The Story- MS patients treated with antibiotics-5-11-04
For people with relapsing remitting MS, and relatively little damage, the antibiotic treatment will very likely help restore you close to your old self. You probably have only myelin damage, and if you take large amounts of B12, IM, you may see brighter days. Do not put off treatment. Your Doctor may not be willing to treat, since atibiotics- as a cause of MS- is not yet "proven".. So,  search until you get a cooperative  MD. Antiibiotics can help, will not hurt.

For those with Progressive MS, it may be different. If  only a small amount of  damage has been done, you may arrest it, and maybe even reverse it. But, you probably have axonal damage, and this we know little  about .
If you have had progressive MS for many years,you are likely to have axonal damage, and it may not be possible to see any
improvements-based on the small amoiunt oif  data available at  this time.
I will update as soon as data is available.
We have a substantial, if not overwhelming, amount of data
13 of VU patients and 6 that I have communicated with, a total of 19 patients. We are likely on the right track.

Start here.The SeminalCase at VU

1-Read the Original VU articles 1998 and 1999 about C pneumoniae and MS.
2-Newspaper article, April 24, 1999 about a person treated at VU, successfully..
3-All the information on individuals treated by Vanderbilt, or their own doctors, is here
4-Here is an exciting new article, 2-00, that let's us see into Srirams world. A must read.
5-Here is all the information I have collected on antibiotics useful against C pneumoniae.
6-The translation of work done in 1964, relating antibiotics and rickettsia, and MS
7-Luther Lindner, M.D., at Texas A&M very worthwhile,
8-Other illnesses associated with C pneumoniae
9-Prevent Lyme Disease with antibacterial

Dr. Sriram of Vanderbilt U.  has treated more people since the 4-99 article, ( documented in link #4 above) and the body of evidence is strong. Out of the 13 of his patients who have completed nine months to a year of antibiotic treatment, 11 have either improved or stabilized, while only two have gotten worse. This is statistically powerful evidence of the effectivity of antibiotics.
No other treatment has such a record.  Many of his patient are described here or in the newspaper articles above.

I have fourteen documented cases (all but one involved personal contact) where antibiotic treatment was used. This is partly in addition to Srirams work.
Five patients with relapsing-remitting MS have shown really good improvement from antibiotic therapy.
Three with progressive MS showed some improvement.
One with long term progressive MS has shown a little improvement-but,improvement!! Most of these who improved a lot are under 40 years of age.
This is remarkable! 5-14-04 update.

A summary follows:
Case#    Name    condition before         condition now            Medicine now
1            Brad  *   unable to walk          free of CP, walking     Flagyl+ Bactrim, 18 months total.
2            Wally *   unable to walk          walking                       various
3            unkn  *   not known precisely  improved                    not known
4            Bill    *    in wheelchair-long    still in chair but,          rifampin+
                              time                        some iprovement
5            Dave      early stage MS;35      much better               Flagyl, zithromax stopped taking
 Originally-Erythromycin,  all very successful.
6           Karen     Maybe MS                 much better                  Flagyl, Biaxin
7          Graham     MS; 40                    much better                   Penicillin V
8           MK         In wheelchair;55             better                            Zithro,rifampin
9           Lisa         rel-rem;38                      better                            Ciprofloxacin
11         Kat         progressive                 better                                Biaxin
12         Tannie    Sec progressive.46      much better                   zithromax, 3x/day,other
13         Nannie        progressive  in chair  better                            flagyl,doxycycline
14         Dennis     progressive                    better                            Clindamycin
*treated by Dr. Sriram.
Cases # 1,2, 3, 4 were treated by Dr Sriram and are part of the 13 reported on in the 2-00 newspaper article.
Case #1  SUCCESS-probably the seminal case
There was an  MS person, Brad Lamons, treated by Vanderbilt, starting July, 1996. This was written up in the newspaper article (Tennessean, April 24th, 1999) linked below.  Before that treatment, he was unable to move either leg, or his left arm. These symptoms developed over five months; then he was found to have C. pneumoniae in his CSF.
He was treated with antibiotics for 18 months, till about the end of 1997, and he reports that after three weeks on antibiotics he was walking again! After the treatment, he has continued to improve, as of the date of the newspaper article, April 24,1999. This means that there was a major neurologic effect, within a short time. The bacterium must have been substantially eliminated, and a healing process begun. After 18 months he discontinued antibiotic treatment, and has continued to improve, as of our last contact.
I have spoken with him personally.

Case #2 SUCCESS- I was mistaken, he was not the seminal case.
Latest from Wally, 5-26-01,by email.

I am recieving novantrone now, in addition to my anti-biotic regimen.  I
walk now with no asstance!  I have noticed sugar causes a negetive
reaction(head spins and double vision)b-12 has also proved to be
benificial.doses10,000 or >.at least twice daily.
I realize Novantrone  is  not a cure. I'm taking it on my neuro's
frustration.(having failed at betaseron and avonex).did not finish
school yet, spring 2002 methinks.  Haven't found the right work
situation just yet...I think the novantrone is helping me because it is
puttiing the fear of god into me, that if I don't improve my heart will
be extinguished.after  coming off a/b therapy I found myself progessivly
weaker. Hence, I restarted a/b therapy with a vengance. My strenghth has
returned. I am slowly over coming my limited social life, having been a
recluse the past few years.  Haven't been tested for chlamydia lately.
On a humorus note, ma mentioned to my neuro how a handfull of jelly
beans at easter took my legs right out from under me. His comment was
"maybe if they were on the floor".  I know better.  He is gona freak
when I walk in for my next appointment, I can hardly wait.  Keep the
faith, Brother

Still earlier
W, says:
"I have yet to have another exacerbation since my treatment by the crew at
Vanderbilt.  I was averaging 6 a year prior to getting started.  I really
think they are on to something.  Without a doubt the course of my MS has
been changed for the better... "

