Paul Solomon had a goal of bringing together the greatest of Teachers, Thinkers, Preceptors, Healers - the Masters on this planet who would, by their very lives, change the course of history. Whenever he made contact with one of those very special beings he would get to know him or her and recommend them to others. Paul saw Michael Tsarion as one of these Master Souls who, he said, was "truly a committed and devoted servant of God." Thus, we feel privileged to recommend Michael Tsarion's teachings - Sharon Solomon (Paul Solomon Foundation)


Described as a teacher's teacher, Michael Tsarion is a Divination Scholar and Sidereal Mythologist. An expert on Stellar Astrology, he is the creator of the Archetypal Stellar Taroscopic Astrological system of Hermetic Divination, and founder of the online Taroscopic Mystery School. Michael is a descendant of a long line of philosophers, free-thinkers, ascetics and visionaries. His Himalayan born mother was a well-loved, internationally recognized clairvoyant, whose affiliates included Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sir George Trevelyan, Jerry Jampolsky, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Shirley MacLane, Edgar Mitchell and a host of other celebrities and academics. She attended J. Krishnamurti’s premier college in India and was later honored as the very first clairvoyant to be a regular on Irish Television. The CEO of Britain’s Independent Broadcasting described her readings as “devastatingly accurate.”

Michael is also the grandson of Tara Singh, the renowned philosopher, author and teacher of the theosophic tome A Course in Miracles. He was the intimate friend of J. Krishnamurti (the World Teacher), Swiss architect Le Corbusier, Keith Critchlow, Alan Chadwick, Eleanor Roosevelt and President Nehru. He was entrusted, by the latter, with India’s 5-year plan of restoration after British withdrawal. Tara Singh was also played a key role in the Rev. Paul Solomon’s Fellowship of Inner Light, one of the first true American mystery schools. He now heads the Foundation for Life Action in Los Angeles. 

Michael was born and raised in Ireland and grew up learning metaphysics from Krishnamurti, Rev. Paul Solomon and Peter Balin. Growing up surrounded by leading free-thinkers and mystery school creators he was under pressure to find his own authentic voice rather than becoming dependant on the systems and influences of others. He has honored his pedigree by dedicating his life to the deepest research concerning the seminal metaphysical sciences. And unlike so many, he believes in honoring the work and the names of his mentors. He takes it as a given, the words of Lord Macauly:

A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.

Intuitive since birth, he was introduced to the Tarot at age 11 through Rev. Paul Solomon’s premier mystery school - the Fellowship of Inner Light Movement and learning of its profound effect on the human intuition and its value as an empowerment tool, committed his life to bringing Tarot into the lives of others.

He has been affiliated with the Paul Solomon Foundation of Virginia, the Rosicrucian Order, the Naqsbaandi Sufi Order, and has taught indigo children at the New Age Academy in Berkeley, and is frequent guest of Seeing Beyond and KEST, the Bay Area's leading metaphysical radio programs. Television and radio shows he has appeared on include:

World of Lies (DVD Documentary) - produced and directed by Michael Moody
The Hidden Hand (DVD Movie) - produced and directed by James Carmen
The Greatest Lie Ever Sold (DVD Documentary) - produced/directed by Anthony J. Hilder
Unscrewed (Tech TV) - with Martin Sargent
Coast to Coast - Interview with George Noory
Dreamland - with Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber
Sightings - with Jeff Rense - Oregon USA
The Quest - with Peter Weisbach
American Free Press - with Clay Douglas
Conspiracy Corner - with Bill Bradley
Radio Liberty - Dr. Stan Monteith
Radio Alchymy - with Jordan Maxwell
1450 AM San Francisco
Seeing Beyond Radio - San Francisco
With Carol Reimer
KKUP - with Tazz and Paula (San Jose, Ca)
The Hilly Rose Show
Magical Blend Magazine (April 2004 edition)
Chico Times - with Brett Leuder
The X-Zone (Ontario, Canada) - Rob O'Connell
Psi Talk

Headroom - (radio London) with Rob Simone
Mysteries of the Mind - with Alex Merklinger
Out There TV - with Kate and Richard Mucci
Chris Pirillo Show (Three-Hour Interview)
The Freeman Perspective - with Freeman Fly (Austin TX)
The Edge AM - with Daniel Ott
RadiOrbit - with Mike Hagan (Click here for interview download)

He has made five hour-long programs with Bay Area's KMVT television station, and has been a guest speaker at the Boeing Parapsychological Society, at Brian Hall's Conspiracy Conference, and at the UFO/Paranormal conferences of California and Washington where his presentations and lectures on Atlantis and pre-diluvian history have been passionately acclaimed by veterans in the field, such as Jordan Maxwell, Jeff Rense, Robert Perala, Brian Hall, Dr. Roger Leir, Peter Davenport, and Glenn Kimball, etc,.

