Holden/Marolt Project Progress
Carl Bergman, head of the site committee, and his many industrious friends have been busy planning and executing the repair and restoration of wagons and machinery, as well as continually maintaining the site.

The boiler is now installed and, along with a steam engine (now installed in the barn), will eventually be attached to a functioning stamp mill inside the barn. Photo exhibits and interpretation have also been installed. A large model showing the different faces of the site from the mining through the ranching years was installed in the summer of 2003.

The Barr's Stamp Mill has been dismantled and transported from its original turn-of-the-century location high on Aspen Mountain to the Holden/Marolt site. It has been reassembled in the barn and connected by wheels and belts to the steam engine (which will run on air pressure rather than steam, which would be impractical for its location today).

A second working steam engine (which will actually run on steam), is planned for the site and should be a thrilling display when completed.

Much of AHS's summer programing has been transferred to the site, including some of our Hands-on-History series.

This is wonderful site for children of all ages.

Carl Bergman explains the workings of a restored turn-of-the-century boiler on a private tour at Holden/Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum.

Edward Royal Holden—1889

Mike and Opal Marolt

We invite your involvement in this fabulous project. Please call the Aspen Historical Society's Education Dept. at 970-925-3721, ext. 3 or 5 for further information, or e-mail volunteer@aspenhistory.org if you are interested in participating in any way. Or, call Carl Bergman at 970-925-7199.