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Dr. Ashwin Ram
Director of CCL
Associate Professor

Dr. Charles Isbell
Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Mateas
Assistant Professor

Dr. Brian Cooper
Assistant Professor

Research Scientists

Dr. Juan Santamaria
Senior Research Scientist

Chris Simpkins
Research Scientist, GTRI


Nikhil Gandhi
MS Student, CS

Chip Mappus
PhD Student, CS

Manish Mehta
PhD Student, HCC

Sugandha Pahwa
MS Student, HCI

Saurav Sahay
PhD Student, Bioinformatics

Manu Sharma
MS Student, CS

Chris Simpkins
PhD Student, HCC

Peng Zang
PhD Student, CS


Nick Underwood, MS (2004), Educational software for problem-based learning.

Chris Sprague, MS (2004), Educational software for problem-based learning.

Mark Devaney, PhD (2003), Plan recognition in large-scale multi-agent tactical domains. Currently: Chief Technical Officer, Enkia Corporation, Milwaukee, WI.

Anthony Francis, PhD (2000), Context-sensitive asynchronous memory. Currently: Senior Software Engineer, Scientific Technologies Corporation, Atlanta, GA.

Juan Carlos Santamaria, PhD (1997), Learning adaptive reactive agents. Currently: VP Engineering, XYZ Corporation, Atlanta, GA.

Kenneth Moorman, PhD (1997), A functional theory of creative reading: Process, knowledge, and evaluation. Currently: Assistant Professor, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY.

Michael Cox, PhD (1996), Introspective multistrategy learning: Constructing a learning strategy under reasoning failure. Currently: Senior Research Scientist, BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA.