadelphia Daily News.

  35. Vengeful Zhid Says:

    Vengeful Zhid made his submission last week:

  36. Allen Tate Says:

    I think that this is a great idea. Some might think it immature, but I think that it is a mature response to the glaring immaturiy of the Danish and the Muslim community.

    God Bless Israel

  37. Herschel Ben Yehuda Says:

    I think the contest is very interesting. Jews are probably the best on earth at self-critical jokes. If a mohammedan did a islam-critical joke, he or she would probably be required to cut off their own head, for self-retribution!!!!!

    A clarification, for anyone who in interested: The term “Anti-Semitism” was first propounded by Wilhelm Marr, a German, in 1879, to mean “hate of Jews,” not hate for arabs and Jews - only hate of Jews.

    Ben Yehuda

  38. Leandro Spett Says:

    Dear Amitai and all the rest of the organizers…


    I am as proud as a cartoonist JEW can be. And a fierceful zionist. I was born, raised and live in Brasil.

    When I read you reasons for your contest, I got really astonished and immediately started thinking about what pieces of work to submit.

    It’s about time for the rest of the world to understand that Israel and the Jewish people are NOT the evil doers of this planet. And that although we are being freely attacked by brainless Iranians, we do not respond with violence or hatred. Laughter is free and good.

  39. Norm L. Whitemann Says:




  40. de Lemos Says:

    Denmark, the land of humor laughing and caricatures.
    It’s manny muslim jokes in Denmark now.

  41. Achmed & the Sunshine Band Says:

    Tee hee hee! I like you make fun of Jew, me laugh :)

    You make fun of Muhammed, me put bomb in turban and massacre children.

  42. Greg Says:

    This is a great idea and a good way to defuse some of tension. I would like to see fewer anti-arab comments in this messageboard - surely this is about jews laughing at ourselves? It’s not a chance to laugh at others.

  43. Judy Says:

    So far this is the only intelligent idea I’ve seen come out of this cartoon mess. I’ve been writing about the whole cartoon fiasco as well on my blog and I’ve linked you. Laughter spoils a person’s aim. So let’s try to keep the world laughing too hard to use guns. Great job!

  44. Chris Says:

    Delightful, although not something goyim like me would dare suggesting.
    I’m just waiting for the big “Iran cartoon contest” although my favorite caricature of an Iranian… a big flat smoking pancake of smoking glass and radioactive dust… could be seen as insensitive.

  45. claudio Says:

    Congratulations! You, guys, gave the best answer to the intolerance.

  46. Joe S. Says:

    This website makes me proud to be a Jew. Thank you ever so much.

  47. Maureen Says:

    So now the Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy is going to beat The Believers at the Cartoon Jihad TOO?

    No, seriously — well done, and cheers!

  48. Steve Eisenberg Says:

    Why did the Jews wander in the desert for 40 years? Somebody dropped a quarter! Bid-a-boom.

  49. Rob Says:

    Why do Jews have big noses?

    Because they’re free…. (Boom! Boom!)

  50. Steve Eisenberg Says:

    No, no, it’s because AIR is free.

  51. Dimona cómic en yreo Says:

    […] Entre tanta moralina y palabrerío de políticos, medios y demás, entorno a los violentos sucesos por los dibujos de Mahoma, esta es la iniciativa que presenta el grupo de dibujantes de cómic Dimona. Un certamen de caricaturas antisemíticas. […]

  52. Greg Scott Says:

    This is such a great idea. It’s like David the Cartoonist against Golaith the terrort. The comedian kills ‘em dead with his humor. The cartoon should be in 5 small round panels. At least Goliath had the sense of humor to understand how ridiculous it was to be attacked by David. I wonder if his bemusement continued to the moment he died? Anyway, his sense of the ridiculous shows he had more humanity in him than these angst-laden terrorists. Thank God that he uses the ridiculous to oppose the proud. I can’t wait to see you results. You need to get an internet corporation to donate the bandwidth in the interest of world peace.

    As the bumper sticker proverb states:
    Visualize Swirled Peas!

  53. Steve O Says:

    Whether or not this is a really good idea, or a really bad one, one thing is sure. The cartoons are likely to be a LOT funnier than anything Arabia comes up with.

  54. Bruce Says:

    Great idea.
    I wonder when we Scots will be able to laugh at ourselves?

    Bring back the Marx brothers!

  55. Sago Boulevard Says:

    Israeli Antisemetic Cartoons Contest

    Amitai Sandy certainly has the most interesting response to Iranian Holocaust-cartoon contest (via Dean):
    Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad…

  56. Mongo Newcombstein Says:

    Wow. Now I am at last proud to be the great-grandson of a man who was, also, Jewish. (He was funny, too. And Hungarian.)

    What’s next? Will I - gasp sigh swoon - be proud to be a Floridian?!

  57. Miro Says:

    This is the way! I hope world press will bother with your idea at least 1% as it did with Danish cartoons and fundamentalist muslim’s protests! I cross my fingers for you in my culture it means good luck !).

  58. Alexis Perrier Says:

    Bravo from Paris France.
    I heard of your initiative on France culture radio (state owned, good quality) this morning. I hope this idea will light up a few doubts and questions in the minds of the bigots and religious zealots.
    My grand father came from Kishinev in the 1930’s. My wife is danish.
    I can’t help relate to all the people who fought so hard in the previous centuries for the many freedoms we enjoy now. Satire is the solution !

    Molodetz !

  59. yaron Says:

    great move,,, you guys could make a fortune , ask for a shekel every time now an Arab nation will use one of the cartoons , which of course will be credited to Abdullah the graphic artist .
    looking forward to see the results, living in Israel, have plenty of material. will change nothing thou.. humor takes intelligence, not existent in other party

  60. Hawski Says:

    Be careful not to draw anything with a bomb … or a turban … or a desert … or a camel … since it would be misintepreted and cause your embassies to be burned. And for god’s sake don’t use colors! :D

    This has just saved my day, what a hilarious idea to draw funny pictures of yourself - that’s humor! :D

  61. Alex Markolov Says:


    MOSES AHBAR!!!!!!!!!!
    JESUS AHBAR!!!!!!!!!!
    ALLAH AHBAR!!!!!!!!!!

  62. YehuDah Says:

    Col ha cavod amitai, aTA sholet

  63. Дни » Blog Archive » Карикатурно Says:

    […] Става дума за конкурс за най-добра карикатура. Какво му е специалното на този конкурс ли? Ами нищо… освен че темата му е “Най-добра антисемитска карикатура, създадена от евреин”. И че е обявен от израелци. Ето тук е блогът на конкурса. […]

  64. Iain Says:

    This is genius, you’re a genius. To quote a character from JK Rowling: “A manly boy is the first to tell a joke against himself.”

  65. Andrew (from Ireland) Says:

    Brilliant idea it has also worked for the Irish.
    English man, Irish man, Welsh man and Scots man on a train it was St. David’s day.
    Welsh man says “my son was born on this day and we called him David”
    English man says “by Jove my son was born on Saint Georges day and we called him George,
    Scots man says “that’s incredible my son was born on St Andrews day and we called him Andrew”.
    Irish man says “be jaysus wait till I tell pancake”

    Apologies to those people who do not have a pancake Tuesday in their calendar

  66. Andrew (from Ireland) Says:

    Hope my Irish joke has qualified me to tell a Jewish one (i.e. I can laugh at myself too and all that) anyway:

    There is a Jewish lady on a beach with her small child, a huge wave come in and washes the child out to see. The lady falls on her knees and prays, “Please God bring back my BABY”
    Another wave comes in an gently places the child next to her feet and the lady shouts:
    “He was wearing a HAT!”

  67. Jacob (The Netherlands) Says:

    This item was on the news here in Holland.
    Good thinking this cartoon contest. It is the right answer to all this muslim-cartoon insanity!!!!

  68. Lala Says:

    Yeah. Now that is a problem. The contest is a great idea as means to prove we can laugh of ourselves. But is no response to what’s happening out there.

    I was born and raised jew and I love my people. I don’t approve the muslims reaction, but I can see where it comes from.

    On Holocaust, on anti-semitism we are the victims (and to be honest, they are as well, since they are so semite as we are). Now, on the Danish cartoons they are the offender. Maybe if you start a contest for cartoons about Mossad torturing prisioners or Jews ruling the media, the banks, the whole wide world, then you might be talking the same level.

