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The Leafs can’t sign McCabe. If they lost two more games in a row, he’ll be traded.  What did they expect when they sign Kaberle to a ridiculous 4+ million per season?  Of course McCabe is gonna want five million!  My opinion?  In today’s NHL, McCabe should be signing what Kaberle just signed for, and Kaberle should be signing for half that.  JFJ, and I’d been giving him the benefit of the doubt until now, is starting to appear like a bit of a bonehead.  Signing Belfour just days before the lockout to a ridiculous amount that no other team would pay, and for a ridiculous term that would lock the team into an unfavorable cap position (and he had to know the cap was coming)…and then not buying Belfour out (cap-free) when he had the chance…and now this stupid signing.  What next – Aki Berg for over a million?  Oh, wait…

 It’s looking like Jokinen to Ottawa won’t happen now.  Apparently, Ottawa will not part with any big names (like Martin Havlat), and Florida would be stupid (and would look stupid to their fans) if they did not get a Jokinen-caliber player in return.

Answer to below question: first three shifts and Holik was playing with Marian Hossa and Peter Bondra.  The rest of the first and throughout the second period - Petrovicky and Fata.  A point every two games is all you can expect from him the rest of the way.

I'm interested in seeing where Bobby Holik fits on the Thrashers, now that he's back in the lineup.

David Legwand was in the AHL for a conditioning stint and he came away with zero points in three games.  Nashville has too much talent to wait on this guy - he is injury prone, and is taking too long to develop into the star that they expected him to be.  He is 50 point guy at best, and that will never change.  The second line is too good for him.

Eric Lindros WILL be back next game.  He may be good for assists, but if he can't shoot he can't score goals - and he can't shoot right now.

Look for Phoenix to be busy over the next two weeks.  Gretzky and Barnett want this to be 100% their team, and they will be trading everyone that does not fit their profile of the future of this team.  Sanderson, Morris, and Joseph are gone for sure.  I would not be surprised to see any of Saprykin, Comrie, and Ricci also going.  What would surprise me is if Mara went, although with Ballard and Michalek emerging, Mara is less important to the team.  With Morris going, I don't see Mara going though.  Saprykin and Comrie are projects of Gretzky's.  Ditto for Pavol Brendl who is finally breaking out in the AHL.  He sees a bit of himself in those guys, so if they survive the deadline, watch them.

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Announcement: The NHL trade deadline is Thurs. March 9th at 3pm.  I may not be the first to report trades, but I will have analysis from a fantasy perspective within a half hour of the trade happening.  So be sure to check it out.  I'll be updating all day long.  I know a lot of keeper leagues will have trade deadlines around the same day.

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