Then the following--apparently written early in 1997--
"I was so bad, I was bedridden for two months. I completely lost
control of my bowels. I couldn't write or speak understandably. I  started
this treatment 6 months ago, and I was walking within two weeks. I haven't had an exacerbation since I started. I must comment, that I think there is definitely a connection between mind/body. Gradually my double vision subsided. The recovery processes is slow, but quite remarkable. When I went to my neurologist, at university of Penn., he said that I was the worst case that he had. When I went down, I was on avonex the whole time.
        It seems like my track record is 3-4 exacerbations per year. Fall is the worst time of year, so if I don't go downhill this fall, I know something is working. I enjoyed my first day back at school today.
One story I was told about, was a cop (Brad)  who was a tri-pelegic, who is back at work today. At one point, he was feeling so well he stopped the antibiotics. He went down rapidly. When he recontinued treatment he
immediately improved."

And in a private communication in October, 1999, W  says:

"I'm doing well these days. I'm finishing off my computer science degree, which will be completed in May. Before I started treatment,  I was pretty much bedridden. Now I am walking without assistance. I continue to take antibiotics to this day. It's my understanding,  that I may be on antibiotics the rest of my life. This is far superior to the alternative. I am in the third stage of the protocol I sent you. The most difficult part of the treatment is eliminating sugar. ...Note: I have discontinued the use of interferon type drugs,  but continue to improve... W."

In January 2000, "w" said:

"I am currently taking rifampin, amoxicillin, isoniazid, sulfamethoxazole (bactrim), and probenicid.
Hope this helps you"...W

Original communique from Wally :
Date: 1 Sep 98 00:08:37 -0400 From: "Wally T" Howdy, If you want to find a real therapy, read the article in the February, 1998 issue of Neurology. I am doing this treatment, I went from being in a wheelchair, to walking ithout any assistance. I'm going back to college now. I don't want to read about this bullshit any more. If you must make a comment, direct it to the original sender. He wanted to hear your opinion. Not me. Don't send me e-mail concerning this treatment. Read the article. The doctor expressly told me not to discuss this on the internet, and said, "direct people to the article " ---------------------------------------- Chlamydiae pneumonia is not chlamydiae, the sexually transmitted disease. It drives me nuts, explaining that I don't have a sexually transmitted disease. Don't quote me on it, but it is a "prehistoric bacterium ". I think it is of the same family of spirochetes? Just remember, I didn't spill the beans, I just turned Y'all onto the article. It is copyrighted. You can't publish it on the web without Dr. Stratton's, and Dr. Sriram's permission. I guess "Neurology "has some rights to it too. I'll see if Dr. Stratton will let my company publish this document on the web for him. ------------------------------------------ >How do you KNOW you are well, perhaps you are just in a remission? >What are the long-term results? How long has it been since you had this treatment? Dude, I was so bad, I was bedridden for two months. I completely lost control of my bowels. I couldn't write or speak understandably. I started this treatment 6 months ago, and I was walking within two weeks. I haven't had an exacerbation since I started. I must comment, that I think there is definitely a connection between mind/body. Gradually my double vision subsided. The recovery process is slow, but quite remarkable. When I went to my neurologist, at university of Penn., he said that I was the worst case that he had. When I went down, I was on avonex the whole time. It seems like my track record is 3-4 exacerbations per year. Fall is the worst time of year, so if I don't go downhill this fall, I know something is working. I enjoyed my first day back at school today. One story I was told about, was a cop who was a tri-pelegic, who is back at work today. At one point, he was feeling so well he stopped the antibiotics. He went down rapidly. When he recontinued treatment he immediately improved. You see, the doctors were treating people for chronic fatigue syndrome, then they realized the cfs patients had very similar symptoms to MS patients. They figured there was a connection. The problem is, the modern medical community won't recognize the connection. It's similar to the phenomenon that it has taken many years for doctors to realize it's a "bug" that causes ulcers. Some doctors don't believe this Now my neurologist told me, "if you tell me about this therapy, you can find a new neurologist ". I have since said later to all those bozos in ivory towers. And I feel incredible. Sincerely yours, Wally ------------------------------------ The principal is to remain on antibiotics until you test negative for chlamydiae pneumonia. The striking part of Dr. Stratton's work, is that everyone who has MS, tests positive for chlamydiae pneumonia. I believe that MS is really a syndrome, and could be caused by numerous factors. I do pay for antibiotics, and other supplements, but as I said before "not one red cent" has been paid to any doctor. This doesn't account for the myriad of doctors I went to seeking help. My neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania hospital, who is world renown, saw the article and poo-poo ed it. I think my downfall was a real let down for the makers of avonex. So I said "later" to all those cats. Note: the cop didn't test negative, he stopped because he decided to. The part about everyone testing positive is what swayed my opinion. Yes macs do rule! Walter Trebing ------------------------------------- I wish I could turn you on to the protocol of treatment. I think it would be unethical. I will say that I am getting customized treatment, in that I am taking a maintenance dose of prednisone, which hasn't been done before. The chlamydiae pneumonia doesn't go down easy, prednisone helps to cushion the ride. This is new to the treatment, so I am happy to be a contributor. I'll have to send you the Url for his web page. He is not a neurologist, but a doctor of infectious disease. I met a friend of his, they became very excited when they learned of my malady. I thought it rather strange, and asked what the excitement was about. He said "I have a friend who thinks he may have a cure for MS". I will tell you this about the therapy. There is a radical change of diet. I have eliminated the use of red meat. I can use sugar in the form of dextrose (honey), but no other. No fructose, lactose, sucrose. This is hard because I am 60 pounds underweight. I must also add that I have heard his cohort say that they are considering that "there is a link with dog owners", and "chocolate lovers", and MS. I do know that chlamydiae pneumonia loves sugar. One other thing, Dr. Stratton is the first doctor I've ever had who hasn't tried to coerce me to quit smoking. He tells me "smoking is bad for chlamydiae pneumonia", and that I may smoke more because it makes me "better". Pretty wild huh. WAT --------------------------------------
One of the  Vanderbilt U. OND people with C. pneumoniae in the CSF (name unknown)- in the Vanderbilt report, was also treated, and apparently made remarkable improvement within six months, although this is not discussed in detail by Vanderbilt.
There was a fourth person treated, Bill, a man of about 50, who had MS for over 20 years; he has been in a wheelchair for some time.
As of 12-26-00,  he reports that he was off a/b's for six months, now is back on, taking rifampin and another a/b. He is also taking some food supplements, which info will soon appear here. He reports some improvement!! Better resistance to heat, and better mental function-measured by Dr. Sriram.

