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FM DX Array
The first prototype of the newly developed 17 element FM yagi is ready. We are testing it at the old position in Skurup and there will be a 4 stacked 17 elements array as soon as possible for extreme FM DX-ing. This antenna was designed by Mr. Peter Körner, Lund, Sweden.
The 4 x 17 element stack is ready and soon we will launch the FM DX receiver on DX-Tuners

The FM DX Tuner in Malmö/Skurup, Sweden

Many people reading this probably already have some kind of antenna for their FM radio. Maybe it’s just a small one with 3 elements. Perhaps you have already caught the FM DX bug and you have something a little larger, and a rotator to point it where you like. But there can be few people in the world who have gone to the same length as Kelly Lindman, of Skurup in Sweden, in order to explore the fascinating world of FM DX, or trying to receive FM broadcast stations from as far away as possible.

Kelly has created a monster antenna just for this purpose. This antenna consists of no less than nine separate FM antennas, all connected together in such a way that each one contributes the signals it receives to the whole array.

All of this is mounted on a tower in an open location in the Swedish countryside which gives it a clear view in most directions. This is most helpful for hearing things from far away, because hills and mountains even up to a couple of hundred kilometres away can seriously weaken these signals.

Of course, when the whole monster antenna is at its full height, it can be seen from some distance!

Anyone involved in the hobby of FM DX knows that there is no substitute for putting “metal in the sky,” or getting as large an antenna as possible as high as possible, and the things that Kelly can hear with his antenna just go to prove this. You can hear FM stations in the middle of Germany with usable quality any day of the week. If you know how and where to listen, you can even hear things from the very south of Germany most of the time – and that’s the best part of 1000Km away. And of course, Kelly can hear the less distant countries all the time as well. Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway…

Some of the things that Kelly hears on a regular basis can be heard by less well-equipped FM DXers only under exceptional circumstances. You will have to use your imagination to think what Kelly could hear under the same exceptional circumstances. It seems that reception of stations from over 1500Km away should be possible.

Nevertheless, there are some countries which have never been heard and positively identified on Kelly’s antenna array, including France and Belgium. But surely it is only a matter of time and patience, waiting for the right conditions to occur, before he fills in these holes as well.

What is all the more remarkable about this FM receiver is that Kelly doesn’t keep it all to himself. He has made it accessible to the whole world over the Internet. All you have to do is point your web browser at his web page, and thanks to Kelly’s considerable programming skills you can listen to and tune the radio, and point the enormous antenna array where you like. The software to enable this is called “JavaRadio.” Kelly has several regular users, and I have had the privilege of using this radio for over a year. During the time I have known this radio, Kelly has twice suffered extensive damage to his antennas due to storms, and damage to some of his computer equipment from lightning strikes. But it’s a tribute to his dedication that each time he has not only brought the whole system back to life, but has improved it every time.

There are now several other JavaRadio web sites around the world, all using the software which Kelly wrote. However, Kelly’s fantastic FM DX setup remains unique.

Christopher Slater-Walker, UK. 28 May 2002
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