Welcome to the abp home page 

abp is the FREEWARE banking and investment management program by Malcolm Bryant for the Psion Series 5.  The program was the winner of 5Alive's Best Freeware program award.

Features of abp include:

ABP runs on the Psion Series 5, Series 5mx, Series 7, Revo and Nokia 9210

Download abp for Epoc Release 5 computers from here or for the Nokia 9210 from here or read the CHANGES.TXT file

Important note for upgraders from version 4.xx : please read the README.TXT file before installing.

French, German and Dutch users: please read some additional information about using abp from here

A French version of the Help file is available from here.

My thanks to Roger Bergevin , Thomas Kresken , Jeremy Tjon for the French, German and Dutch translations of abp.

To see how to create a version of abp in your own language, click here.  Do you want information about using abp with the Euro?  If so, click here.

Send comments or questions to Malcolm Bryant at malcolm.p.bryant@msdw.com

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