Why a Civil War site from a teacher's viewpoint?
    As an 8th grade U.S. History teacher, I feel it is important for America as a whole to educate our children about our history.  It is not just America's story, but it is their story too, their heritage.  As Americans, we have a lot to be proud of.  We need to share this pride with our children.  We also have time of darkness in our story.  We need to show this to our children also so that they don't make the same mistakes to tarnish their futures.

    Out of all of the topics I teach in American History, the topic which I enjoy most is the Civil War (War Between the States, War for Southern Indpendence, The War of Southern Rebellion, The War of Northern Aggression, etc.).  In this conflict we see the good and the bad of America.  We witness the horrors of slavery, death and destruction in a terrible war, and the painful reuniting of a nation.  We also witness the courage of hundreds of thousands of individuals who risked or gave their lives for what they truly believed in.  We see heroes on both sides whom we still remember today.  The Civil War is about America.  In it we find heroes in unlikely places, pride in who we are and a willingness to defend that pride, a hope for a better future for ourselves and for our children, and a sense of honor in duty for our country.  Please take a look at the information I have put together.  It may remind you of a textbook, but then that was done intentionally.in order that younger people may easily sift through it, enjoy it, and benefit from it.
Did You Know?  Firing on both sides was so inaccurate that soldiers estimated it took a man's weight in lead to kill a single enemy in battle.
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