He reports( Nov 99) that he has been on antibiotics for one year, with a little improvement. His treatment continues. He breathes better, since starting the treatment.
He would not disclose which antibiotics he used. He sounded hopeful, and he expected another spinal tap this December, 1999, indicating that thus far, his spinal fluid retains C. pneumoniae.

1-07-00, he disclosed that Amoxicillin is one of the medicines he has been on.

As it turns out much of the damage to Bill (and others who have had MS for a long time) may be irreversible, due to axonal damage. Read this journal article for detail. If it is true that "old" MS lesions are irrepairable, then the objective of antibiotic therapy must be to prevent additional damage, as well as starting the healing of reversible damage.
Case# 5 Dave,  SUCCESS!!!-current data
On 5-31-01
Long time without any contact.  I'm doing really well.  I've lost weight.
Exercise and going to school full time.  Life couldn't be better.  I'm off of
the ABX now and have been for about 60 days.
My MD also put me on antidepressants (SSRI's).  They helped quite a bit.  I'm
now off of them due to my high level of aerobic activity.  Since my future
looks brighter, my outlook has improved as well.

Earlier  "D", reports:
On 3-20-01
I'm doing very well.  I'm running and lifting weights 6 days a week.  I've
been very busy with school and work lately.  I work full time and attend
school full time.  I've also been out of town quite a bit as well.  My MD
also put me on an anti depressant as well.  It seemed to help quite a bit.  I
was just feeling overwhelmed by so many things.  I'll probably stop in a few
months.  I stopped the ABX last month.  I didn't feel like I was improving
anymore.  I've been working out quite vigorously lately.  I continue to get
stronger from that.  I've been sitting on my butt for the last five years,
and as a result I have had quite a bit of muscle atrophy.  I'm actually doing
the "Body for Life" program.  It's working really well.  I'm packing on the
muscle and dropping weight.  I've lost about 15 lb. in fat in the past 6

 Here is my Symptom history:
My symptoms started in Feb 1997.   Numbness on the right side of my body.
The symptoms went away in one week and then returned in a few weeks later on the
left side of my body.   The symptoms were/are Optic Neuritis (photophobia and
blurred vision) Asymmetric weakness.   General fatigue, muscle fasticulations.
 In March of 1997 I had an MRI of the brain.   It came back normal.   I then
had peripheral nerve conduction tests.   Those tests came back normal. I had an
LP which showed moderate amounts of MBP in my CSF, but no OC banding.   I was
told I'm in the probable column for MS. My symptoms have continually
persisted until present.   In March 2000 I had an MRI Brain done again.   It
came back normal.   My Neuro said that it still could be MS but you ought to
maybe see a psychiatrist.   When I said what other conditions exihibit these
same symptoms, other than MS, she said "I don't know."  The Neurologist was
essentially saying, thank you have a nice day and wait for your immune system
to devour your Central Nervous System, when there are scars that we can find,
we'll diagnose you as having MS.

The only way I was able to get symptoms to go away is when I was treated with
ABX for a concurrent condition, such as a bacterial respiratory infection.
I started having the first undeniable symptoms of MS in February 1997.   I
was diagnosed in 1999 with probable pp/ms.  I first tried the antibiotic therapy
after hearing about the dramatic results in Neurology magazine 1998 and after
hearing about the results from Vanderbilt April 1999.   I persuaded my PCP to
give me antibiotics E-mycin 200 mg 2 times/day.  The results were dramatic.
In about 72 hours I could feel a big difference.   My PCP was convinced it
was psychosomatic.   I was on the antibiotic for 30 days.   After 30 days I could
not persuade my PCP to renew the prescription.   She was concerned about the
negative side effects.   With in 1 week I could feel a deterioration.   Five
months later I finally persuaded my PCP to give me a prescription for 500 mg
E-mycin. Unfortunately, I did not feel any great difference.   I then got a
prescription for metronidazole (500 mg) (Flagyl) and co-trimoxazole.   I went
on those for two weeks with great anticipation.   Unfortunately, I felt
little difference.   My fear is that I had created an antibiotic resistant strain of
whatever pathogen(s) cause(s) MS. At this time I decided that I needed to
(do) some work with a pathologist and an Infectious disease Doctor, before I
started screwing around with something that I have a poor clinical and
therapeutic understanding of."

I started Taking Flagyl 500 mg 2x daily on September 02, 2000, after my
symptoms were getting more severe. The Flagyl had a beneficial effect for the
first week.  The benefit then stopped. I added Doxycycline 100 mg twice
daily, but this gave me headaches, so I stopped the Doxycycline.  When I
reread the Vanderbilt story in Neurology, I found that the Flagyl dose was
500 mg 3 x daily.  This a made a big difference for me.  I added Azithromycin
250 mg once daily on 11-14-200.  My understanding is that this is the
medication of choice to kill Chlamydia Pneumoniae in the blood.  Since I have
PPMS, there are no relapses.  I have never had a relapse nor an attack.  So
this could not be anything other than the antibiotics.  This could not be
psychosomatic, because when I awake in the morning, I hardly have tremors and
the tremors decrease everyday.  I don't believe that psychosomatic effect
works while asleep.  Below I've listed my symptoms and how they have changed.
As of 11-15-00:
1.     Numbness on left side. Gone
2.     Optic Neuritis.   Greatly diminished.   This will probably be my most
persistent symptom.
3.     Tremors (daytime). Gone
4.     Tremors upon waking. Greatly diminished
5.     Deep muscle tremors. Greatly diminished in frequency of occurrence
6.     Fatigue.   Diminished to the point that I don't remember being like
this for years.