    Although I still like the idea of the anti-semitic cartoons contest, I can’t believe is the right response (or any response at all) to current events.

    Anyway, good luck to the contesters and congrats to holders.

  69. Toyvo Says:

    Cyrano was always my favorite character;)

  70. Zandru Says:

    This is the first funny and/or intelligent thing i’ve heard about the whole messy affair since it started. Congratulations to Amitai Sandy!

  71. John Says:

    Well done. I hope someone offers a similar Christian’s draw anti-Christian cartoons contest. Now, will the any of the contestants incorporate Muhammad into their cartoons? That would be a very interesting twist.

  72. Joe Canuck Says:

    I skimmed a bunch of the comments, so maybe someone has already mentioned this idea.

    Why not have a special contest for the Un-chosen Peoples? Christians, Muslims, atheists, etc, etc could enter that one.

    Kind of like the Special Olympics.

    Maybe one contest for each disability. One for Christians, one for Muslims…

  73. carlotta Says:

    Hi, don’t you think that it might be a sort of a boomerang? I can imagine neo-nazi groups spreading the images on their sites and papers, telling that what they’re doing is just to give to the publc the possibility to see waht the jews temselves thinks about the Shoah.

    I’m simpathetic toward all the people who suffered during those horrible years, and for this reason you have my support.

    I think that maybe could be nice if you can allow the other vivtims of the holocaust to participate, like the gay and the tzigans.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t allow that few racist ruin your funny but deeply political initiative.

    Charlotte, from Italy

  74. Eyvind Says:

    The greatest support for us Danes sofar!!!
    I’m on my knees thanking you guys!

    Kofi Annan, GW Bush, T Blair - what a patetic bunch
    of hypocrits!!!! Well, we have a few of the kind in
    Denmark I can assure you.

    And I can tell you, that I now have a much better
    understanding of what Israel’s up against.

    Once again the majority of Danes and jews stand united!!!

    “May your God be with you” (Dave Allen)

    Eyvind (non jew and ateist)
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  75. greg Says:

    I heard this joke in Germany somewhere, thought you’d appreciate it:

    So a jew walks into a bar, and sits next to a fulminating Korean chap.
    The jew orders a maneschewitz, sees the Korean, and punches him in the face.

    ‘That was for Pearl Harbor!’
    ‘but I’m KOREAN!’
    ‘Korean, Japanese… what’s the difference?’

    The jew turns to his drink as the Korean brushes himself off. A moment later, the Korean blindsides the jew.

    ‘That was for the Titanic, you murderer!’
    ‘But an ICEBERG sunk the Titanic!!!’

    ‘Iceberg, Goldberg… what’s the difference?’

    BTW you guys, thanks for spreading the hope.


  76. goss Says:

    Народ смеющийся с себя сам-это одно(он непобедим).А когда смеются другие-это может оскорблять

  77. chavat Says:

    wot a great idea, im thinking if how people will take it, there are anti semi cartoons like jews are badbloodsuckingblabla thingies and there the ones saying yeah they’r all controllling media, hourding money, controlling peeps with religion and other stuff that is bordering on truth… so sumu the cartoons that will be submitted might leave a sting… us Yidden have been astoundingly succesful in some businesses that so happen to be some world affair’s axle… media, oil retail, banking, tech…

  78. Ezra Lovant Says:

    kiss ikhtkun ya khanazeer. baddi neek kul sharmoota yahoodiyyah illi fatit fi albar-b-que fi haytheek albilad ween qatalookum!

  79. Ezra Lovant Says:

    Jewish controlled Canadian media: “Just another indian”

  80. greg Says:


    Simply stated, there is no doubt Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.-Cheney in August 2002

  81. greg Says:


  82. MEKI NIEUWS Says:


  83. Adam Khan Says:

    Fine idea. Hope the executions (so to speak) are also.

  84. Serge Says:

    Great idea, guys! The best and funniest jokes about Jews have always been told by the Jews themselves. Even about the Holocaust. Good luck!

  85. Daniel Pires Nunes Says:

    Muito bom!
    Este é mais um indício de que o ocidente é crítico em relação a si próprio, o que não acontece nos países islâmicos os quais vivem um período negro pior que a Idade Média ocidental.


  86. Marc Le Blanc Says:

    Definitly brilliant!
    Humour will save the world or maybe help to detroy it,
    nevermind I’m on your side!

    “Judaïsme: n. m. the jewish religion, based on the truth in a single living God , is diferent than the christian one , wish believes in a unique God , and far away from islam, definitly turned to one God ” - Pierre Desporges

    (sorry for bad english)

  87. Paulo Says:

    Corinthians! Campeão da América 2006

  88. Valery Says:

    Shalom, Amitai!

    What you do now is GREAT!

    We shall simply beat them by using their own tools :)

    We shall make a fun from what they do against us :)

    Good luck to you! - Be-hatzlaha!

    With very best wishes!

  89. Vlady Says:

    Another proof that Jewish idiots are alive and well. Next step: training suicide bombers and sending them to Jewish communities around the world. I am sure that the Muslims will be happy to sponsor any of these idiotic initiatives. Jewish self-hate knows no boundaries.

  90. Muhhamed el-Abdulla el-Mu1stafa Says:

    My dear brother
    I was happy to read about your wonderfull contest against gaddamned Joooooooooooooz. All my brothers and sisters were happy to listem to me when I told them that my brother from Israel fights against Jooooooz. Thank you!!!
    We are opressed by Zionism, Imperialism. Jooooooz dominate the World. They use ZOG to opress us, poor. poor people. Mustafa al-Jahhd, a history teacher from my school told me that we are opressed by Joooooz for 15 millions years. We do not have stone axes, missiles, arrows and sparrows, machine guns and helicopters. They have everything. Poor, poor we
    The only way to fight against Jooooooz is to draw wonderful pictures again them
    Thenk you, Dear Brother
    You are a New Hope!

  91. Anke Reichert Says:

    Great idea - Israel, you did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Reinel Cardona Says:

    Estoy muy orgulloso de esta demostracion de libertad de expresion por parte de los judios, con esto se les da una gran leccion a los mulsumanes.

    Adelante Israel…

  93. Fernando (Harry) Says:

    zup everyone in the world, i,m from panama and i,m totally agreed with this, i hope to see the funniest cartoons hehe.
    yo maximo respeto a todos los manes que luchan por la libertad de su pais en estos momentos.
    barcelona campeon, y arabe unido tambien =D

  94. Zobert Says:

    This is just fantastic what you do guys! Keep on, fun (incl. for ourselves) is all about common to everyone around and I mean it, being myself…. a muslim guy from Paris. With All my support for your initiative.

  95. Bruno Says:

    Congratulations for the iniciative!

  96. Bruno Says:

    and greeting from Brasil for all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Wellington Says:

    GREAT IDEA!!!!
    A soft, intelligent and elegant response to those who remain buried in the middle age darkness and want the world to follow them into their stupidiness.
    It shows them you jews don’t play the game of stupid idiots like that launched by the iaranian newspaper.

    Best wishes.

  98. Michael Levy Says:

    Can I just buy some blood laden matzahs from you? My mom’s matzah is always so dry.

  99. Michael Says:

    You are following the good advice given in the book “Freakonomics” ( There the author describes how turning men wearing sheets into objects of humor and ridicule was an effective way to reverse the ascendancy of the Klan.

    You are doing the same with the absurd and dangerous extremism coming from many in the Muslim world today.

  100. Ivan Ramirez Says:

    Excellent idea..!!!! What else could be a better example of tolerancy?

  101. Edson do Brasiiiilllll Says:

    O Palmeiras é o campeão paulista 2006

  102. pedro Says:

    Los crimeres y torturas horripilantes que el servicio secreto Israelí , Mossad hacer al pueblo palestino son peores que los que cometió el nazismo, de un pueblo de solamente 3 millones de habitantes mas de 50 mil han sido encarcelados, mas de 8000 permancecen torturados en las carceles de Israel sin proceso, ademas de que les han sacado sus tierras y los han condenado al exilio. Dentro de algunos decenas o quiza centenas de años al pueblo judio se lo recordará como el peor , al mas sanguinario de todos, el que desencadenó el holocausto con bombas atomicas que va a tirar proximamente sobre los paises árabes. Por que se critica a Iran si el pero arsenal nuclear lo tiene Israel que ni siquiera suscribió el tratado de no proliferación nuclear y nunca dejo que la AIEA visitara sus plantas de armas nucleares. Marx ( judio ) tenía razon cuando decía que el problema del sinoismo desaparecía una vez que se integraran todos los judios del mundo a las culturas y paises que pertenecian o acaso hay que darles tierras a los gitanos, porque entonces los EEUU no le dan una superficie igual a la que perdieron al pueblo palestino.
    Espero que la censura no suprima mi pensamiento.
    Un español de barcelona

  103. lexus Says:

    отличная идея!
    обеими руками поддерживаю!!

