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3rd Party Firmware Comparison: WRT54G/GS

With newer versions of WRT54G/GS coming out all the time one of the main things is compatability. The main players in the 3rd Party Firmware games now are:

Alchemy, Talisman firmware's. Both these are feature packed. Alchemy v1.0 final is now tbh obsolete and does not support newer models of WRT54G/GS.

Talisman v1.1 however does support more routers, however this is at a price. $20 subscription per year to the Sveasoft forums. this then gives you access to talisman which is mac address locked to your specific router. Also many people who have questioned Sveasofts methods or spoke up against their tactics will find themselves banned from the forums and you will loose your subscription. you may get a refund, however you also might not.

DD-WRT: this was
an early version of Alchemy v5.3a which has now had many integrated features from the OpenWRT scene. v23 beta is the latest build and this has the most features for the WRT54G/GS. It comes in separate firmware's for WRT54G and WRT54GS and there is 3 distributions

mini - minimal base firmware
std - contains all features
voip - all features + sipath for sip voice over ip routing

This firmware stays as close to the Official source code as possible. it has a number of features but less than DD-WRT and Sveasoft firmwares. Tofu and Rupan have released separate build of the HyperWRT v2.1.b1 (WRT54G) with added extras. Thibor has release a new build of HyperWRT for the WRT54GS which has additions from Tofu's builds and visa versa.

Features HyperWRT v2.1 Alchemy v1.0 DDWRT v23b Talisman v1.05 Remarks
WRT54G v1.x Support Yes Yes Yes No  
WRT54G v2.x Support Yes Yes Yes Yes  
WRT54G v3.x Support Yes Yes Yes Yes  
WRT54G v4.x Support Yes No Yes v1.1?  
WRT54G v5.x Support No No No v1.1? v5 runs VxWorks at present.
WRT54GS v1.x Support Yes Yes Yes Yes  
WRT54GS v2.x Support Yes Yes Yes Yes  
WRT54GS v3.x Support Yes No Yes v1.1?  
WRT54GS v4.x Support No No Yes v1.1?  
Adjustable Xmit Power Yes¹ Yes² Yes² Yes² ¹ Percentage or manual Amount / ² Max 251mW
Wireless Channels 14 14 14 14 1-11 US / 1-13 EU / 1-14 JAPAN
Boot Wait Flash Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Port Forward Fields Extra Yes Progressive Progressive¹ ¹Includes port forward and port range range forward
Port Trigger Fields Extra Yes Progressive Progressive  
QoS Fields/Priorities Extra Advanced Advanced Advanced  
QoS Optimize for Gaming Yes No Yes No  
Command Shell Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Telnet Yes Yes Yes Yes  
sshd No Yes Yes Yes  
Startup/Firewall Scripts Yes¹ No Yes² No ¹ Inclusive in GUI ² in Run command
Uptime Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Static DHCP Yes¹ Yes Yes Yes ¹ Tofu / Thobir HyperWRT - Progressive
DDNS Service 1,2 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3 ¹DynDNS ²TZO ³ZoneEdit
Wireless MAC address clone No Yes Yes Yes  
WPA over WDS Yes Yes Yes Yes  
WPA-TKIP/AES Yes Yes Yes Yes  
WPA2 Support Yes No Yes v1.1  
Client mode WPA Yes¹ Yes Yes Yes ¹ Thibor / Tofu Builds
Client Bridge Mode Yes¹ ? Yes ? ¹ Thibor / Tofu Builds
Wireless Client isolation mode Yes No Yes Yes  
Remote NTP server support No Yes Yes Yes  
Site Survey No Yes Yes¹ Yes ¹ Join Button in Survey Window
Firmware upgrade Reset No No Yes Yes  
backup and restore Yes¹ Yes Yes Yes ¹ Linksys Own Backup (unsafe)
SNMP No Yes Yes Yes  
Remote Ntop statistics No No Yes Yes  
Preamble Selection No No Yes ?  
Remote syslog No No Yes Yes  
Wake-On-Lan No Yes Yes Yes  
Samba FS Mount No No Yes No  
JFFS2 R/W Partition No No Yes Yes  
STP Enable/Disable No No Yes Yes  
AP Watchdog No No Yes Yes  
WDS Support Yes Yes Yes Yes  
WDS WatchDog No No Yes No  
Routed WDS No Yes Yes Yes  
kernel lzma compression No No Yes Yes  
Chillispot config GUI No No Yes No  
XBOX Kaid Support Yes¹ No Yes Yes ¹ Thibor Build
Multilanguage Support No No Yes No  
Reboot Button No No Yes Yes  
wrt-radauth No No Yes No  
wireless access option Yes No Yes No  
MMC/SD Card support No No Yes No  
IPv6 support No No Yes Yes  
WMM/WME support Yes No Yes No  
Max Wireless Associated Clients No No Yes No  
TX/RX Antenna Selection Yes¹ Yes Yes Yes ¹ Tofu and Thibor Builds
Ad-hoc Mode No Yes Yes Yes  
L7 Filter Support No Yes Yes Yes  
Reboot Scheduler No No Yes No  
RFlow/MACupd Support No No Yes No  
BGP Routing No No Yes Yes  
PPTP Server No Yes Yes Yes  
PPTP Client No No Yes Yes  
Cron No Yes Yes Yes  
Speedbooster on WRT54G No ? Yes Yes  
Subscription Only Free Free Free $20 per year  
Firewall Filters Extra No Extra Extra  
IPKG Support No No Yes No  
DNSMasq for DHCP Yes Yes Yes Yes ¹ Tofu Build
VLAN Support No Yes Yes Yes  
Loopback No Yes Yes Yes  
WOL No Yes Yes Yes  
GUI Styles No No Yes No  
HotSpot Setup in GUI No No Yes No  
Syslogd Yes¹ Yes Yes Yes ¹ Tofu

Note: Some Features maybe present in the firmware using Telnet/ssh but not in the GUI console. The above is a list of known features, however if more are available please inform Toxic via PM or email admin (at) with any changes or updates that may need to be added or changed.

thanks also to 4Access for the updates...

Copyright 2005 Simon Slater (Toxic) and

All product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Copyright © by - #1 In Linksys Support and WRT54G Firmware All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2005-10-02 (97229 reads)

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