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Here is a small directory of companies and institutes offering translations and translation services in different languages.

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World 's Languages and Speech-Communities

As we enter a new millennium, the exploration of our global linguistic environment and the achievement of a new planetary view of human languages - of humanity itself - need to be the concern of all who are interested in our common destiny. The themes and ideas on this website, addressed to a general audience, have been developed as part of the work of the Linguasphere Observatory, an independent organisation (created in 1983, with no political, religious, institutional or governmental affiliations) devoted to the worldwide study and promotion of multilingualism.

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Topics on Linguasphere Observatory

What is the Linguasphere Observatory?

The Linguasphere Observatory (the Observatoire Linguistique in French and the Wylfa Ieithoedd in Welsh) is a transnational research network devoted to the worldwide study and promotion of multilingualism. It is an independant non-profit organization, created in France in 1983 and based currently in Wales, with no religious or political affiliations.

Database of the Linguasphere Register

Databases are numbered in accordance with the 100 referential zones classified in the Linguasphere Register Extracts are shown in the extracts section.

Download extracts from the Linguasphere Register

Selected extracts from the Linguasphere Register can now be downloaded from this page. The purpose is not only to provide a free information-service for visitors to this site, but also to create a forum for the gathering and collation of new and revised data on the world's languages and speech communities.

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