  104. Schmoo Says:

    If only all the problems could be solved by people who can laugh of themselves…
    Fantastic idea! Let´s make fun and forget wars!

  105. G-ZUS Says:

    Go Boomka!!

  106. El mero mero Says:

    ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja que putas…….. valen verga todos

    dibujos, mis huevos……… ponganse a trabajar y dejen de estar mamando el palo.

    ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja what ta fuck…….. you´re dicks everybody

    draws my balls……… Begin to work and stop to suck dicks

  107. El mero mero Says:

    expretion freedom is divine………….
    cuz you can be a real asshole, and must be respected your opinion, doesn´t care what kind of shit you say……(or write… or drawn)

    pdt. I´m not a girl……… but not yet a woman…….

    ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, sorry me…. i´m a few drunk

  108. Daniel Viragh Says:

    Yishar koach, dudes. I wish I could draw. This is the best response to the absurd madness … it makes me feel like I am in high school again. D.

  109. Pratsj im joal & pruts am joal Says:

    So if I understand well, it doesn’t matter what people draw, but to which site you send it (to Israel OR Iran contest). Well, I will send it to you, Amitai. But Amitai, why you only ask Jews to join? What is a jew and what is not a jew(-descent)?

    Do you know Rob Muntz from Holland? He’s from the VPRO (a free thinking broadcast) and he was the first here to make jokes of the Holocaust. But was called the next day for a harsh confrontation with his collegues. He said he felt like in the Neurenberg trial.

    I see no real jokes on this site. Do the people have walk it thin through the trouwsers?
    Why did the nazi’s kill themselves?
    Because they got presentated the gas-bills.

    Is this for example good enough to send in?

  110. Ricky Says:

    Cristo viene pronto!!!! Cristo Jesus!!! El Rey de Reyes y SEÑOR DE SEÑORES… AMEN!

  111. Alex Says:

    ==Ауительно во они воще молодца! Клёво!==

  112. Reinel Cardona Says:

    A Pedro (de Barcelona) quien demuestra que no tiene o no quiere reconocer la graveda de lo que fue el holocausto para los Judios…Si tu hubieras sido un judio en la epoca de los nazis en alemania, te aseguro por tus ancestros que no te atreverias a hacer notas escritas como la que dejaste…Se ve quien eres a leguas….. Menos mal que se pueden contar los idiotas como tu con los dedos de las amnos…

  113. Alejandro Says:

    From Argentine, Buenos Aires

    Brillante!!! Un ejemplo para muchos y un orgullo para otros.
    En mi caso, una lección muy valiosa que prometo no olvidar.
    Gracias, y felicitaciones!!

  114. Latuff Says:

    Dear Amitai,

    I just read about you and your contest in a major newspaper here in Brazil. As a political cartoonist making Palestine/Israel related cartoons since 1999 (when I visited West Bank), I see your decision as an act of courage. I congratulate you for this. Probably you will make enemies among those who are profiting from the Holocaust (I suggest the reading of “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering” by Norman G. Finkelstein) but I’m sure you’ll gain the respect of many (myself included). Even being called “Anti-Semitic” for long time by right-wing Jewish, I don’t plan to make any image offensive to Jewish religion and race. However, I hope your contest can produce a healthy discussion on respect and tolerance towards other beliefs.

    Best regards from your Brazilian brother-in-arts,


  115. Greg Prince’s Blog » The last laugh Says:

    […] Via Balloon Juice, the ideal response to Iran’s Holocaust denial comic contest: Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally he came up with the right answer to all this insanity – and so he announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest – this time drawn by Jews themselves! […]

  116. Aurora Boring Alice Says:

    I recall a cartoon I saw years ago, shortly after the Entebbe raid:

    The Red Sea is parted, and the Israelites are high-tailing it across the sea bed towards Sinai. On the shore stand two Egyptians watching. One says to the other “The Jews are good at these get-away operations, aren’t they?”

  117. Marina Says:

    I’ve been puzzled (and upset) by all this cartoon-gate plus Zhirinovsky-type Ahmadinajat’s statements (you might not be aware that when the leader of the Communist Party Zhirinovsky was promoting himself as a President of Russia vs Yeltsin he promised to “take back Finland.” Sounds familiar, ha?

    But what’s a brilliant response! Chapeau! - as the French would say. This idea could come only to a Jewish mind :-) Reminds me of the book “Jewish anecdotes” published by the Russian Jewish humorists in NY (unforturnatelly in Russian).

    “Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.” - Charlie Chaplin

  118. Aron Says:

    I almost cried, I laughed so hard when I heard this idea.

  119. Marina Says:

    I wont to draw attention of everybody to a very subtle detail on this site (yes, another kudos to the intelligence of the participants) - obvious insults are simply ignored and thus stop right there. If you ever venture to any Lebanese (for example) discussion group - you’ll witness the series of indecent insults between the Christians and the Muslims resulting in even more anemocity. One more time: well done!

  120. Richard Kohn Says:

    The problem with this contest is that the Danish cartoons with 2 exceptions are totally neutral. The 2 that are satirical are based on actual faults of Islamic radicals. What is this contest going to depict Jews makig good deals in the market place?? Defending themselves against attack?? As an american Jew I don’t hear anything coming out of the Israeli right which would be the only legitimate source of similar cartoons. Has the head Rabbi of Tel Aviv called for the executionof Infidel children??? you can post all the blood filled matzoh cartoons but they are a lie, maybe chocholate covered matzoh with the caption The bread of affliction”?? doesn’t have the same ring does it. This contest misses the point.

  121. René Lamas Says:

    Estimados Sres. Boomka:
    Sinceramente pienso que esta es otra estratagema más del judaismo como grupo social. El hecho de llevar a cabo este concurso y que los judíos no reaccionen es solo para desacreditar a los musulmanes.
    Les digo que si no hubieran surgido las caricaturas antimusulmanas, y a alguna persona se le hubiese ocurrido hacer caricaturas poniendo en ridículo a LOS JUDIOS Y SUS COSTUMBRES Y/O CIVILIZACIÓN JUDÍA, en verdad hoy los judios estarían pidiendo la cabeza de quien hubiese osado llevar a cabo tal “afrenta”.
    Yo creo que ambos, judios y musulmanes son harto intolerantes, pero LOS JUDIOS SON MÁS INTELIGENTES a la hora de sacar ventaja a hechos de discriminación.
    Por ejemplo, cualquier terrorista judio puede decir “mueran los musulmanes” “mueran los crisitanos” o cualquier otro epíteto ofensivo y NADIE EN EL MUNDO LO VA A TILDAR DE DISCRIMINADOR. Pero basta que un no-judio diga “mueran los judio” para que todo el mundo le hachaque un comportamiento monstruoso.
    En definitiva, esta no es más que otro movimiento en el gran tablero de ajedréz judio-musulman (donde porsupuesto, los judios son los “buenos” y los musulmanes son los “malos”).
    En mi personal opinión digo que ambos (judios y musulmanes) son iguales de monstruosos y discriminadores e irrespetuosos de toda cosa que no pertenezca a su propia cultura. Creo que ambos son lo más intolerante del mundo occidental.

  122. Roger Arango Says:

    Great idea–always beware a group who lacks a sense of humor–they are the truly dangerous ones! If humor cannot carry the day, we are all doomed.
    A life long Goy from Miami

  123. René Lamas Says:

    Ah, perdón me faltaba decir que solo por encima de judios y musulmanes (por el grado de discriminación) estan los maditos nazis. Esos si que son cmo la encarnación del diablo en este mundo

  124. simakperrce Says:

    Wonderful idea! I hope you get some good press coverage with this thing.

    Best wishes from Germany. Go Israel!

