I grew up in the mid-west. Meaning I have a fantastic work ethic but as far as sex I’m twisted! But in a good way. Borne on July 16th 1980. I was the runt of the litter… Well not really but I was borne into a very loving family. One where I came first. Weight is 114 (52kg). Measurements are 32 -B- 22- 34. I'm 5' 7"(???? On Centimeters) and shoe size is 6.5 to 7.5 (37 euro) depending on the shoe. I love Anime and old cartoons such as the smurfs that they play on boomerang. I also love Adult swim. Huge fan I have been watching them for 4yrs. Way before the black and white cards. (Didn’t know that did you?? They didn’t always have the cards.) Speaking of being a cartoon fan don’t you just love that you aren’t the only one who knows about this stuff??? So many Girl on Girl (G/G) performers come to comic con’s and have no idea about the comics or Sci-Fi stuff that they are there to represent. So when you see me in the near future at these events please feel free to let out your inner geek. Mine will be thrilled. These would be the only place that I would feel comfortable to let that part of me out.

......So wanting to please my fans I just wanted you to know a few things when seeing me in public: Please say to me that you are a fan Please DO NOT run up on me. Please do not follow me around like a stalker. I'm a little shy and would not understand why you would stare and not say any thing. I love meeting fans either on the street or in a con. Above all things I'm shy in public (meaning I just look like everyone else and I expect everyone to treat me as a normal chick.) so please say I'm a fan & you'll brighten my day. In fact a fan approached me while I was shopping and said to me” I don't want to make a scene or any thing but; Are you Justine?" I said yes and later gave her a photo of me signed. I was having a bad day and she made me feel soo much better about my day. She was in fact the first person to recognize me out of makeup. I was thrilled. So when you see me in public just say Hi. I'd love to meet every one of you.

I love Sci-Fi and am a complete computer geek! As long as the computer is a Mac. A staunch Mac supporter. No way of “converting” me. (Convert or Fight?) I have wireless any thing I can get my hands on. Blue tooth all the way baby!!
Can’t seem to get enough of new innovative technology.

Fav. Movies: Blade Runner, Blade 1 & 2, Princess Monokoe, Vampire Hunter D, Hackers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Moulin Rouge, Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2, Amalie, Animatrix, Tomb Raider 1 & 2, Dune (both versions) LOTR, Star Wars movies, and last but not least All the star Trek movies.

Hobbies include watching cartoons while stoned, traveling and eating massive amounts of great food. I love a great French cream sauce.

Goals include, having sex in a confession booth, in down town Tokyo during rush hour, and in the Great Barrier Reef. I still have to throw myself out of a plane naked. And bungee-jump naked again. Pestering Maxim mag to put me on their cover. Go to Thailand have sex again on the beaches and temples.

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