New Rotorcraft
Manufacturers continue building new models
to meet growing market demand.

Cabin Electronics
Manufacturers offer ever more equipment to bring the capabilities of the office and home entertainment systems to business aircraft cabins.

Asian Aerospace Preview
Business aviation will have a high profile at
this month’s Singapore show.

Heli-Expo preview
The industry spins rotors for this month’s show.

Challenger 605
An upgraded version of Bombardier’s Challenger 604 is now in flight test.

Snecma engine
All-new engine for business jets under consideration by the French manufacturer.

Spectrum 33
Linden Blue’s all-composite twinjet made its first flight last month.

Hawker 4000
Full FAA approval for Raytheon’s midsize jet– originally scheduled for 2001–has slipped again.

Broadband for bizav
Inmarsat’s satellite launch brings in-flight
broadband closer to reality.

European air traffic management
With traffic set to double by 2020, Europe considers a new plan for ATC integration.

Flight Options unionization
The second-largest fractional reacts to
pilot union drive.

European firm plans VLJ charter
London Executive Aviation awaits delivery
of Mustang for charter use.

2005 bizav safety record
Business aviation crews performed well last year–better than in the previous year.

Stalemate on D.C. heliport
A year after submitting its security plan, the
D.C heliport awaits approval to re-open.

Lawsuit embroils two start-ups
Claims of intellectual property theft mar
Farnborough-Epic partnership.

European regional start-up
JetX Aviation looks for work for cast-off Continental Embraers.

Embraer restructuring
The CEO who turned the Brazilian company around will leave as part of a reorganization plan.

Permanent Washington ADIZ
Before the comment period closed, operators told the FAA what they thought of the proposal.

Division at EBAA
Fractional rules polarize European association.

European frax security rules delayed
ECAC postpones decision on frax security rules.



With RSAF’s F-16s, form follows function
By Chris Pocock / Asian Aerospace February 2006

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is showing its top-of-the-line F-16D Block 52+ fighter for the first time at Asian Aerospace, in the static park. This two-seat aircraft is optimized for long-range and low-level strike missions, and with its various lumps and bumps, must be the ugliest F-16 version of all time. In fact, the aircraft is externally identical to the F-16I Sufa (Storm) version now operated by the Israeli Air Force.

Some of the external antennas, as well as the fuselage spine, are unique to the Elisra PAWS-series electronic warfare system, although the four IFF blade antennas in front of the cockpit are familiar from other F-16 versions. The conformal fuel tanks (CFTs)
provide an extra 450 gallons of fuel, yet this aircraft also touts two 370-gallon tanks on the inner wing pylons, and is capable of carrying even larger 600-gallon ones.

AIM-9 IR-guided air-to-air missiles (AAMs) hang from the outer wing pylons, and longer-range radarguided Raytheon AIM-120C AAMs are mounted on the wingtip launchers. The mid-wing pylons can carry
air-ground weapons such as the AGM-65 Maverick or 2,000-pound class laser-guided bombs shown on theaircraft here.

Their targets are designated by the Rafael Litening III pod positioned on the right engine intake station. The left station carries a Lockheed Martin AN/AAQ-13 Pathfinder (LANTIRN) auto-navigation pod.

Although neither Israel nor Singapore will confirm the extent of Israeli content on the RSAF’s F-16s, the following systems are part of the F-16I spec and may also have been supplied: Elbit mission com-puter, head-up display and Dash IV helmet display and sight; Astronautics multifunction displays; Rafael secure communications suite; Rafael Python 4 AAMs and IAI Elta laser-gyro inertial navigation and satellite communications systems.

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