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Weekly build, Return of the Macintosh!

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WARNING:Please be sure to read the known issues list below.

In the past week there has been a steady improvement on all platforms as we drive towards a Beta. Unfortunately there has been some regressions, notably display of mail, but please be sure to check the Known Issues below for more information. Overall these new builds contain lots of improvements.

This week Macintosh makes its return to the weekly build round. After receiving our shiny new iMac from Apple, the last two weeks have been very busy improving Opera for Macintosh, especially the Intel part. Those of you who have a new iMac or MacBook Pro know, that you have been unable to connect to the Internet. That's all now changed! We are also now pleased to announce that our Opera Merlin Universal Binary contains the same features for PowerPC and Intel! Java, the final missing feature, has now been added for Intel.

All platforms changes:
  • Default mode for cycling tabs with Ctrl+Tab without popup window is now visible tab order.
  • Added quotes to paths in opera:config to prevent path corruption - opera:config can now be used again.
  • In content blocking mode, clicking an image or plug-in shows all other content that matches the filter.
  • Content blocker shows previously blocked content when entering content blocking mode.
  • Content blocker filters are no longer case sensitive.
  • Leaving content blocking mode removes all content that matches the new filters, including pages in inline frames.
  • Improved blocking of plug-in content when an object tag is used without an embed tag.
  • Improved display of content blocker toolbar.
  • Reduced delay for thumbnail tooltips.
  • Added disk caching for BitTorrent to improve speed.
  • Moved site preferences to Preferences - Advanced - Content.
  • DCC chat now respects the nosave and nodownload switches in kiosk mode.
  • Improved handling of removed elements in Web Forms 2.0 repetition.
  • Added support for stepping in time inputs.
  • Fixed a crash when hiding plugins with display:none;
  • General stability fixes

Mac specific changes:
  • Intel Macs now work
  • Java updated to 1.4x/1.5x for PPC
  • Java introduced for Intel (1.4x/1.5x)

Unix specific changes:
  • Fix on Ctrl+Tab "Cycle without showing list"
  • File input/upload location now remembered
  • Improved window manager session management

Known issues:
  • Mail doesn't show until window is resized
  • Sometimes dialogs show up empty on Mac

Download links:
Windows Build 8238
Macintosh Build 3240
UNIX Build 1670

BitTorrent and Content Blocking in this weekly build

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The information given here might not apply if we are forced to not release a build this week. But it should hopefully give some insight into what we are doing anyway.

I will go into detail on some of the changes this week:

  • Implemented a new disk cache for BitTorrent. For the time being, it's hardcoded at 10MB per torrent, but this will probably be configurable. Due to the nature of the BitTorrent protocol, data is written randomly across the files currently being downloaded. This is quite demanding for both hardware and software.
    The new disk cache tries to optimize this at the expense of higher memory usage.
  • Some people have reported that torrents have a tendency to stall. We have identified and fixed one case where removing a torrent from the transfer manager while other torrents were downloading could make the remaining torrents stall.

The implementation of this new disk cache is a somewhat major change in the BitTorrent implementation. If you experience crashes (hopefully there won't be any), please make sure to file a bug report with a crash log created by Inspector.

Content Blocker
Quite a few significant changes this week. Some has been implemented based on feedback from our users out there.
  • Background colour of the content block mode toolbar has been changed to be more visible.
  • Filters are no longer case-sensitive
  • When you click to block an image or plugin, all content on the page that matches the generated pattern will be painted as blocked.
  • Previously blocked content will be loaded from server when entering content block mode and can be easily unblocked.
  • When you are done blocking content, Opera will also properly remove all blocked content in all frames.
  • It will now be possible to block plugins that uses just an object tag and no embed fallback.

The tooltip delay on tabs when a thumbnail is shown has been reduced significantly. It should make the thumbnails more useful.

There are many other changes in this week's build, you will (hopefully) be able to read about them in the changelog that will be posted tomorrow.


New weekly build

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It's friday again and we're happy to release a new weekly build. There are some important fixes in this build, and people using BitTorrent in TP2 should take extra note of the changes:

Changes since 13 February 2006:
  • Fixed so upload in BitTorrent doesn't send corrupt data. Some changes to improve the speed.
  • Changed feed notification icon.
  • Fixed crash when searching in opera:config
  • The [Adv User prefs] section of opera6.ini and opera:config has been renamed to [Network].
  • Removing button on one toolbar now removes from all open tabs not just active one.
  • Fix to allow nested forms.
  • Added widget error reporting to the error console.
  • Possible fix for buttons not working on GMail.

Unix specific changes:
  • Improved session management handling
  • Modified pluginwrapper so that plug-ins see a Composite widget. Some versions of the real plug-ins seem to need this.
  • Shortcut fixes for widget handling in the unix-keyboard.ini setting
  • Fixed problems with missing resizing of content of detached windows.
  • Cleanup and fixed problems with parsing of remote commands. We were unable to open filenames with spaces.
  • Improved window handling for widgets.

Known issues:
  • Saving preferences in opera:config, while any file path preference contains a string with spaces, can cause the paths to become corrupted, or multiple warning dialogs to be displayed. You are advised not to use opera:config in this release, or the previous weekly release.
  • Might crash in some cases when switching between tabs with the mouse.

Download links:
Windows Build 8225
UNIX Build 1656

There is no Mac build this week.

Opera 8.52

As some of you noticed, Opera 8.52 was available on our ftp servers
yesterday. It was removed this morning because some files were not updated
correctly. We are currently uploading updated builds to our ftp server.

Unlike 8.51, 8.52 will be available in localized versions. Not all
localized versions on Windows will be available initially, but they will
be uploaded as they are ready over the next couple of days. Localized
versions on Mac will be available at the time of the official launch.
Downloadable language files on UNIX will be available at the time of the
offical launch as usual.

The official launch of 8.52 will occur tomorrow if no further problems are
discovered. The changelog for this release will be available at that time.

Making love to the new feed icon

Yes, we're adopting it too, and it will be in the next weekly build. Thanks to www.feedicons.com for making it so easy! Oh, and in case you haven't seen it before (what are the odds.. ), I've attached a large version to this post which you can make love to.


First Weekly Builds

Here are the first weekly builds made available on this blog. UNIX builds are missing this time.

Download links
Windows build 8219
Mac build 3224

Release Notes
  • Fixed some NTLM proxy issues.
  • Added ability to save to disk from source viewer.
  • Improved handling of plug-ins when no data attribute is specified.
  • Removed support for "javascript:" URLs in CSS.
  • Several fixes for the position style.
  • Corrected encoding when redirecting e-mails.
  • Fixed an issue with favicons.
  • Fixed :required :optional :read-only :read-write and :default pseudo-class selectors.
  • Improved handling of the autofocus attribute from Web Forms 2.0.
  • BitTorrent fixed on Mac.

Welcome to the Desktop Team

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The release of Opera 9 Preview 2 marks the start of a new tradition: The Weekly Builds. Every week until the final version of Opera 9 is ready, we intend to ship a weekly updated version of Opera 9 on this blog.

The goal is to further open up our development process to our devoted users and allow you to be more involved at an earlier stage than when we ship the next public beta.

The Weekly Builds are snapshots, they are not as thoroughly tested as a Technology Preview or a Public Beta. You should only use these builds if you are not afraid of losing data (e-mail, bookmarks, anything) or crashing your computer.

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