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Hermetically Open

love torrent emptiness chair
empty chair
empty torrential chair suspended in the metavoid
the metachair is hanging by the torrential rope of the metavoid
the metarope tightens and absorbs the torrential metaneck
of the man hanging by the rope
around the woman's neck
around the fuzzy floating neck of his metawoman
empty torrential and sitting
the torrential metawoman is sitting on the chair
sitting on the emptiness of her chair
she perpetually metafloats in the absolute metavoid
of my absolutely torrential desires
absolutely meteoric and substantial
the metahead of the substantial and meteoric metawoman
suddenly appears like an arrow
between the metathigh of my dreams and the metateeth of my desires
swift biting arrow
which slightly bent leans
against the back of the metachair of my dreams and desires
always sitting always unpredictable and absolutely dazzling
the metawoman floats and metafloats always in the void
her little metaflame visible by transparency
burning within the torrential interior of her head
while right beside the incandescence of her head
slightly above her great meteoric hair
passes like a cloud
cloud resulting from the instantaneous evaporation
of her vast mental torrents
the great metaphysical tortoise
the famous tortoise* of the eternal metatorture
threatening with its grey torturing and metametaphysical weight
the lovely carnal figure of the metawoman
concretely sitting on her metachair flying
flying floating and sitting by turns
of the chair voluptuously supported by the feet of my senses
by my five senses by the thousands of claws
and thousands of feet of the passionate metasensuality
which has tumultuously appeared in the metasweat
in the infinite metasubstance my absolutely substantial senses
the beautiful eyes the fine breasts the lovely metaphysical butt
of the absolutely substantial metawoman
substantial torrential and meteoric
transgress the tortuous beyond
of the metaphysics without physique
transgress and annul the great metaphysical nothingness
for always sitting on the meteoric metachair
of my infinite and torrential meteoric desires
the metawoman opens the woman
she opens and bares her translucent flesh
her transcendent innards her transmissible* hair
which is eruptive devouring and dormant
her heart pierced by the transparent bullets
of my caresses in trance
her delicate metavulva
her dark metamouth
the innocent transplantation of the flower of her mouth
in the airy regions of my thighs
the transmigration of her soul's mouth
toward the thighs of my breath
the bizarre transfers
the unfathomable transfusions
the gigantic transmutation of all the amorous metametals
which are meteoric torrential metameteoric and substantial
the perpetual and triumphant gigantic transmutation
of mother's milk
in meteoric lava in substantial metavoid
in sperm in sperm and in universal metasperm
in diamond sperm
in your heart's sperm
in the black sperm of the absolute metalust
absolutely lustful and absolutely absolute

Translated by Michael Tweed and Raphaëlle Dedourge.
From Hermétiquement Ouverte, Héros-Limite, Ghérasim Luca, José Corti 1995.

Copyright Michael Tweed 1999.


For more information on Ghérasim Luca, please visit José Corti website. To see a video of Ghérasim Luca reading from Héros-Limite please go to



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