As good as I feel, I know that tomorrow I'll feel even better. I also do not
seem to feel as depressed.   I'm not sure why, other than my life has been
given back to me.   If that won't cheer you up nothing will.  Life is good.
Now D is taking Zithromax, and reports much improvement, in a short time. Soon he will add rifampin to his armory.12-15-00.

Case # 6-"KL" SUCCESS-this is completely redone, as there were errors.
As of 2-00
She started having symptoms 21 years ago. She developed mental confusion, fatigue,vision problems, pain in knee. She was relapsing -remititting.
As of 12-00, the mental confusion and vision problems have abated.
She says:
I started taking antibiotics the first time close to four years ago.  I was
on Doxycycline and Amoxycillian to start.  I then switched after a few months
to floxin and doxy.  My doc thought the Doxy was helping but decided to
switch out the Amoxy.   The first thing I noticed was a horrible fatigue
overwhelming me shortly after I started on the drugs.  I was told that I was
experiencing a Jerrisch-Herxheimer reaction as I was killing off the bacteria
in my body.  I drank lots of water and over time the fatigue cleared.  I also
noticed I was starting to think clearer.  My 'brain fog' was lifting.  Over
the next six months I was beginning to feel like my old self.   My Nystagmus
even cleared up.  I stopped taking antibiotics because it was getting quite
expensive because my insurance wasn't paying for my drugs.   I decided to
take a chance and quit taking the antibiotics.  Gradually, I started to feel
worse.  In the summer of '98 I went to a clinic in Aurora, IL and started an
antibiotic regimen once again.  This time I started a course of Cipro and
Minocycline.  It started to kick in after a few weeks and I was able to
function once again.  In the fall of '98 I switched to a combo of Levaquin
and Minocycline. I experienced the worst pains in my knees and even had to
take pain killers at night to sleep.  I stayed on the Levaquin/flagyl combo
for approx four months.  I then switched to flagyl and Levaquin in Feb. of
'99 and have been on that combo since.  I have also added a holistic doctor
to my regimen just to make sure everything in my body is in balance.

I am in recovery mode right now because I cracked my head open one night in
November and was set back.  I ended up having an infection is a tooth which
had been root canalled four times in the past.  It ended up erupting and
released toxins into my bloodstream and made me very sick.  Thinking back,
this tooth was the cause of many of my problems for over 20 years.  It almost
killed me when I was 14 because of an infection in the root.  Needless to say
the tooth has been extracted from my mouth.  I am now in Physical therapy
trying to regain the strength I lost when I got sick from my infected tooth.
I also lost 20 lbs which was all of my muscle. The tooth made me essentially
bed ridden for 2 months.  It was horrible.

 Now I have also begun replacing my mercury amalgam fillings.  I have four
fillings left in my mouth and they come out at the end of the month.  I am
feeling pretty good these days.  I now have to use a cane to walk because of
a brace PT put on my leg.  I am getting stronger and each day is better.  I
want to get back to being able to walk like I was before my accident in
November.  It is just a slow process.

Antibiotic therapy is not for everyone.  The results are not instant and it
may take several years to rid your body of the bacteria.   It is also
important to eat healthy and rest when needed.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  I have had this wonderful
disease for over 20 years.
I just received news from my doctor in PA and my MS is actually a Borrelia
infection (a spirochete that is known for causing Lyme) and I happen to have
an extremely chronic case of it.  My doctor in PA recommends IV antibiotics.
I have a meeting with my local doc to show him the pictures of this organism
in my blood.  It is causing my red blood cells to clump and is also present
in cyst forms in my blood.  Right now I am on Biaxin and flagyl until I can
get my local doc to prescribe IV drugs.  I need him to prescribe them so my
insurance will pay for it.

Update 12-23-00
I just changed from IV Rocephin to IV Doxycycline (250 ml drip over 2 hours).
 I also take 500 mg oral Biaxin twice a day also.

My condition has definitely improved.  My head feels thirteen again!  I have
lots of energy and I am able to work in the office 5 days/week.  I still use
a cane to get around but I think it is only a matter of time before I give it
up!  I had my blood drawn to be tested for C. Pneumoniea but I haven't
received the results yet.  As long as I am on abx.  I improve.


Shannon Grahame
It was reported to me that Grahame is 45, has relapsing remitting MS, and is now able to walk.
It is reported that he takes Ciprofloxacin and Minocycline.

