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Sherry Green

photo of saber fencer Sherry Green in July 2005

2005 #1 Ranked U.S. Women's Saber - Veterans 60+
Member of the 2005 U.S. National Veteran's Team


Notable facts

In June 2005 at the Sacramento Summer Nationals, Sherry took the GOLD medal in the Women's Saber Veteran's 60+category which propelled her into the #1 spot, ranked #1 in the United States. This exciting achievement put her on the U.S. National Veteran's team and she will proudly represent the United States in the Oct. 2005 World Veterans' Championships to be held in Florida.

Sherry first got interested in fencing when many years ago she saw the movie "The Swan" with actress Grace Kelly and Louis Jourdan (who played a fencing master). The images stuck with her ever since and she promised she would one day take fencing lessons. Life as a teacher, wife and mother kept her much too busy to take fencing, then in the year 2000 Sherry moved to Portland, Oregon. She entered a beginner's class at a local recreation center and the bug bite her HARD! She found she absolutely loves to fence, and it shows. She is a wonderful addition to OFA, her upbeat, funloving but serious attitude makes her a very enjoyable student for her coaches.

Sherry climbed the North Face of Mt. Kilamanjaro as a 61st birthday present to herself! They told her at the time that she was the oldest woman to have ever done it.


D.O.B: July, 1938 - Tampa, FL (but raised in St. Petersberg, FL)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Coached by: Ed Korfanty and Charles Randall of the Oregon Fencing Alliance, taught to fence by Adam S. at OFA
Children: Jennifer, Mark, Sarah and Joshua - 8 grandchildren to date.
Hobbies:  Gardening, cooking, fencing, reading, hiking



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