Teal Bosworth

Birth Date:  June 16, 1984
Height: 5’7”
Education: High School diploma(grad at 16).  Trained in Beijing China for energy healing and martial arts.  Training to be quantum touch practitioner.  EMT license.
Hometown: Hyde Park/ Logan UT
Birthplace:  Santa Fe New Mexico
Weight: 123

Skiing History:
My father was a competitive skier, so I was on skis at age 3.  From there spent my life not doing it or thinking anything of it really…until I turned 17 and due to a lot of tragedy in my personal life.. decided at age 19 or so turn it into a life..  because it was the thing that saved my life.  Moved to Park City Ut to train full time with Alpine racers and get proper coaching, and had 2 beginning competition years that were really mentally and physically challenging..  they say you have to learn to lose to learn to win..  I believe that now.

Competition Results:
All I can say is..  in my opinion nowhere near my capability so I’ve payed little attention to end results.

Goals Attitude and Motivation:

Why do you Telemark Race?
I came into telemarking, needing a sport to vent pain, anger, sadness and the energy I was turning inward to injure myself with..  And found after a time, that was severely limiting how far I could go in the sport.. Unless you love what you do..  the roof becomes lower and lower interms potential so now it’s off.. enjoying the danger and purity and speed of “surfing the solid wave”.  There’s something about the feral quality of a mountain covered in snow, that has claimed me.  My goals are, to take Telemark to the 2010 Olympics.. to do well if not win a few World Cups..  or at least establish the women of United states as Competition never to be overlooked, Make history one way or another in the sport (for my own personal feeling of overcoming adversity) and spread this art form like the wild fire.

Interesting Facts:
I’m trying ti make the US Sped Skating Team and go to 2010 Olympics for that as well.  I’m a wiccan high priestess, who studies quantum theory, is an obsessed horse woman and archer.