       " I take 1000mg of phenoxymethyl penicillin (penicillin V) four times a day. (That amount
       is probably a bit high.)
       With it I take 500mg of probenecid, described as a 'penicillin helper ': it keeps the
       penicillin in your body longer.
       Penicillin needs to be taken on an empty stomach, so go without food for about 2 hours
       before you take it and for 30-60 minutes afterwards, then my advice is to take the
       probencid with food.
       Taking the probencid with the penicillin can result in appalling indigestion. You will be
       taking this stuff for a long time: best to get it right.
       And two cautions:
      first, beware of thrush, especially women. Taking acidophilus (simply by eating
      yoghurt that hasn't had it processed out of it) might be be enough, something
      stronger like Nystatin may be required (consult your doctor).
      And second, be aware of the Herxheimer reaction, i.e. you feel worse before you
      feel better. This can last 2-4 weeks and it's pretty awful but you can live with it."
MK (female)
I am 55 years old and was diagnosed about 30 years ago but think I may have
had my first exacerbation about 38 years ago.  I was a phys ed teacher and
one hot spring day I couldn't demonstrate the triple flip on the balance
beam.(I was a Phys Ed. Teacher. I called for a student who was a member of a
gymnastic club for help.) That was on a Friday and by monday everything was
back to normal and I just assumed I just had a bad day!
The next time it popped up was about 8 years later when I went to the eye
Dr. I assumed I finely needed glasses like my older siblings.  He said I
deeded to make a appointment with a neurologist, later I found out he saw
the typical white spots!  That was the days before the MRI (I still haven't
had one) and as diagnosed by the high protein count in the spinal fluid.
I studied up on MS and decided I need to make a job change and went back to
school and got my MSW. One of my practicums I did at the NE MS society and
stayed on as their service Director for two years until I decided have MS
and working was two much so I went back to child welfare until I had to
medically retire.  None of my siblings have MS nor their children (21).
I have been a wheel chair user for about two years after a major exacerbation that wiped out my right leg and decreased the fine motor control of my hands. Since then I would say I have the progressive MS except for the current improvements.  My typing is down to is down to two finger until my
sisters gave me the dragon program so all I have to do is talk to the computer and it does the typing.
 I have been on the Vanderbuilt treatment (Zithromax plus rifadin) for 4 months.   I am  hanging on to the sink and have my elect wheel chair behind me.  I can kick my left  knee out and hold it almost streaght out, something I HAVENT  BEEN ABLE TO DO FOR TWO YEARS!!!

 since I have been on the medication, my legs are stronger
and my right leg I can lift up and hold up long enough for the bath aide to put
a sock on it. I think my fine motor control of my fingers has improved but I
will let the Dr. confirm it when I see him in two weeks, with his fancy
measurement tools.
I don't even go out with my cool vest when it gets  HOT. I am heat sensitive.
Case, #9-Success "L"

"L" says that in the beginning she was taking Ciprofloxacin 750 mg, 3x/day,for nine months.
Then biaxin 500 mg 3x/day.
She was not tested for C. pneumoniae.
She also said:
"Dr. Paul Wechter claimed he discovered a spirochette that is the cause of MS.Well, whatever his claim, it sure worked for me, but it did not do anything for my friend who told me about it; he is more advanced than I; I believe that this is yet another treatment that simply works better the sooner the MS is diagnosed.( my comment-and treated...."
My RRMS began when I was 13, I am now almost 38. It was pretty typical for
the most part, blindness in my right eye was first. A couple years later it
was double vision and a year after that, the same, I was 17 at that time.
Numbness and all the trimmings over those years.

In 1984, (6 months after marriage) I broke my right ankle in an aerobics
class (I was doing okay at that point), I stupidly kept going to work and
eventually (about 3 months later) was numb from head to toe and spinning
around the room, and (I wasn't dancing!) ended up in the hospital for an MS
exacerbation for the first time.

It took me about 6 months to get back to close to where I was before this
nasty exacerbation. My balance was never the same, but it wasn't awful
either, I could get away with not using a cane for the most part.

In 1987 my husband took a transfer to Wisconsin. I also was pregnant, which
actually was great I could walk for miles with no cane and felt so good.
About 4 months after he was born, it was exacerbation time, my arms were
totally numb which made it a bit scary having to pick up my new baby, back to
steroids. I have always been fortunate that the steroids work for me.

Since that time I have had many exacerbations, but for the most part have
always been able to walk, though a trip to the zoo or the like requires a
wheelchair. At the time before I started the AB treatment, we moved into a
house back in my hometown in Illinois. I was really not doing very well, I
was so tired all the time, I was truly beginning to think in a serious way,
not for pity, but serious, that how long will I really live? I was thinking
that I would at least really like to see A.J. (my son) graduate from High
School and get into college. I could only stand and do dishes for 5 minutes
at a time, then I would have to shuffle back to my chair and rest for 10.

I had done Betaseron (it gave me 103 temps, then I really couldn't walk!) and
Copaxone, which did not give me temps but I would keep getting exacerbations
and decided to stop that, it seemed pointless to me.

Then along came the antibiotic therapy, I was hopeful, but skeptical.  In the
first month I was completely wiped out, and already felt exhausted by the
fatigue I already had, but I stayed with it. I started to notice that my
thigh and glute muscles were really sore, this I did not understand, since
all I had energy for was laying down. I soon noticed that I could feel those
sore muscles when I brushed my teeth and further realized I was standing on
my own two feet and not leaning up against the vanity for support. Over the
next few months I would notice that I could actually stand and do dishes for
15, then 20 and now 30 minutes or more. That was incredible, Ooops, I knew I
was forgetting something, I used to have to use the walls and furniture for
getting around our 2 bedroom house. I don't do that anymore unless I am
having an exacerbation, which I usually cannot avoid in the summer. My
husband and son cannot believe this is the same person. I still use m cane in
grocery stores and the like, in a mall I would need a wheelchair.  The one
thing that I really enjoy that has changed enormously is when I hug someone I
don't feel like I will fall into them, that is amazing, I have had that
"falling into" someone feeling for at least 5 years. So, I will take what I
can get. I did the AB's for about 1 1/2 years, stopped, but I will probably
start again in the late spring, and see how it goes.

