CMT Solitaire for Windows 95/98/NT

It may have crossed your mind that "the last thing the world needs is another computer Solitaire game."  If so, you should probably return to the E Pluribus Plura Homepage immediately.  But if you thirst for more of the heart-pounding excitement of clicking on little cards, this is the place for you!

CMT Solitaire is small (less than 550 kilobytes of disk space) and versatile--it plays 40 different card games, and is extensible--new games can be added by defining their layout and rules in a text file.

Games included in Version 1.3
Aspen Flower Garden Laying Siege Spider
Black Hole Fly Mrs. Mop Spiderette
Black Widow Fourteen Out Napoleon Stonewall
Blockade Freecell Peek Strategy
Bristol Gargantua Penguin Streets
Calculation German Patience Pyramid Superior Canfield
Colorado Golf Scorpion Terrace
Curds & Whey Interregnum Shamrocks Three Peaks
Diplomat Klondike Siegecraft Wasp
Eight Off La Belle Lucie Spaces & Aces Yukon

Version 1.3 (September 1999) is the final version--I don't expect to be revising it unless some bugs crop up.

CMT Solitaire is completely and utterly free.  I hope you enjoy it.

You can download CMT Solitaire as either a plain zipped file or a self-extracting program.  (If you don't know what "zip files" are, choose the self-extracting version).

Once you've extracted the files, read the file "cmtsolit.txt" for instructions--or just click on the "CMTSolit.exe" icon to start playing.

If you own Borland's Delphi (version 3.0 or later), you are welcome to download the source code to CMT Solitaire.

Last revised 09/22/99