Michael is the producer and presenter of the "Origins and Oracles" series of DVDs, each of which is an in-depth exploration of ancient mysteries and forbidden knowledge.

Michael's book, Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation corrects the plethora of disinformation regarding Atlantis and the pre-diluvian epochs and addresses the exact reasons why human beings are finding themselves, existentially and socially, in the present precarious situation.

Along with Jordan Maxwell, Michael has been a contributor of information to researcher and author David Icke. 

Michael's articles on metaphysics, etc., are featured in his The High Window column of the Psychic Reader, the official organ of the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California. (These columns are featured on this site in their unedited versions - go to The High Window page).

Michael gives outstanding workshops, presentations and classes on The Western Magical Tradition, Astro-Theology, Ancient Civilizations, Goddess Tradition, Symbol Literacy, Indigo Children, Psychic Vampirism, Secret Societies and on the Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media.

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"...Since 13 years old I had been researching the occult subjects, having an interest in them since young. I was well versed in English literature and always had a strong imagination. I always questioned what lies behind the perceivable realities and have a naturally open mind. I had a natural philosophical disposition and grew up reading the likes of Kahlil Gibran, Mikhail Naimy, William Blake, C. S. Lewis, George MacDonald and J. R. R. Tolkien, etc,. I was also fascinated by the study of subliminal art and how sacred symbols are being used subversively in society. From the early age of fifteen I began to see that even the seemingly mundane, secular world was permeated with occult symbolism. From those days onward, I realized that the youth are, especially, incredibly under-educated in these subjects and so are vulnerable to this special mode of psychic totalitarianism. I feel that they are being spiritually raped by corporations that have been given the rights to pollute the free space of the neighborhoods and the landscape with their billboards and their often erotic and violent images. It has all become so common as to be invisible to the average person, but it is one of the most pernicious forms of toxicity that has been created, precisely because it is so ambient. Children are more than just the next generation of consumers, more than demographics. The success of these gargantuan corporations is proved by the fact that it is now considered chic to walk around dressed from head to foot in corporate logos. It is my mission to bring people, especially the youth, back to their senses in this regard, to educate humanity to use symbolism for personal empowerment on all levels and not as a means of mental, emotional and spiritual atrophication...

...At 15 I came to California and was introduced to Peter Balin and David Singer (the renowned Fillmore artist). The former was hand picked by J. Krishnamurti, to teach art and creativity at his premier mystery school in India. An expert on ShamanIc traditions he went on to compose a book on the Tarot called Flight of Feathered Serpent and designed and published his own deck, the Xultun Tarot, based on the Mayan cosmology. The latter, David Singer is a master scholar of the goddess traditions and sacred geometrist who introduced me to that subject and also to the intriguing study of etymology. He was an artist hand-picked by Bill Graham and he subsequently created certainly the most enigmatic and profoundly symbolic posters for Fillmore West. From association with these masters I became deeply involved in studying the Celtic myths of my own country...

...On returning to Ireland I went out into the field and made a close study of the ancient Celtic burial mounds and sacred sites, learning many important things in the process. During this time, between ages 16 and 22, I studied astrology and numerology and became familiar again with the Tarot. In an early reading that I was given it was mentioned that I would have a relationship with the Tarot. This message did not become clear for at least 20 years. Throughout the '80s I read all the available material on metaphysics, which was never great, in Ireland. Upon a second visit to the States I was able to research more of the definitive metaphysical tomes. I also became involved with Rosicrucian and Sufi Orders...

...My first major discoveries in the Tarot were made in the mid nineties, in California. After years of intense study, of philosophy, occultism, mythology, ancient religion, sacred geometry, Pythagorean mathematics, cosmology, alchemy, etymology and finally Astro-Theology, I became aware that the Divination Arts were all intimately connected and were taught as one subject in the days of old, not in the fragmented manner of today. In the late nineties I began giving classes in the Divination Arts with an emphasis on the Tarot. My classes were first held in Los Angeles and then in the San Francisco Bay Area. My mission is to bring these empowering arts into as many lives as possible on a grass roots level."

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We yet await the coming of the sage who will luminously interpret the myths of old time, those creations of the human mind when it was still alive to the intuitive impression of truth caught by the common consciousness in its reflection from living nature...When we recover the mystical sensibility requisite to read the myths aright, there will dawn a new era of enlightenment, a new opening of the eyes of the mind - Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The Taroscopic Approach raises to a collegiate level, the study of the Divination Arts. Michael's contributions to this end are definitive works of writing that comprise a treatise, unique to this century, that comprehensively explicate many of the lost operations and secrets of these truly Hermetic Arts. This web-site presentation is a crucial part of this adventure.

