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Cuckoo clocks have a long tradition in Holiday Land! Carvers, clock makers and clock shops are characteristic for many towns. It is with good reason that the German Clock Route (total length: 320 km) passes through Holiday Land: shopping and visiting the workshops of the carvers or clock makers – you won't feel the hours ticking away!

The first cuckoo clock was created here in the heart of the Black Forest, in Schönwald. You can still see it today in the Clock Museum in Furtwangen. The Black Forest Museum in Triberg also has a comparable collection of typical Black Forest clocks.

The cuckoo clock factory Hubert Herr in Triberg is the only place of production that manufactures and assembles all individual parts of the cuckoo clock. 

A visit to the cuckoo clock workshop of Robert Herr is also something special. Unique specimens of carved clocks are manufactured here according to individual wishes. Let him show you around his workshop. Either according to arrangement or every Tuesday from 10:00 after a little walk starting at the Tourist Information office in Schonach.

But in our Holiday Land you will also find the two world's biggest cuckoo clocks. "Two world's biggest" - that's not possible", you will think. But it is – here !

The first world's biggest cuckoo clock
Have you ever been inside a cuckoo clock? Well, in the cuckoo clock in Schonach, which was the first biggest cuckoo clock in the world, it is possible. This clock is situated in the Untertal in Schonach and was built by clock maker Josef Dold and his family in over two years. Not only the case but also the clockwork and the wooden cuckoo pipes have been built on a scale of 1:50. 
Dimensions of the clockwork: length:3.60m, height: 3.10m and depth:1m. This piece of handicraft required a lot of skills and the most exact calculations. 

Fam. Josef Dold
Untertalstr. 28
78136 Schonach im Schwarzwald
Tel. +49(0)7722/4689

The world's biggest cuckoo clock in Clock Park Eble
This clock which is meanwhile the world's biggest is also to be found in Schonach, in the Clock Park Eble in Schonachbach. It measures 4.50 x 4.50 m, has a total weight of not less than six tons and it took five years to complete it. The cuckoo has a length of 4.60 m and a weight of 150 kg. 

Clock Park Eble
Schonachbach 27
78098 Schonachbach

Come and visit one of our many master clock makers in his workshop:

Besuchen Sie doch einen unserer zahlreichen Uhrmachermeister direkt in seiner Werkstatt:

St. Georgen
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