  125. Fuck Jews Says:

    you jews are so retarded. what the fuck are you doing putting up another contest… iran did it, that doesnt mean it’s the right thing to do it. You guys should act like human beings and take it like a man. MAN? what am i saying, you jews were hiding behind Americans your whole entire lives, generation after generation of pussies with big mouths. always hiding under your fashionable little hats.
    My point here is, you guys dont think and do something, you juss do it and when you fuck up, US will clean it right up for you.
    fuck u jews and death to america…

  126. American Hummer Says:

    It’s not about religion. No one fuckinng cares what god you worship. It’s about the oil and money and driving SUV’s, getting government contracts, making billions of dollars so you can retire to a small ranch in Texas. In the US, we wear our religion on our sleeves but it is just a shield against judgment, that we really only care about money.

  127. Dileep Says:

    I am Dileep a Roman Catholic living in India.

    It is indeed glad that jews are tolerent. Your idea of these cartoons should be congradulated.

    After all, even after the holocust you dont hate germens or christians and you have left it as just history. This is what muslims can never understand.

  128. Woody Colahan Says:

    Aww, brilliant. Awesome. Perfect. I heard about it on (American) National Public Radio. You guys take it away. You guys win. I cannot remember the last time I heard about something with this much class.

    You are humanity at its best.

  129. Darien Says:

    Well… I dunno what to say, really. My jewish friend thinks this is hilarious and wants to borrow my (somewhat lacking) art skills to make an entry. I’m mildly uncomfortable seeing as how I’m not jewish myself. This may or may not be the correct response to the whole affair, but since everything else has already been shot to hell… what the heck.

    What bothers me most is this. Some of you guys/girls? think muslims “smell” worse or are the immature ones in this mess, but when you start saying things like that… just look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re any better than what you perceive them to be. Think about it.

  130. Fernando (Harry) Says:

    A (Reinel Cardona). Lo que es justo para uno es justo para todos. Es cierto que los judios pasaron muchos problemas a lo largo de los años, pero si se les dio una tierra quitandosela a otros, entonces es justo que a esos que quedaron sin tierra se les establesca una tambien.

    No pertenesco ni a la religion judia ni la musulmana, pero creo que las caricaturas publicadas por los daneses fueron una gran falta de respeto hacia una religion que ellos niciquiera conocen ni saben en que se basa.
    Estados Unidos quiere seguir en irak el mayor tiempo posible sacando todo el petroleo que puedan, y si es posible inventaran alguna otra tonta razon para invadir iran y sacar mas petroleo, supuestamente invadieron irak porque las armas nucleares que poseia eran un peligro, y hasta el dia de hoy no se ha encontrado ningun arma de destruccion masiva en irak. Ellos torturan y asesinan cobardemente a los inocentes presos iraquies, pero si sale un video donde decapitan a un estadounidense, entonces hacen huelgas y protestas en todo USA y el presidente sale en television condenando la muerte de 1 solo estadounidense, y donde quedan todos los musulmanes inocentes que han muerto y seguiran muriendo por las tontas guerras de estados unidos?

  131. David Rutten Says:

    Your initiative has just been on Dutch radio… The best idea I’ve heard since this whole pathetic cartoon-war started! Once again the jews prove they’ve got the higher IQ.

    My only regret is not being jewish.

  132. piet Says:

    If I was you I would let the islam see mine back .They will kil themselfe
    belief me.All you have to do and look around they are murdering themselfe.

  133. helo Says:

    huomenta maailma!

  134. AMAN HIKE Says:




  136. dumbfux Says:

    no words could ever describe the stupidness of you jews who posted these dumb ass comments,no wonder people hate u guys,u think ur better than other people..cocky morons,thats what u are!

  137. аццкая сотона Says:


  138. Vandeplato Says:

    Dear Amitai,

    Yours is probably the first sensible reaction to the entire cartoonaffair.
    I would love to see your initiative to be followed by all religions and atheists in the world.The only way to earn respect in my opinion is by not demanding it.
    May this be the beginning of the end of hate wich is spread mostly by muslims in the name of a so-called merciful god.Hopefully they will someday understand that the freedom of speech is particulary in their best interest since there is practically none in the arabic countries.
    May peace be with all of us.
    Errare humanum est.




  140. Eurabian News » Caricaturas antisemitas; los judíos se ríen de sí mismos, sánamente. Says:

    […] Una lección de dignidad y una demostración de autoconfianza que pone de manifiesto el infantilismo patológico (aparte de criminal) con que han reaccionado los musulmanes. ¡Bravo por estos chicos! Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest! […]



  142. Louise Says:

    A reply to Damien’s comment earlier:
    You have a point certainly. However as you can tell this site is not sensored and any fucking idiot can put their point in the comments section. That includes anyone calling muslims ’smelly’ or other derogatory comments and the lovely comments of mr ’stupid jewish faggots’ man. It certainly isn’t the opinion of the majority nor of the person who started the competition. You only need to listen to his interview on to realise that.

    More to the point, I think this is an absolutely fan-fucking-tastic idea and i am now desperately trying to think up an idea for my own cartoon.
    Louise, Manchester, UK

  143. free the world from war Says:

    I think its a great idea. We live together on this planet so we need to make it the best with each other. And people like stupid jewish faggots are narrow minded. And that are the real criminals and dictators in the world. Make the world a better place. PEACE

  144. We Need Humor. And Oxygen. Says:

    I’m a Jew and I *love* the idea, it’s absolutely the best response that could be imagined. Never wished so much that I was an illustrator, I’ve got a pretty good idea but I’m sure people with the requisite skills will come up with wonderful stuff. And maybe once the point is made and we’ve all had a few laughs we can all, no matter what creed, race, etc., just calm down and do our jobs and raise our families and just have good, peaceful lives. And maybe talk out conflicts instead of going nuts about them. Nothing to it but to do it.

    P.S. Many of you hate-spewers need to work on your grammar, spelling, syntax, vocabulary, etc. Just a suggestion.

  145. vermont babe Says:

    AWESOME! I heard “Fresh Air” and I couldn’t believe anyone could be so cool. Hey - you got 143 comments today and are attracting trolls - it MUST be working! I should have married that hot Jew I dated in college so that I could enter the contest… sigh… come back Marc Bernstein all is forgiven…


  146. Frank furter Says:

    fuck you filthy baby-raping kike cocksuckers! I hope you all die horribly and painfully! There has never been a bigger plague on this earth than you disgusting, abhorrent jews!

  147. Frank furter Says:

    fuck you filthy baby-raping kike cocksuckers! I hope you all die horribly and painfully! There has never been a bigger plague on this earth than you disgusting, abhorrent jews!


  148. Vandeplato Says:

    @We Need Humor. And Oxygen.

    Quote:”P.S. Many of you hate-spewers need to work on your grammar, spelling, syntax, vocabulary, etc. Just a suggestion. ”
    Very true but please don’t forget the caps-lock or they might be perceived as a yelling mob on the internet too.
    (Education is probably the best weapon against hate.)

  149. Juan Says:

    Nice, leave all that “sensibility” and “talent” of yours to laugh at yourselves (but - God forbid - NEVER allowing others to do the same)… while your criminal “defense forces” indulge themselves with every atrocity in the book… after all, it’s all about cartoons, right? talk about “chutzpah”.


    HITLERS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Pratsj im joal & pruts am joal Says:

    Amitai must watch out.
    If the cartoons are not extreme enough, then “Iran” wins this contest. If the cartoons are too harsh, then the victims of the holocaust are atacked.

    So Roger Arango is right when he says: “Great idea–always beware a group who lacks a sense of humor–they are the truly dangerous ones! If humor cannot carry the day, we are all doomed”.

  152. Usman Says:

    Listen i just want to know one thing. Why did the denmark newspaper even start the cartoons which offended muslims. Are they that stupid that they took the freedom of speech thing and they got carried away. Now cause of them they caused a whole lot of trouble.

  153. Silvia Says:

    This is the best response that anyone could have come up with to this whole muslim-graphic affair.

  154. Marcos Says:

    I think this is an excelent idea, we can show the world that everyone can say everything about us but non of us is going to answer with hate and destruction.

  155. Janis- Latvia Says:

    This changes my mind about jews, if they can joke about themselves, they earn my respect.

  156. JeffSay… » Blog Archive » Israelis make their own cartoons Says:

    […] Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest! […]

  157. poikilotherm Says:

    This is a brilliant, lovely idea.

    Well done, guys.

  158. Chowderhead Says:

    I was wondering if descendents of those who changed their religion because of the various “Inquisitions” from the Middle Ages could submit jokes?

