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castlflic2.gif (1531 bytes)A site devoted to exploring the ancient trade routes around the Mediterranean. Generally, we stay near the Mediterranean, which still covers a lot of area. The time covered is from about the beginning of writing until 400 AD [CE]. This covers the fall of the Roman Empire, the beginnings of Christianity, and up to but not including, the rise of Islam. Eventually, you will be able to follow a series of routes all the way around the Mediterranean.

                                The site can be used in several ways:
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Routes presently available:

  Ba102e.gif (875 bytes)   King’s Highway A long trip from Egypt across the Sinai, through Jordan into Syria,  through Damascus and Palmyra, ending at the Euphrates. About as ready as I can make it.

    Ba102e.gif (875 bytes)   Silk Road    Due to recent interest in Afghanistan I am including part of the Silk Road. You can now follow the Silk Road from Baghdad to Kashmir, China.  I stop there.

    Ba102e.gif (875 bytes)    Way of the Sea    Through Palestine along the coast, cutting through Megiddo and on to Damascus, Syria.

    Ba102e.gif (875 bytes)     Royal Road  Travel along the route in upper Turkey, beginning at Smyrna, through the  land of the Hittites, into Armenia, and ending at Babylon. The trip is sketched in but few pictures so far.

  Ba102e.gif (875 bytes)   Lower Road A later version of the Royal Road, which began in Ephesus, went through  southern Turkey, into Syria , through Aleppo and ended at Babylon. Under construction, and not yet very interesting. Same picture problem, also.

   Ba102e.gif (875 bytes)   Amber Road     Route which begins in north Italy, goes through Yugoslavia to the Danube in Hungary. Still under construction...

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castlflic2.gif (1531 bytes)For the reader new to ancient history, we strongly recommend following one of the routes listed, and learn as you go. The story is general, with many subjects linked, to allow you to follow whatever interests you. Expect to get lost occasionally, which is the whole point of the page layout. You can always return to the beginning of the trip and follow a different set of links. For the veteran historian, perhaps needing information on a specific topic, the index will let you get there quicker. Note the really famous places are omitted, since they are well-covered elsewhere. You will find very little on Rome or Jerusalem, but Kerak is covered.

All through this site, all links are within the site. You will not be sent to other locations. The exceptions are those links in the Credits page. These links are very obvious.

During the travels, unusual people, places and subjects are linked to separate files, where you can get more information, then return to your travel point. If you have a question about something mentioned but not followed up, let us know.

For those looking for information on a specific topic I include an index of subjects available. This index expands almost daily as more areas are made ready for inclusion. Also, some files are parked in folders which seem unlikely, however, I simply did not know where else to put them. You may have to search around a little for what you want. Where would you have put linen? or qanat? or Vestal Virgins? 

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  Index Page

People Many people files, many still pretty raw and not yet on-site.
Areas Areas and countries, to cover geography and climate.
Cities Many cities; some on the route; many not connected but interesting.
Empires Information on many of the empires which have arisen and fallen over time.
Water Files which give more information on various rivers, lakes and seas which are mentioned throughout the text.
Disasters Here you find detailed info on some of the ancient disasters.
Subjects There is always a miscellaneous category.
Trees Family Trees and King Lists
Satellite Collection of satellite photos with description and labels.

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castlflic2.gif (1531 bytes)We hope you find something interesting and we are certainly open to suggestions. We also encourage content criticism, if you keep it mild. Praise can be logged on at any time. Incidentally, we desperately need pictures of these areas, pictures which are not copyrighted. If you have been there, and have a few pictures, please send them with explanation and we can put them on this site. For those of you who would like to add something, even a page, I could certainly use the help.

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dictbutt.gif (1054 bytes) This button takes you to a dictionary, short but specific to this site. Words used but not in the
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This website will be constantly updated, as we get time to devote to our hobby. If there is something you are looking for, let us know and maybe we can forward it. There are literally hundreds of files which are not yet ready for the site. As it is, this site is already very large. It would take you weeks to read, and I can't possibly remember it all !

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