The College of Chiropractors, established in April 1999, evolved from the Board of Education of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA). The Board was established in 1990 and it was at this time that the BCA also instigated a system of Regional Postgraduate Groups. A Vocational Training Scheme for new Graduates was also established in 1992 to extend the existing European Chiropractic Union's Graduate Education Programme.

The College, in its early form, had already been in existence for nearly 10 years when senior medical advice suggested that the development of a College, having a remit beyond that of a professional association, would be advantageous for the profession. It was also important, with the prospect of statutory self-regulation, to create an all-encompassing organisation to meet the ongoing educational needs of chiropractors from all practising disciplines.


What it Does

The College is an academic institution with a diverse educational programme, delivered via a Regional Faculty System, helping the membership to keep abreast of clinical and scientific knowledge. Admission to Membership and Fellowship is by either a formal or portfolio route. The College has also instigated a Clinical Specialist Faculty System allowing members to develop an area of particular interest. Members are being encouraged to embrace the move towards evidence-based practice and subsequently practice-based research which will be evident over the coming years as more papers are published in The College’s Journal, Clinical Chiropractic.

Through the Regional Faculty structure, members can particpate in events designed to help them to fulfil their mandatory Continuing Professional Development requirements, so enhancing the welfare of patients. The College, through its past experience, has shown its ability to run a PRT programme for newly qualifed chiropractors, selecting and training regional co-ordinators and local clinical supervisors and building upon the skills acquired at under-graduate level.

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