    You could set-up a separate category similar to Tier II or Division II sports.

  159. Capricorndog Says:

    Ah, no one hates the Jews as much as self-hating Jews.

    Moments like these make be proud to be a Zionist. : )

  160. Capricorndog Says:

    “All this time I thought I was a self-hating Jew, and now I’m just an anti-Semite!”

    Krusty the Clown upon realizing he might not be Jewish

  161. Capricorndog Says:

    Bobby Fischer should enter. He’s a Jewish, chess playing, anti-Semitic genus.

  162. Jesus is here Says:

    To Usman & “Stupid Jewish Faggots”: It is forbidden to publish and spread cartoons of Mohammed. But it was a Danish religious IMAM who spread and published it all over Middle East. Now he is seen as the hero by Hamas, Iran etc. Isn’t it paradox? Is it now forbidden to publish it, or are you the hero when you do it?

    By the way, nowhere in the Quran is said that Mohammed is forbidden to get painted.

    Secondly, the Kuran says it is forbidden to use violance. So if the so called muslims blow up trains, then they themselves are the pagans, and the people in the train are the religious.

    An Italian fashion designer called back all his clothes cause there was a painting of a mosque in it. He wanted to avoid trouble with muslims so he decided to clean this painting out of it.
    Now you never know if some muslim-clan sees this cleaning as an insult to muslims. They can put themselves in their head that it is forbidden to cut muslim-symbols for beiing muslim-symbols.

    You see that the world sometimes cannot understand all these paradox ideas? I like the Quran, but not what some people make of it.

  163. Daniel Says:

    Freaking brilliant. What better way to simultaenously show that you are neither a hypocrite nor thick skinned.

  164. Daniel Says:

    *thin skinned — oops

  165. Usman Says:

    ok Jesus is here, what if i was to draw a picture of jesus and have a bomb in his beard. What would you think?

  166. A Texan in Bavaria Says:

    Oy, that *is* some chutzpah. As about 1/3 of my friends from college are Jewish, the majority with wonderfully sick senses of humor, I can see this being a success.

    Channeling them, I’ve already got a few horrible ideas that, ironically, would get me thrown out of my temporary home (Bavaria, Germany) if I were to carry them out, print them up and distribute them. I feel like I’m entitled, nay, obligated, to say awful things about Southerners, Southern Baptists, and W, even though he’s not really a Texan, but we helped him get where he is (sorry, y’all…)

    One of said Jewish friends visited me over here this winter. Her mother advised her against wearing her Star of David, for safety. She decided against it because she didn’t want people constantly telling her how sorry they were for what their grandparents and great-grandparents did or giving her other special treatment.

    Good luck (I guess…) with your contest. Don’t know if I’d be able to bring myself to see the winning entries, knowing what my friends would be able to come up with.

  167. jed Says:

    How many jewish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None, I’ll suffer in the dark.

    Here about the three grandma’s talking about their children’s successes and how much they love their moms.
    Catholic says:’ My son became a priest and he loves me so much he says a blessing for me every week.

    Protestant says: My son became a rich businessman and he loves me so much he buys me a dinner out every week.

    Jewish mom says: feh, my son is a lawyer and he loves me so much that every day he goes to his psychiatrist and all he ever talks about is me, me, me and me!


  168. sam zuckerman Says:

    This is the best idea and the best response to this embarrassing saga. kudos to you and your staff, you have put my faith back into the freedom of speach.

  169. Bonnie M. Fountain Says:

    Brilliant! You have my vote for a Nobel Peace Prize! You’ve thought of a wonderful plan to fight violence with self-deprecation and humor. I had hoped that, to foil this wave of anger and violence, newspapers around the world would agree to publish those Danish cartoons, perhaps all on the same day. But it appears that this will not happen. Shame on the newspapers. It’s an inspiration to see a single person take such a serious matter into his own hands, and delightful to know that the world is watching and participating.

    Alabama, USA

  170. markdsgraham Says:

    Hilarious. This is being the bigger person par excellence. If I were Jewish I would send an entry every day. Alas…

    Toronto, Canada

  171. Usman Says:

    Mark your a jackass..

  172. joseph Says:

    Hi: I’m Canadian of Chinese in origin living in Canada. Just want to tell you guys that Chinese have been making fun of themselves for centuries. When I came to Canada, I heard quite a few jokes from my Canadian friends about Chinese people. They are really hilarious although they can’t be repeated in writing. All my Chinese friends never felt offended. The problem with Muslims is they always carry a chip on their shoulders about their religion and they think their religion is superior to anyone else’s. I would like to enter your contest but I’m clumsy with my hands. I can’t even hang pictures on a wall properly. But I do look forward to those cartoons you are going to publish. By the way, I visited Israel with a Jewish friend from Canada to attend the International Artur Rubinstein Piano competition a dozen years ago. I had a great time and made many friends with Israelis with whom I’m still in contact today. Have a nice day!

  173. alex Says:

    fuck u all jews…u rodents

    will kill u all one day…all of them…in a real holocaust

    pace in tutto il mondo, con israele sotto terra

  174. erwin Says:

    A brilliant idea! And so brilliantly Jewish! What Muslim would dream up such a thing? It’s wonderfully ironic, though, that as Shi’ite Muslims, Iranians (the sponsors of the embarrassingly unfunny Holocaust-cartoon competition) are regarded by wacko Sunni Muslims as… the Jews of the Islamic world! See, for example.

  175. erwin Says:

    P.S. I should say that anti-Semitism, being racially based, is not comparable to mockery of Islam, belief in whose tenets is a personal choice. However, Islam does seem to act as a stifler of creativity, wit and enterprise on all the cultures it has conquered. And sadly on the brains of most individuals who adhere to the medieval / wahhabi interpretation of it.

  176. carl Says:

    Self-irony at its best. This is a breakthrough idea in a mutually ignorant and truly ridiculous conflict.

  177. zandperl Says:

    Can half-Jews enter? In other words, for purposes of who can enter, are you using the religious definition of Jew (mother a Jew, or converted), rather than ethnic or cultural definition (raised in a Jewish family, or father Jewish)?

  178. bianca hummel Says:

    i put my reply as well, but i can not find it anymore? can you tell me where it is?

  179. bianca hummel Says:

    i am a non jew from holland end i was reading your idea to make funny cartoons about jews, to be honest i think this a smart, funny way to deal whit this blownup reaction about a vieuw cartoons,i think the reactions that came from a vieuw cartoons is out of proportion, to crazy for words what happens whit the world end that all about a vieuw funny cartoons!!!!!!!! end your right for sure they will make cartoons about jews, so what is more smarter than do it yourself,if you do it yourself you show that you are standing above the crazy reactions, that you are more smarter, that you have more humor end that you have more sence for a real human world end you deserve a 10+ for this non violent reaction,because if you can not make fun of yourself, you will never have a smile on your face, that count for you as a jew, for me as someone whitout a religion end also for a moslim, end the can never hurt you on that way exellent!!!!! i whis that there where more smart people like you, than the world would be a more nicer place to be, because religion, color of the skin, or where someone is coming from is not importend, its the heart that counts.
    xxxx bianca from holland

  180. Michelle Says:

    Great-great oncle Harpo would have stayed speechless :-D !

    Way to go, guy!


  181. Mark Says:

    My entire family is kvelling at the idea.

    If I could draw, I’d jump on this in a second. Maybe I can enlist the help of a few artist friends…

    How many J.A.P.s does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Two: one to call daddy and the other to hold her diet coke.

    How many Orthodox jews does it take to change a light bulb?

    and finally…

    A jewish man and a chinese woman were going into the food business together. Their restaurant’s name?

    So Soo Mi

    May the rimshots resound and may we never lose faith.

  182. CigarGuyJ Says:

    What a great idea! I hope the news of this gets around the world. Besides, if you can’t make fun of yourself, who can? I’ll be back to check the jokes out in the comment, believe me, I could use the humor.

    And Mark, that last one is a classic!

  183. Steve Says:

    Why did you remove my comment? . no toilet humour?

    I’m telling you again-it’s no joke that there’s a second Hitler threatening us.

    If your humour is any good ‘then use it for the benefit of Israel, not to perpetuate dangerous negative stereotypes.

  184. John Smith Says:

    Next we will start a competition “Who will evacuate illegal Palestinian occupied land first”?

