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John Banzhaf - Proud to be called a "Legal Terrorist"

"To the extent someone is known by the enemies he keeps, I'm... honored one site is devoted to me"
--JB commenting on in


John Banzhaf thinks you aren't smart enough to run your own life, that's why we need billionaire lawyers.

JB is the trial lawyer who dreamt up the tobacco lawsuits that drained billions of dollars from a legal industry and made lawyers like JB billionaires. That's billionaires with a B!

JB is the poster child for run amok trial lawyers, even by his own admission. With his “Sue the Bastards” plates on his car and his shameless self promotion as a “legal terrorist,” JB epitomizes all that is wrong with our legal system and the growing epidemic of law suit abuse.

According to Frontiers of Freedom Vice President of Policy Kerri Houston, replacing personal responsibility with a “blame others” mentality is a dangerous position. “Individual freedom and the accountability that goes with it is one of our nations¹ cornerstones, and replacing it with trendy attacks on corporations does not improve out nations health. However, it does provide open season for trial lawyers to improve their wealth,”

JB is the head of a new troubling movement that believes there is no such thing as PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! At a debate in Washington, D.C. he said before hundreds of disbelievers that personal responsibility was "crap!"

JB has begun cultivating the next cash crop for the trial lawyers: fast food.

At stake is not only the abrogation of personal responsibility, but also the future of the $115 billion fast-food industry -- and perhaps the entire food industry. A potential flood of obesity-related lawsuits could cost the restaurant industry hundreds of millions of dollars, legal experts say. Industry executives say that could result in job losses and restaurant closings.

And this is just the beginning.

What's next? Will he sue car makers for making cars that potentially kill? Will he sue cereal companies for making Lucky Charms so darn tasty and thus potentially addictive? Will he sue his mother for not teaching him better eating habits as a youth?

Whatever his next target, we'll be watching. In the meantime, stay tuned for more information about the progress of his obesity litigation. Already, he's helped win over $12 million from McDonald's in the first lawsuit targeting the fast food industry. Next, he's going after all six of the major fast-food chains -- McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

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