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La Proie S'Ombre



slips her right hand
under her left elbow
hides one side of her face
with her left hand

slips her left hand
under her right elbow
hides the other side of her face
with her right hand

draws her right hand
from her left elbow,
draws her left hand
from her right elbow

hides her face
with both hands

with her right hand
for the other got lost
with the left hand
for the other vanished

with the lost hand
under the armless elbow
with the vanished hand
under the elbowless arm

handless, faceless
arm above arm below
Madeleine hides Madeleine



Translated by Michael Tweed and Raphaëlle Dedourge.
From Madeleine, La Proie S'Ombre, Ghérasim Luca, José Corti 1995.

Copyright Michael Tweed 1999.


For more information on Ghérasim Luca, please visit José Corti website.


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