  185. Tricia Says:

    What a smart, gutsy thing to do. Will you guys bear my children? ;-)


  186. Jamie Says:

    Good one!

    i laughed so hard :)

    God bless ISRAEL

  187. PoliBlog » Blog Archive » The Perfect Response Says:

    […] After the Danish cartoons blew up, an Iranian paper vindictively responded by issuing a Holocaust cartoon contest (to get back at all those Danish Jews, naturally).� So, how did Israel take it?� Brilliantly.� A local Jewish group has just anounced its own anti-Semitic cartoon contest.� Both Jews and non-Jews are encouraged to contribute. To quote Amitai Sandy, one of the group’s creators: We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published… No Iranian will beat us on our home turf! […]

  188. Concerned Muslim Says:

    I think that it was VERY wrong for the Danish newspaper to publish such disrespectful cartoons, and this new idea that the world has about Muslims is totally wrong. People now think that they can walk all over Muslims. The Prime minister of Denmark refused to apologize to the Muslim society over the cartoon, and a stupid Grade 12 in Halifax printed the same cartoon and he REFUSED to apologize. Like what the hell. You made a mistake so apologize, it’s that simple. Once we get an apology all the rioters will stop the violence.

  189. SXS Says:

    Concerned Muslim Says: Once we get an apology all the rioters will stop the violence.

    Riiiiight. It’s okay when arabs print anti-semitic cartoons about Jews daily in their press (100’s per year if not more), but 12 cartoons about Mohammed in a Danish paper send you off into a violent frenzy. Oh, and then you don’t respond with anti-Danish cartoon, but go right after the Jews (a favorite target in the Muslim world).
    The funniest part about it is that the Muslim world’s reaction only seems childish in the eyes of civilized people. Not to mention, we’ll only produce more. The Web has been filled with tons more cartoons and graphics mocking Muslims since the infantile display of the Muslim world.

    So, if we apologize you’ll stop the rioting, burning, killing, and knee-jerk anti-semitism?

    Here, kiss this:

    I hope your f*cking head explodes when you see it.

    Why don’t you do something Islam considers respectable, like murdering your sister, mother, or wife for ‘dishonoring’ your family?

  190. Concerned Muslim Says:

    Who the hell do you think you are you stupid jewish faggot. Ofcoarse muslim people hate jewish people why da fuck do you think we have been killing you weak idiots. You a stupid jewish faggot that does not think before saying something. How would you feel if i made a cartoon of your god david and made him look like a fuckin asshole. HUNH?! Bitch you mother fuckin jewish people are gonna get fucked up by muslims watch and see you mother fucker watch. O and one more thing..


  191. Bavid Dyrden Says:

    Typical! When they realise anti-Jewish cartoons might be valuable, the Jews try to grab them all! :)

  192. Bavid Dyrden Says:

    Many apparently reasonable people are saying that free speech should be restrained from the area of religion, in order to avoid “hurting anyone’s feelings”.

    To them I say: I have a religion of my own. I firmly believe that the Earth is flat!

    Phrases such as ’round the world’ hurt my feelings. Do not say these things.

    Also, search all of your books and destroy all hurtful images of the so-called “globe” or “planet Earth”. Thank you.

  193. Judith Says:

    In my opinion, the Danish cartoons lacked humor and were therefore just grieving, but then - they were not printed in the Muslim world. Apologies? No. Because of the freedom of speech and because this would force Muslims to apologize to the jews about their regular cartoons on this topic, otherwise, it would not be fair, would it? The cartoons drawn in response, were equally humorless and this contest is actually the first funny thing.

    Results? Very recent research among Dutch has shown that 55% of the Dutch think that Islam lacks humor. 40% think that the Islam is rather violent than peaceful. Illustrative is this website: while using humor to defeat opponents, there’s no violence here, except from the anti-entries (fuck… kill…).

    So… the Islam may require more sensible persons like Muzzy (one of the first entries) and a Jewish PR director.

  194. Jesus is here Says:

    Usman says: “ok Jesus is here, what if i was to draw a picture of jesus and have a bomb in his beard. What would you think?

    I would think some muslim would have trown it in hahaha.
    No just joking. A bomb in Jesus’ beard? Is that all? You must see what jokes there are made about Jesus and Christianity here in Holland after the empyiing of churches.

    I see that Holland has the most posts here on this site(incl me). How comes?

    @Zandperl: Half-jews, even non-jews can join in this contest (see for example posting 18feb 5:53pm). I myself are not a jew, but my mother’s mother had a name of jewish descent, and my family says I have her humor.

    Also notice that a real anti-semitic strategy is dangerous, whether it be made by jews or non-jews. I even think fully non-jews are underdeveloped in this. So it doesn’t even matter if funny intented anti-semitic cartoons are made jews or non-jews.

  195. zoalshetis Says:

    this is the best initiative i have seen in years! show the world humour and love is all.

  196. Savante Says:

    First, mine is not a political entry so those with no critical minds (i.e. Concerned Muslim and The Fagotts & Co.) should not be reading it because 1) they don’t know the history; 2) they have no sense of humor; 3) they can only reply with a combination of fuck and kill (not so many combinations even), which are not enough to express a meaningful thought.

    Second, it is true, Quran does not forbids depiction of Mohammad, neither images as some try to say. It’s only forbids idolatry (asnab). The so-called Traditions (sayings of Mohammed and his companions) are largely apochrypal and warn aganinst images of living beings (those who have souls, like animals) on two occasions for the reason that “only god can instill souls into beings.” So the punishment for doing this is just being asked to instill life into your pictures on the Judgement Day (note: not burning the embassies). If you cant - you’ll be humiliated but will not go to hell. Anybody afraid of that?

    Thurd, what you see here (ie in the violent reactions) is nothing “medieval” - during the classical period 9-13th centuries, the Muslims were the most progressive people (while Europe was in dark ages), had Academy of Science (Beit AL-Hikma) in Baghdad and Al-Andalus and prospered in all possible ways But then they started spending too much on luxury and too little on re-investment in productivity improvement - and here we see the poor results.

    Finally, the Jews would be amused to know that in the beginning of his religious career Mohammed was expelled by his clan from Mekka for his “heretical” anti-idolatry speeches and run away. Where did he go? Who did give him asylum? Of course the Jews in a town Yathrib, which is now known as Medina. What did he do later for their kindness? Pushed by his followers he asked the Jews and Christians to pay a tax for not being Muslims. He was much smarter than his current followers - why kill when you can benefit?

    If only people read more history…

    An Atheist

  197. The Atheist Jew Says:

    Arabs have lost the gene that allows them to think one step ahead in the last 1400 years of their evolution. I’m sure they have no idea what to make of this contest, they just think that if Jews are participating in it, it must be bad for them.

  198. michelle Says:

    As you told we could make anti-semitic jokes in the comments, here is one (I used to go out with a Jewish man. I am a sympathizer):

    SHIT HAPPENS (or life according to each religion):

    * Taoism: Shit happens.

    * Confucianism: Confucius say, “Shit happens.”

    * Buddhism: If shit happens, it isn’t really shit.

    * Hinduism: This shit has happened before.

    * Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of God.

    * Catholicism: If shit happens, you deserve it.

    * Judaism: Why does this shit always happen to us?

    And a second:

    You know that Michelin star system for hotels?

    What is the best hotel in the world?

    Ashtepin (Auschwitz).

    6 millions stars.

  199. Concerned Muslim Says:

    Savante are you dumb. I know a lot about my religeon, and most of the facts you listed in your comments are totally wrong about the Qur’an, and Muhammed (s.a.w.). Don’t speak about it if you don’t know what your talking about. Second I have a very good sense of humor, it’s just these cartoons were racist and un-called for. They were a direct attack to the muslim world. I don’t know who you are but I think YOU need to get your facts straight.

  200. georgesdelatour Says:

    I think you guys are brilliant. It’s the cleverest outflanking move of all, ridiculing them by joining in with them.

    Thank you. You’ve made me smile!

  201. Concerned Muslim Says:


  202. Savante Says:

    To Concerned Muslim: I didn’t expect anything less. Just confirms the obvious. Why dont you name YOUR facts and your SOURCES. Otherwise, your arguments are just a pathetic rhetoric.

  203. Savante Says:

    Hey The Concered: why dont you tell all of us the exact sura & ayat in the Qur’an which forbids the depiction of Muhammad or images in general (beyond the asnab that I’ve mentioned)? So we all can go and check YOUR sources in any public library.

  204. Concerned Muslim Says:

    I’ve read the Qur’an many times. I know where you headed but your not going in the right direction. My one source is the Qur’an.

  205. Concerned Muslim Says:


  206. Bottom Buzzer Says:

    Very nice initiative! I stole one of them and put it in my blog, with the story and link ofcause.

  207. Concerned Muslim Says:

    I don’t have time to hunt down the EXACT surah and ayath. Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.) was and is a holy figure in the Muslim religon. He was our last Prophet of course it’s haram for anyone to poke fun at him.

  208. Savante Says:

    Of course! :-)

  209. Concerned Muslim Says:


  210. kaveh (iran) Says:

    very Fantastic!

  211. daniel Says:

    this is awesome!
    you guys rock!
    great idea… i wish the whole world would engage in free speech… even offensive speech… after all freedom of speech IS the modern religion.
    God Bless our free speech,

  212. Sultan Al-Qassemi Says:

    This is a brilliant idea. One day I hope we in the Arab world are able to see the humour (!) of our actions. Also, we are NOT anti-Semites, we ARE Semites. I’ve been to visit Sunangogues in Islamic countries (Egypt, Turkey, Bahrain) and they are being looked after properly as they should be. Please do not judge a billion people by the actions of a few hundred terrorists are retards. Just like we won’t be judging non-Nazi Germans for the Holocaust.

  213. Michelle Says:

    To Concerned Muslim,

    Muslims learn by heart the Qur’an in madressas. So, I find really strange you are not able to give the sura and the ayat. How many ajza did your learn? Do you know what a juz is?

    There is no forbidding in the Qur’an about showing Muhammad’s face. This is in the Sunna. It is only a matter of Sunnite Muslim as Chiites don’t have this forbiding and have regularly shown pictures of the prophet.

  214. Birdsong Says:

    This is awesome! Jew have been fighting evil with humor for many generations. I’m looking forward to the final results and am sure the Iranian cartoons will pale in comparison.

  215. Savante Says:

    To Sultan: you’re absolutely right in not judging everybody by looking at the outliiers. But I have a question: where did you find a synagogue in Bahrain? They did not have one 5 years ago, so did they build one and where?

    To Michelle: no need to push the guy: he cant give you a sura/ayat simply because there is NO one (as you correctly said) prohibiting depiction. See my explanation early on. Also, not ALL muslims learn Qur’an by heart, only those who want to. :-)

  216. Michelle Says:

    To Savante:

    In many muslim countries, madressas are the only places (or almost) for ordinary people to get some education as it cost nothing or almost nothing. The basic course is learning the Qur’an by heart. So, it is a matter of choice only in countries where muslims are a minority or must go to an alternate non-religious based school system.

  217. aron pieman kay Says:

    hey check this one out of the worst sewer rat quisling out ot the sewers of nyc who ratted out a greens organizer for pot…..
    her name is lorna salzman aka lorna salzperson
    check out

  218. Savante Says:

    Michelle: thank you for this clarification

  219. Jesus is still here(he's really immortal) Says:

    Hey I want to mention this is a semitic/anti-semitic whatever site, but we are strangly more & more debating about Muslims/Quran/Mohammed etc.

    I see it on a lot of sites, it doesn’t matter how debates start, it is always pulled into discussions about Mohammedian after some time.

  220. dany Says:

    Two iranian cartoonist are trying to think on an antisemitic cartoon. They want to create something really new. They have read the “Protocols of the Elder of Sion”, they have read “Mein Kampf”, they have read material delivered by the HAMAS…
    But they have not any idea about anything new, they just cannot stop thinking about “Money”, “Blood of young children”…
    The deadline is aproaching, and Abdullah says: “Ok, Mahmoud, I had an idea…”
    And Mahmoud asks: “What, tell me, tell me for Mahoma sake!!”
    Then Abdullah say: “Let´s draw the…”.
    Sorry, there is no space for the end of this joke, so, if you want it, just write me an email.

  221. David O'Dowd Says:

    To Michelle & Savante:

    Re: Concerned Muslim

    I’ve been observing this ongoing debate with (objective) interest and it’s obvious to me that “Concerned Muslim” got in over his/her head in this debate! He/she doesn’t appear to know what they are talking about when faced with someone who does…

  222. Robbie Says:

    Brilliant idea to make fun of yourselves instead of reacting in a violent way. I hope to see much more artwork! Thanks alot.

  223. Shayna Says:

    Tov Meod :)

  224. Micky Says:

    if u can get anyfather by drawing those cartoons so u’re very wrong, it just shows what an idiot you are. sure blame it all on the jews !!!

    fuck all of you !!!!

  225. Bébert H alias A.A.Ha. Says:

    C’est Géééééniaaaaaaaaal, je suis tordu de rire par cette idée. Les premiers dessins sont hilarants.

    Voilà une idée qu’elle est bonne , aurait dit Coluche qui décidemment nous manque.

    Je vous invite,dans le chapitre de l’autodérision salvatrice,à écouter ou voir FELLAG qui un amuseur d’origine kabyle algérienne qui se produit en France.
    Ses spectacles (je n’en rate aucun) attirent une foule d’Algériens et d’Algériennes sans parler des juifs comme votre serviteur et des Gaulois.
    Kol Akavod. Total Respect pour ce divin drible qui prend à contre-pied tous les tordus.

  226. Concerned Muslim Says:

    David O’Dowd excuse me. I know exactly what I am talking about. I am not a Hafiz therefore I cannot hunt down the surah. (if you know what a hafiz means) I did not get in way over my head, I know exactly what i’m talking about.

  227. john duff Says:

    Why don’t you send all the drawings to the Iranian contest ? There’s a lot of money to win !

  228. Greg Says:

    Concerned Muslim. I am a jewish guy in London. Over the years, jews have suffered a huge amount of hatred and persecution. One thing that we have learnt is to laugh about it. We have also learnt that what is holy to one person is not holy to another. I love my God, but I don’t expect anyone else to love him or respect him. If people want to mock my God, let them.

    It’s fine to stand up for yourself and your religion, but lashing out just hurts you and your community. In Nigeria, 16 innocent Christian were burnt to death by an angry mob of Muslims; they had nothing to do with the cartoons but the mob didn’t care. They were angry and justed wanted to find a non-Muslim to punish for their anger. Similarly, one person on this board (who may or may not be jewish) posted a link to a picture you disliked. Your response: to insult and threaten ALL jews. To call all jews “faggots” and wish death upon all of us. If you are angry, lash out at the person who posted the link. Don’t start spreading hatred about a lot of people that you have never met. Muslims often claim that it is unfair that the whole of the Muslim community is blamed for suicide bombers, but you are happy to blame all jews for the actions of one person, who may not even be jewish.

  229. Concerned Muslim Says:

    I totally agree with you. I don’t think all of the violance is right either. The post after that link was not mine, remember anyone can leave a message under any name, so that was not me. It’s very hard to laugh about it because he was our last prophet and was and is highly respected.

  230. Greg Says:

    Ok. I guess someone was trying to make you look bad. I think that the problem is that in the west we are used to mocking important figures, whether they are film stars, politicians or religious figures. We do this for a number of reasons; one of the reasons is that important figures are often used for the wrong reasons - used to incite hatred or violence. For example, Jesus was a man of peace, but many Christians killed Muslims in the crusades in the name of Jesus. Similarly, many Muslims are encouraged to kill innocent people in the name of Mohammed, which is wrong. We all know that it says in the Koran that murder is a sin, but it doesn’t stop fundamentalists using Mohammed or Allah as a figurehead for terrorists. So, we learn to mock important figures, be they Jesus, Moses or Mohammed. We stop these figures from being dangerous by laughing at them. You see it every day in politics. A lot of people feel very threatened by George Bush, but they know they can’t do anything to stop him, so they ridicule him. They draw cartoons and make stupid masks and laugh at him. And I’m sure there are some far-right American patriots who would like to make it illegal to make fun of the President, but fortunately for us, they don’t have the power.

    I must say that I am curious about the Muslim stance on Mohammed, because for me, faith is a personal thing. I see many Muslims saying that they love Mohammed more than their family. For me, I love my family and friends much more than any religious figure, and I find it really hard to imagine loving an abstract religious guy more than my family. My attitude has always been that it is more important to take care of people here and now, in this life, and let God worry about religious figures. I’ve always assumed that God was proud enough and wise enough to be able to take a joke.

