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British Airways staff

We are a global airline, and there are opportunities within British Airways to work and travel all over the world. However, the vast majority of positions are based in a number of key UK regions.

London & the South

It should come as little surprise that we have a major presence at both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

Heathrow is the world's busiest international airport, and the world's second busiest cargo port. Over 90 airlines are based here, and more than 62 million passengers pass through the airport every year. On average, 1,250 flights a day come in and out of Heathrow - one every 40 seconds.

Gatwick is the busiest single runway airport in the world, the second largest airport in the UK and the sixth busiest international airport in the world. Its two terminals handle over 30 million passengers a year, a figure set to rise to around 40 million within the next ten years.

Other airports in the South with a British Airways presence are Bristol, Southampton, London City, Stansted, Newquay, Plymouth and the Channel Isles.

Many of our offices are based in and around the Heathrow area. These include:

Waterside - our new headquarters, officially opened in 1998. The building consists of six areas, each representing a continent, which back onto a 175 metre long glazed atrium street. Waterside embraces the latest eWorking practices and facilities. Amongst its many staff amenities are a hairdressers, a bank, a branch of Waitrose with on-line ordering facilities, street cafés, a health centre and a florist.

Cranebank - the training centre for Pilots, and the centre for all the safety and emergency procedure training for Cabin Crew. Cranebank also houses The Rivers, the base for British Airways Recruitment, where most job interviews and assessments take place.

Compass Centre - where Flight and Cabin Crews report for duty and their pre-flight briefing sessions. Overlooking the northern runway, the Compass Centre is also the main operational centre for flight planning and scheduling the pilot workforce.

Other buildings in the Heathrow area house our Engineering, Cargo, IT and Finance operations.


We currently serve 25 European destinations from the new Eurohub Terminal at Birmingham International Airport, which is also the base for some of our Flight and Cabin Crews. Over 7 million passengers pass through Birmingham International each year.


Across the North, we are represented at Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds/Bradford, Sheffield and Liverpool Airports. We also have two large offices in the region. One is at Newcastle, where IT professionals work alongside our Telephone Sales and Customer Service Centre; the other is our Telephone Sales operation in Manchester.


Aside from flights serving UK and European destinations, Cardiff International Airport is the base of British Airways Maintenance, a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to maintaining our Boeing 747 fleet. Other British Airways wholly owned subsidiaries in the vicinity are British Airways Avionic Engineering at Pontyclun in Mid Glamorgan, and British Airways Interiors Engineering, at Blackwood in Gwent.


We can be found at all the main airports in Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness, and throughout the Highlands and Islands.

For overseas locations, please contact your local British Airways office.