I feel I have gotten more out of that, than any other treatments. At the
moment I am using a supplement called Microhydrin and before that and even
now I use a product called a Bioelectrifier, for up to 2 hours a day. The
latter is supposed to "cleanse" the blood much like the "blood swap"
treatment, only completely noninvasive. I did have a J-H reaction from the
Bioelectrifier, it was like the one I experienced with the antibiotics, so
that is why I continue with it.
Recently, 3-00, "L" says:

I was taking doxy and biaxin. I read on I think, Dr. Sriram's site that
biaxin does not cross the BBB so I asked my Doc to switch me to bactrim,
which appears to be doing the job. He used to work at the LifeCare facility
in Aurora IL , it was shut down and still is as far as I know. But luckily
Dr. Ayre is still working nearby and will gladly write scripts. I will
forward any info on to him, so that he can treat me with the appropriate
meds. I will go to your site in a moment. Dr. Ayre gave me some info on
CaEAP, this information is also very interesting 35 years of research. This
treatment is based on MS having the basis of a virus. Some pretty compelling
info. It gets confusing to me considering that I have had much help with
antibiotics and will continue to use them. Could it be both? Yikes, so
Case  #10 Linda
Current age:  41
Diagnosed:  December 1995
Mobility:  No challenges until 98,currently walking with cane sinceThankgving,2000.
She is starting on Ofloxacin, Jan 2001.

You'l love this--at first my doctor said "I've tried to treat MS patients iwith Zithromax, and it didn't seem to help" and I piped up "but Robert Miller says that Zithromax doesn't pass the BBB!"
(and I of course had your printouts to back it up--touche! :)

Case no 11 Kat-early success
        I am reading your MS page, my Mom has been diagnosed with MS 29 years ago.Recently we found  an
        antibiotic called Biaxin helped her improve greatly. I have been fighting with doctors ever since. This is a woman
        who was born in 1932, diagnosed 29 years ago. NO ms drugs have ever helped her.I question the diagnosis all
        together.Wheelchair bound  for over 20 years, She has not talked or fed herself in over 7 or 8 years. After taking
        biaxin for a couple months she is feeding herself and talking and reading.Once the biaxin stops she goes back to
        the "zombie like" state that she has been for years. I have been keeping track of her progress using a Glasgow
        Coma scale, also other things like talking reading eating habits ect.ON and off the biaxin. I believe the Biaxin is
        fighting a bacterial type of infection which could be the cause of her MS symptoms.While I am sure not all of the
        damage can be undone. She has a much better quality of life while taking the Biaxin. We have already been
        through 6 doctors because I refuse to believe that nothing can be done but to "make her comfortable" . I am Tired
        of hearing this. Do you have any suggestions on HOW to find one that will explore this more with her ? Or what
        type of doctor ? We live in Toledo Ohio and MS patients are usually seen by Neurologists.And they really don't
        want to explore "bacterial type of things"A neurologist has not helped in the last 29 years. Any thing you can
        suggest will help.
My  response:
congratulations on mom and Biaxin. she will need to take it for a long time. Also, it does not
               cure, or heal, only kills the bacteria. Try adding b12 shots intramuscular, weekly, at least 2
               mg each time, and take all other b vitamins orally daily. If she can't get shots find sublingual b12
               at least 1000 mg/day.
               Finding a doc is difficult.
               Try infectious disease specialist, but keep up the biaxin; they can do no more.
               Keep me informed.
12 Tannie-success with Zithromax

Receicved 5-03-02
I know I am only halfway and will improve more, at least I am confident.
Although I have learned by now that taking antiobiotics without the diet as recomended by prof.
nicolson is no use at all.
I am sure you know prof. nicolson, if not here's the direcion to go to.

with love tannie

okey here I go,

febr. 2001 treatment IV prednisolon 5 days
13-14-15th april zithromax
16th april feel great, not tired
4 th may- still feel great except pain in my knee
8th may- pain in my knee gone ? after check-up with rehalibitation doctor she confirms
unbelievable improvements in the strenght of my bad leg.
16th may- no pain in my knee, walk without a cane.
15th june sore throut, and common cold
18-19-20th june ziothromax 3 days
22- july, don't feel well, tired, stiffness.
23- july  symptoms are getting worse , feel a tight band around chest and waist, incontinent,
left side of my face is burning,loosing my balance,pain in my knee.
24-25-26th july Zithromax
26th july it seems that symptoms are gone, very severe pain in my knee
27th july pain in knee is less
12th august feel great again, no more pain , no more stiffness, all symptoms are disappeared
11th september- still feel great. today I start diet as recommended by prof. nicolson
19th september- unbelievable, when having a shower I was able to reach for a towel without
looking for support, and without thinking I was able to get out of the bathtub like any
other person.
20th -9 after having dinner with a steak and shrimpsalat I felt terrible the next day, pain,
shaking, one word miserable feeling
22th september, feel recovered again after two days of rigorous diet
5 th october- still feel great, except after eating the "wrong" food, than I feel shaky, pain
and tired.
11th october. getting worse again.tingles in my head and back, little balance, pain in my knee,
12th october amoxicicline 500 mg.
18th october after 3 days of amox. I feel slow recovery pain in my knee is gone, no more
tingles, I feel I have 150% energy, not one moment I feel tired, incontinence is recovered to
normal function, balance is getting better, almost able to walk without a cane.
19th october. increased amoxy from 500 mg a day untill 1000 mg.
Try to stay on the diet as strict as possible,  do not eat meat, just fish and sometimes
turkey.drinks lots of water
12th november - feel great no symptoms at all, no side effect of the antibiotics
14 th november. I am able to walk outside the house without a cane unsteady but  I manage.
12th december- no side effects, still on 1000 mg amoxycicline /day
17th december- no MS symptoms, walking is difficult due to pain in my knee
6th january - noticed today that I am almost without pain for two months now, did not take even
one paionkiller all the time.
7th january slowly increasing doxycicline 100 mg /day 3 or 4 times a week
9th january yeast infection.stop taking doxy untill yeast infection is gone
13th january. recovered from yeast infection, start taking doxycicline again 100 mg /day
17th january. getting better and stronger every day
18th january. today I was able to walk about 750 meters in the city without the use of my cane
20th january increased doxy untill 200 mg day/ together with 1000 mg amoxy /day
25th january still on the same regime, at night I feel if I have a temperature.
after consumed sugar yesterday felt very bad and was not able to walk even with assistance
5 th february everything still okey, I have the feeling that my leg is realy getting stronger
now.for the first time I was able to walk up and down stairs "normal"
12th february. Today an enormous improvement. had to walk without assistance for about 800
meters, tha I had to climb stairs untill the second floor, and down again and walk 800 meters
back to my car. than I did some shopping
5th march- improvements untill the 1st of march than little by little very slowly the old
symptoms are coming back, walking is getting worse.
11th march . changed from one day to another the amoxy and the doxy for ciprofloxcine 1500 mg
immediately after one day noticed improvements again.
13th march For the first time in years able to get dressed without leaning against the wall,
even managed to tie my shoes standing up.
15th march. I was able today to walk about 1600 meters, something I was to able to do for 6
18th march. i noticed that my handwriting is improved, nice as it used to be
30th march. still everything great. I can walk now without "thinking"
I am able to throw and catch little, ping pong balls.
25th april- little improvements seems not to me noticed at first, but now I realize how much I
no more spasmes when stretching in the morning when I wake up
more months without pain.
feeling in my fingers are coming back, even pain when typing to much
walking is stable although slow I manage without help or a cane
more balance
for the first time in 6 years I was excited to organize a party at home, that means that I am
getting back to my old self.
2nd may able to walk indoors without shoes, this is another improvement, could not walk around
in the house without my shoes.
I am a female age 46 , dutch, living in spain, diagnosed 5 years ago with ms RR--sec.progr.
I am disabled after strong advise from my neuro, to reduce my activities if possible to zero
and because having troubles walking I decided to give myself a big hug, and bought a PC with internet connection.
During the last summer months, here in spain we have had a long hot summer, so sitting on my pc with the airco running, I
discovered a dutch site about MS and a chat forum ,and that's where this all comes from.One of the chatters is a dutch woman
called karin and she explained about hr investigations about MS and chlamydia candida and other yeast infections, So both
connected through the internet we started to investigate more and more and more.
the problems we have is to convince our neuro's here in europe that in the united states people are recovering after threatments
with anti biotics for a long period, my spanish neuro is not against, but gave me green light to test myself for own risk.
We my friend and i are convinced that the neuro's know more about the subject, but do not want to burn their fingers, because
of studys done in europe etc etc , and every part of the world wants to make their own rules instead of working together, their
are investigating for their own benefits, while the answer might be there ,

