Nazareth Selected as Oromiya's Capital

NAZARETH, July 13 (WIC) The Council of the Regional State of Oromia has resolved that Adama or Nazareth town be the capital of Oromiya State.  During the ninth regular conference it held in Adama, the council also adopted a proclamation establishing Food Security Co-ordination Bureau.

The Council of the Regional State of Oromiya selected Adama as the seat of Oromiya State government after holding extensive discussions on the matter just prior to the conclusions of the three-day council meeting in Nazareth.

The Council noted that Addis Ababa, which has been Oromiya's capital to date, has been found inconvenient from the point of view of developing the language, culture and history of the Oromo people and hence the need for a change of capital.  The Council reached a unanimous agreement on the selection of Nazareth as the capital of Oromiya from among seven other towns of the state.

Nazareth was finally selected based on consideration of topography, infrastructural development, commercial activities, climatic conditions and justice administration.  The other six towns that were presented as competitors are Nekemte, Ambo, Mojo, Zway, Assela and Jimma.

The council meeting during its deliberation also exchanged views about the various socio-economic and political activities carried out in the last five years.  The Council also called on the Oromo people to step up the struggle against poverty and backwardness based on the rich experiences drawn from the past years of struggle.