Michael advances the idea that the zodiac is not an external phenomenon but an inner one. Central to every aspect of his work with the Divination Arts, is the concept of the Inner Zodiac. For more on this fascinating Gnostic premise, go to the Taroscopes Tour, on this site, or read Michael's High Window Article on the Inner Zodiac.

...My main mission is to reveal that we do not need any external authority. We are to understand that we are here on earth to be our own priests or priestesses. We become initiated into these roles through the right use of the High Arts of Divination. That is what they were expressly created for. They alone are the prerequisite to reaching this esteemed goal. They are the means for engendering in each of us the necessary mental, emotional, and moral hygiene necessary to effect actual, lasting, positive change in our own lives and subsequently in the world at large. As we know, there are many people calling themselves "teachers" who involve themselves in these arcane subjects. Nearly all of these individuals come from other disciplines, from the fields of academic psychology, mythology, philosophy or even business and science, etc,. They are often severely handicapped by the bad habits they have learned  from trying to matriculate in these fields. I come directly from the philosophical and metaphysical traditions. It is in my bloodline from many generations past. We would do well, therefore, to remember that though many can teach ancient subjects, few can teach them in the ancient way. And there is a difference - Michael Tsarion

The most exotic fruits are found behind the plainest leaves - Milton Perceval

"Those who have done their homework will soon discover that the ancient Magi never considered, learned, taught or practiced Tarot. Astrology, Kabala and Numerology as separate subjects. To the creators of the original Mystery Schools, they were considered sister disciplines, and one cannot be correctly understood without the others. However, the "glue" that holds them intimately together has been ignored and forgotten. The Taroscopic Approach, is a dynamic gestalt that synthesizes them all, as the very Tarot, through its imagery and numerology, has been asking us to do...

...The first card in the Major Arcana is called Magician and it depicts a Magi who is the very process of uniting fourness into ONENESS. The four are represented by a Wand, a Cup, a Sword and a Disk. Now, these represent the four suits of the Tarot and the four modalities of consciousness (Jung’s four Types) yes, but they also represent the four sister divination disciplines which also require unification. In fact one may argue that if the tools are not unified first, how can consciousness have a chance of knowing it. As the Gnostic sages wrote...

When the 2 + 2 = 1, only then shall the Christ be born within you.

...I encourage each person to use this system and find that it works, but to do so patiently and with love, rather than knee-jerk reaction. Remember...

The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes - Marcel Proust

...The great German philosopher and philologist Fredrick Nietzsche made the following enigmatic statement:

As long as you still experience the stars as something above the head, you lack the eye of knowledge.

...He echoes the Taoist and Gnostic doctrines which assert that the apparent difference of an outer and an inner world is pure illusion. In my researches and work with the great Divination Arts I also awoke to the fact that the stars, or more succinctly the zodiac, is not something “out there.” We are each a living, breathing zodiac. We all have a Living Oracle within us. Some call this the intuition, some the "inner guardian," the "still small voice," and some, the god-force. Atheists name it "instincts" and though they refute it as preternatural, they cannot deny that they are naming some existent thing. To me it hardly matters what name is given. In my Tarot classes and here in this site I strive to focus on and answer the important questions concerning that force, that Oracle...

How did it come into existence?
How does it operate? and
How one can one get into personal touch with it?

...These questions are an important reason for this site and my work with the Divination Arts. I have personally found that by using the Tarot, one gains contact with their own inner Wisdom Body. The cards were designed to facilitate one becoming their own priest or priestess, rather than being dependant on and subservient to external authority structures, theocratic or other. And there is a right way but many wrong ways, to use the 78 Arcana. In the Tarot classes and in the Taroscopic Mystery School, the inherent secrets and operations which have been in the Tarot from the time of its conception, are clearly explicated. I believe that this work is timely, for given the mediocrity of most divination scholarship today, together with the needless complexity of others, it seemed very likely that the real secrets of the cards would be obscured or even lost as it was for centuries during the post-Hellenistic Age. Luckily this is not the case...

...As is made clear in the Taroscopes Tour, on this site, it is not by chance that one is attracted to the high Arts of Divination. These Arts do not come into our lives by accident. It is vital to realize that they are not to be regarded with the same casualness as other subjects. They do not come into our lives, they are sent. They are a summons from our higher guides, and are the means by which we become initiated into our authentic destiny...."

The true teacher does not give enlightenment, he  removes the obstacles that keep us from it. As Kahlil Gibran said - the true spiritual humanitarian is one who, while ascending on the "path" (of life) and meeting a block, does two things: He asks how others having gone before left such blocks there, and then he removes them for others who follow.

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