to close my mail to you, i have a request, after giving my compliments of cause for your very very interesting site,haven't read 10% of it yet, but we are so rushed to convince our specialist, we really have no time to investigate every site on the net, so
please can you give us some information what really is important right now for us, HOW CAN WE PULL OUR NEURO'S
into the right direction? and what do we need to do to make them understand how important this matter is for us.
please any information is welcome, will you send this to me,
As of 12-11-01, Tannie says:
I am still on the antibiotics and doing very well.
My JP gave me full support and  will contact prof.nicolsson directly.

I want you to know that I am gathering as much informacion as i can , to convince my neuro. he is a young open minded
doctor, and he already gave me green light in february this year,he was very interested, but told me he was not alowed to give
me a prescrisption, but he was not against and even told me to start, what I did, I have taken 3 times a zithromax 3 day
threatment and that helped already so much in reducing symptons that I am also convinced the anti biotic threatment is ok.
want I am doing at this moment is searching the web for medical trials , studys etc, and i am collecting everything, and I already
promised my doctor that I am prepairing a map for him, so that when i go for my 3 months checkup,in october I will show him
all the information.
He is not intitled to give me the anti biotics on social security prescriptions ,and that's ok, that's the way the system works here
in spain, what I want from him ,I buy the anti biotics myself,but I want him to check my condition, which he can do on a regular well as the other checks , blood, etc.
Want i don't know yet is do i have to stop Avonex threatment while on anti biotics, or is it better to stop avonex 4 weeks
before tested for anti bodies ? can you give me ans answer ?
by the way, it is a hell of a job to translate everything into spanish, not for my doctor, but for the fellows at the gym.
As of 1-25-02,Tannie says:
Hello robert, just drop you a note to let you know that I am doing fine.
  still on antibiotics, amoxy 1000mg a day and after slowly increasing on
  doxycicline 200 mg a day. finally  I got support from my M.D. who is
  keeping me under control and giving advice what to do or not, I am
  improving but still not enough to feel confident, It seems I walk better,
  more steady, and since I am on the antiobiotics did not have one day of
  pain , that is the biggest improvement , not having pain. A spanish friend
  of mine as well as her sister, both MS, are thinking of starting the
  treatment with anti biotics, Nannie wrote you several times before , she is
  in hospital now, getting her baclofen pump, for her the anti biotica did
  not work, but I think they did work, but she was too impatient and took to
  much antibiotics too soon in one day. she found out that she has lyme
  disease and 5 other bacterial infections. that's all the informacion untill
  now from spain, hope to hear from you
13 Nannie    new
My name is Nannie and you already know Tannie
No it is no joke,Tannie lives in Spain and I live in Holland,Amsterdam.
I'm 32 years young and in '94 I was diagnost with ms.
However I have ms much longer but at the time no doctor believed me I was something about 18,19 years old
By the way I'm female.