    I think that the jews have such a history of persecution that we have learnt that you cannot fight everyone who disagrees with us or insults us. Every day on television I see protesters burning the Israeli flag (their prerogative) which contains the Star of David, the symbol of judaism in it. It insults me, but what am I going to do? It’s their right to burn flags if they want to. If they want to insult my religion, then let them. I am not going to demand or expect an apology because it isn’t going to happen. Every week there are anti-semitic cartoons in the arab press. They are very offensive, but what can you do? If the Muslim world wants to mock jews, let them. We cannot fight and kill people simply because we disagree with their views on our religion.

  231. LasloPferg Says:

    The idea for Jews to draw their own anti-semitic cartoons is, as everyone has pointed out already, a wonderful response to the Iranian silliness. The idea that Jews enter the Iranian contest is even better. If a Jew could win the contest, that would be the best of all. What I really like about this string of comments, though, is that the neo-Nazis, skinheads and other haters are pretty much ignored when they post some of their illiterate tripe. Thanks, you have made my day.

  232. Anonymous Says:

    Caricatures : la meilleure r�ponse !

    En “r�ponse” aux fameuses caricatures du proph�te, un journal iranien a annonc� organiser un concours de caricatures sur l\’holocauste, affirmant tester ainsi la libert� d\’expression.

    Cette id�e charmante et d�goulinante de bonnes intentions …

  233. MKe Says:

    This is great ! You’ve had the first clever and sane answer in weeks of polemic ! well done… that gives me a little more faith in Human beings

    humor should be the only religion :p

  234. Kamil Says:

    Pomysł genialny, zobaczymy jak będzie z jego realizacją.
    “Najlepszą obroną jest atak…”

  235. Joe Says:

    Great! I had always believed that Jews took themselves too seriously. Glad to see that they can laugh at themselves!

    Honestly, I spent two weeks in Haifa in 93, and came away with a totally different point of view. Though I have to admit I prefer Israelis to American Jews!


  236. Anna Says:

    It’s things like this that make me really appreciate being Jewish. Rock on!

  237. Jesus is here Says:

    I read people are feared that neo-nazi’s are using the pictures of this contest. But what’s the fear? Besides, in Austria & Germany they know it’s illegal to publish (most of) it, just bacause people there see it at another way as for example in Israel. Even when you say the word “jew” there, people are looking. It’s all very cramped there.

  238. Gawel_pl Says:

    I think that this is good idea. But on the other hand it wont do anything to make our relationship better with Arabic. So i think that the best idea is to kill all of terrorism and all of this stupid fanatic

  239. rafal Says:

    Good idea! Grtzy from Poland! :)

  240. Arek Poland Says:

    Every faith makes people bemused and it is a great idea to lought from it. I give countenance to that kind of actions.

  241. mskt_PL Says:

    This contest it’s a great idea, at last we can see how Jew’s are proud of their religion ;)

  242. Mark Says:

    Don’t go easy on ‘em, though. This shouldn’t be just “Jews laughing at themselves.” We do that a dozen times a day. The cartoons here should be really *offensive*, the kind of thing that would actually get you mad, not make you laugh. Yes, draw about Mossad torture, about Jews controlling the media, about the blood libel, holocaust denial… whatever it takes. It really *ought* to be something that would or at least could make Jews as offended as the Muslims have been.

    The point is how do you *deal* with the anger. If you truly are steamed, if these get to non-Jewish websites and are used as actual anti-Semitic propaganda, how do you react? You write nasty letters and ask that they be removed and try to counter them… You don’t riot, kill people, or burn down embassies.

    There is nothing wrong with the fact that Muslims were offended and became upset. What’s wrong is how they expressed it.

  243. Tomasz Says:

    Ha, ha, ha
    The best weapon is a laugh.
    Especially when somebody uses his enemy’s weapon.

    Tak trzymać!


  244. Miśkovski Says:

    Thank you!! U guys rulez!! thats a great idea to stop this war-of-pictures!!


  245. Andrzej Says:

    Hi! I am Jew from Poland and I would like to say - GOOD JOB! :)
    I`m doing similiar job in Poland for all my life, but only when I am among the friends.

    Keep doing!


  246. Glenn Barfield Says:

    heh, heh heh, heh heh ha, ha ha ha, Ha Ha HA, HA HAH HA HAW, HA HA HA HAW HAH HA HA!!!

    Oh man, thanks for that.

  247. Beretus Says:

    When we can`t destroy something, then we must luaght !
    Finally good choice.

  248. saber Says:

    I’m Iranian.
    Good work!
    The Iran’s government men are shouting against holocaust and Mohammad (peace be upon him) cartoons to divert the news from Iran’s nuclear programs.
    I (as an Iranian and like many Iranians) think cartoonists should be free to draw everything they wish.

    Wish for freedom in world

  249. john duff Says:

    Just a question: how do you if know the author is truely jewish ? Shibboleth ? As there are jews sending drawings to the Iranian contest, you might receive cartoons made by some jew-hating goy !

  250. All that you Fear Says:

    Reports seem to indicate “Anti-semitism” is on the rise.
    Which is true granted that there is a linear relationship between increasing “Anti-semitism” and increasing jewish corruption. (Wolfowitz, Perle, feith, Abramoff)
    Israel owns the united states government, and the rest of the west; they showed their brazen power in Austria recently.

  251. Greg Says:

    Hello “All that You Fear”. You need to take more medication. There are laws against holocaust denial in Austria because Austria was an active participant in the slaughter of 6 million jews. Anti-semitism is on the rise because of people like you. Yes, there are corrupt jews, just as there are many corrupt Christians, Muslims and atheists - your desire to blame a whole religion for the sins of a few individuals shows not only your mental deficiency but your paranoia and desperation.

  252. .:entropie:. Says:

    caricature de caricature:::

    Quand on peut se caricaturer soi même et rire de ses “caricatures”, de ses impostures, de ses faiblesses, alors on est graphiquement fort et bon. C’est l’idée d’un concours de caricature anti-sémite par des Israéliens…

  253. Concerned Muslim Says:

    Ok. Please speak in english, or at least translate it, it would make it a hell of a lot easier to read. Thanks.

  254. Greg Says:

    I can translate it. Basically, he’s saying that it’s a good thing when we can laugh at ourselves.

  255. Miki Says:

    This is the boy!
    It’s make the point. It’s a good answer to Iranians, it’s anti-Semitic…
    It isn’t the famous Jewish “Laughter Through Tears”?
    Better off to put the Yiddish jokes and caricatures of 20th.
    Probably the modern Israeli humor isn’t so Jewish .
    With such satire it is impossible to control the World.

  256. Ole Hansen Says:

    heh, heh heh, heh heh ha, ha ha ha, Ha Ha HA, HA HAH HA HAW, HA HA HA HAW HAH HA HA!!!

    I love you

    All Norvegians love you

  257. Amalek shall Triumph Bitches Says:

    Intollerance of whatever “Amalek” of the day is, is all you need to know to know that the jews, the jewish faith are at least as insane as that of the Arabs we are bombing and slaughtering with total abandon, because they are “backwards”.
    And American soldiers are used to fight this “Amalek”. Amalek is jewish irrationality, beyond that of Arab irrationality so vilified in today’s world.

    A minority of people of all sorts of different nationalities, religions, and political views have you all figured out and that number is growing. Bless Iran. This whole war is a LIE; I would ask for muslims to protest vocally, point the finger straight at the true culprits; violence is the answer the chosen holy “Amalek” fighters desire.

  258. Free Press Says:

    Very very impressed.

    This takes the game to them. Show what freedom of expression really means and leave them no opportunities to make excuses and point fingers.

    You are showing them what it means to live in a truly free society.

    I salute you guys! You have my deepest admiration.

  259. Mustafa Kemal Says:

    I am Muslim Man offended by Jew cartoons. I hope you all rot hell in inferno without virgin. Maybe soon God bomb you. I riot on grave!

  260. Jewish people are stupid Says:

    You jewish people are so stupid LOL u idiots are making fun of ur own relegion that shows u guys hate ur fuckin regeligion that proves it. You jewish people are very stupid.

  261. Greg Says:

    Hello “Mustafa Kemal” and “Jewish People are Stupid”. I’m pretty sure you’re the same person. I just wanted to say hello and point out that your flies are undone.

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