Candidates for the Negro Leagues and Pre-Negro Leagues Ballots

Allen, Newt

Fowler, Bud

Martin, JB

Santop, Loui s

Ball, Walter

Gardner, Jelly

Martinez , Horacio

Scale s , George

Bankhead, Sam

Grant, Charlie

Mathi s , Verdell

Smith, Chino

Baro, Bernardo

Grant, Frank

McClellan. Dan

Smith, Clarence

Beckwith, John

Greenlee, Gus

McNair, Hurley

Stovey, George

Bell, William

Harris , Vic

Mendez, Jo s e

Suttle s , Mule

Bolden, Ed

Hill, Pete

Mino s o, Minnie

Taylor, Ben

Brewer, Chet

Holland, Bill

Monroe, Bill

Taylor , C.I.

Brooks , Chester

Hughes , Sammy

Moore, Dobie

Taylor, Jim

Brown, Dave

Jenkins , Fats

Om s , Al ejandro

Torriente, Cri s tobal

Brown, Larry

Jethroe, Sam

O'Neil, Buck

Varga s , Juan

Brown, Ray

Johnson, Home Run

Parnell, Red

Walker, Mo s e s

Brown, Willard

Johnson, O s car

Patter s on, John

Warfield, Frank

Byrd, Bill

Kimbro, Henry

Payne, Jap

White, Chaney

Cannady, Rev

Leland, Frank

Petway, Bruce

White, Sol

Ca s h, Bill

Lundy, Dick

Pole s , Spot s wood

Wickware, Frank

Cockrell, Phil

Lyons , Jim my

Pompez, Al ex

Wiley, Wabi s haw

Coimbre, Pancho

Mackey, Biz

Po s ey, Cumberland

Wilkin s on, J.L.

Cooper, Andy

Malarcher, Dave

Radcliffe, Al ex

William s , Clarence

DeMo s s , Bingo

Manley, Abe

Radcliffe, Ted

William s , George

Dixon , Rap

Manley, Effa

Redding, Dick

Wil s on, George

Donald s on, John

Manning, Max

Robin s on, Neal

Wil s on, Jud

Duncan, Frank

Marcell, Oliver

Roger s , Nat

Winter s , Nip

Fernandez, Jo s e



Wright, Bill