Now,for quite some time  I was doing well but for the past 2 years I was going downhill
I'm in a wheelchair for almost a year and my neurologist can't do anything for me anymore.They wanted to operate me and place a baclofen
pump in my stomic
so I would finaly loose my spasme.But because of the spasme I still could stand and sometimes walk for a vieuw meters  and if I took the pump
I would be paralized from the waist down and incontinent so I refused the operation.
This was last july.Then I got internet and someone poinrted me at the website of G.Nicolson and I was perplexed abaut what I
I learned some more and so I I met Tannie and some others who are realy interested in the treatment.
I knew what was found in my spinalfluid (borellia etc) so I could'nt wait for the bloodtests because my condition was getting worse day by day
I asked my neurologist to help me to get this treatment but he refused he said that I probbebly would go worse and that improvement was not
My regular doctor (we call that a house doctor) said,girl,I can understand that you want to try this but I can not perscribe so much anti biotics
But if you feel better by this treatment than it goes beyond evrything,prooven or not!
Now Tannie send me the anti biotics and sometimes my docter will give me for one or two weeks.
I'm doing the treatment now for 3 weeks,I take 3 times a day 500 mg flagyl
withe 200 mg doxycicline a day
Ofcourse I also changed my  diet no sugar yeast etc.

Now the enchangements

I lost some weight witch in my case is ok
I can move my feet from my wheelchair
The spasmen is in frequency less
the tremors has come back unfortunaly
I can move much better in bed (to roll over)
My legs aren't that heavy anymore
I can curl up in a normal chair
I can put my left leg on my right knee

All these improvements don't last the whole day I don't know why
I have a cold for almost 2 1/2 week maby that is the cause
My underlegs are very itchy and That is new for my because I don't feel my legs for the past 3 years,I don't know wether that is good or bad
When is the time to switch the a/b or add another one?
When can you expect a real improvement?
I'm very stiff altough I do my training but the loosness in my legs do not last very long.
When I read the succes stories most patients feel a great difference in there condition and don't get me wrong I'm very happy about my own
enchamgements but because they don't last I sometimes loose hope
am I to late I don't know how much I'm damaged.
I still can not make an mri scan because of the spasmen
I know I have 7 plaques in my head but they are not active for several years now
The last year i have much problems below the waist and the doctors think that I became progressive now.
I don't buy that because I think I suffer from a hernia or something like that
In 8 months time my lower back has completely waisted because of my wheelchair
The fitting is not right so it is growing the wrong way (I do not now the englisch word for it we call it scheef)
Is it normal to feel a litlle nosia of the a/b?

I know I ask a lot but here in Amsterdam nobody does this treatment and my doctor doesn't know either
Tannie has only used zirthomax and her condition is much better than mine
Can You help me? Or can You contact me with somebody who has been there?
I'm very alone in this "project" and can use some support!
Thank you for your time and I hope you will repley
Sorry if my englisch is a bit weard but I only learned englisch at scool 20 years ago

Many regards Nannie from Amsterdam
good for you. I recommend you use a more effective antibiotic, levaquin, 250 mg / day, single dose. Also, do not expect to be
all better in a few weeks. many months may be required.
Also, try to get weekly b12 shots, or if not possible, take b12 sublingual lozenges, from health food store.
Keep me informed of progress, and include total weeks on treatment.
You can stop the Flagyl, continue Doxy.
Levaquin should cause no problems. I was on it for five months myself. Safe with doxy!!.How long to take-depends if you are
getting tests for c pneumoniae. taking it six months sounds like a fair first effort. If your condition improves a lot, then consider
stopping, and just watch your body.
Good luck with improving your condition; keep me informed if you can.
It may be that the former med you took was more effective for you. Go back and try it again, let em know the result. I am
surprised at your result.
Keep taking antibiotics for at least one year.
I am ill right now can't respond more. I will, soon.

nannie wrote:

   Hi,Robert,Nannie from Amsterdam again!I have a question for youI take doxy and levaquin now but I don't improve infact the improvements
  that I told you about are gone and I don't know what to doWhat is so importend to do or take besides the a/b and diet?Is it known that some
  improvements don't last?What did the a/b's for you?I read your story but how are you doiing now? It seems that I'm a bit desperate and
  maby I am but I was so happy that I improoved a little bit and now it is taken away from me,it makes me so angryAnd then I reed the succes
  stories whith makes me wanna cryI think you understand the feeling Thanks for listening, love Nannie
Amazing! I had a blood test, called Chlamydia serology, befor I started treatment, and I was POSITIVE for Chlamydia pneumoniae antibodies.
A friend and I ( we each have had MS for over twenty years, and are chronic progressive) began taking the treatment of Ofloxacin and rifampin, under close supervision by a specialist in infectious diseases and our neurologists. We started 10-16-99.  We  drank 60-100 ounces of water per day. We both feel slightly more energy and are walking-with walkers-a little better, but it is too soon to be sure if it is real. I have reduced brightness (light) sensitivity, better balance, stronger breathing. As of 12-05-99, I switched to Zithromax, since my Infectious Disease Doctor thought it was a better antibiotic, only for me to be disappointed.  Zithromax does not cross the BBB in significant concentration. As of January 12th, 2000, I  went on Amoxicillin, 500 mg 3x/day. Then I learned that Amoxicillin does not penetrate the CSF very well either. I noted that my lower legs are now firm, since around the start of 2000, rather than flaccid, and this may be an indication of healing underway. As of 2-04-00 I switched to 200 mg/day of doxycycline, which is lipophilic, and unquestionably crosses the BBB and is there present in concentration sufficient to kill C. pneumoniae. Possibly it would be enhanced by having a second antibiotic, to get a synergistic effect. After a short time, I added Zithromax 250 mg, twicw daily. That seems like a potent combination. No further improvement as of 11-15-00
My background.
I've had MS for over 20 years, had positive L'hermitte symptom maybe as long as 50 years ago. I am 65. I now need a wheelchair most of the day; can walk in the morning, when I have more energy. I fatigue easily. Sex, well.. I am quite heat sensitive. Atrophy of muscle is widespread. My entire body becomes weak every afternoon, and I require a nap.
I have spasticity, spasms, clonus, weakness, more on right side. I also have urgency of urination. I took five treatments of Novantrone, (to be approved by FDA, 2/00) but it didn't help. Mental condition is OK. Prior to April, 1999, I was getting around fine with a walker, full time. Now it's a little harder.