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It started 3 years ago when I sent out so-called "newsletters" to a bunch of my housemates in my first year residence of university. The e-mail addresses obtained were from an e-mail my Don had sent out informing us of university-related matters. My "newsletters" eventually led to my Don getting complaints, so I came up with my very own mailing list. The list grew over time with the help of a "subscription service" and eventually included people I knew from high school. A year later, the "e-newsletter" had an official name: The Wine Kone. (Basically, the mailing list is nothing special since it only has people I personally know on it.) Over the years "subscribers" have received stories, rants, images, and videos. In April of 2005 I decided to archive my works and publish everything (old and new) straight to the Internet. And thus, the creation of the online version of TWK. Since my "subscribers" are used to receiving e-mails instead of visiting a site, this place has yet to catch on. (The words "lazy asses" come to mind). I am surprised that random Internet people visit this site often, but I am glad to see that they, too, pity me and encourage me to create more works of crap.



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