Larabie Fonts offers 384 free fonts, for personal and commercial use in TrueType format. We display our fonts at If you need the same font in PostScript or OpenType format you will find them offered at very low prices. Larabie Fonts are compatible with Windows and Mac. Browse the huge collection of typefaces or search for a specific style. Our commercial foundry, Typodermic, has 68 high quality font families to choose from and we’re adding new ones all the time. Although our fonts are not free, we think you will agree our prices very reasonable. We hope you enjoy the fonts.

who are we?

Ray Larabie launched Larabie Fonts in 1996 and the website has undergone several renovations while remaining a top-ranked freeware font site. In 2001, Ray began creating fonts for a living and launched Typodermic, his commercial font site. Ray focuses on creating new fonts and doing custom font work for clients while Rina, his wife, creates text and graphics for the site and administers the business.

Many people supported Larabie Fonts through generous donations and technical assistance over the years enabling the site to grow and expand.

Teaming up with MyFonts made it easier to view the huge collection of Larabie Fonts and simplified downloads. All Larabie Fonts are available in TrueType format for Windows and Mac, entirely free of charge. PostScript and OpenType formats are available for Windows and Mac at very affordable prices.

The Larabie Fonts Font Collection is available on a CD or as a download. With 384 Larabie Fonts to choose from, there are typefaces to suit every purpose: newsletters, company brochures, labels, posters, graphics and store signs. It’s a great resource for writers, designers, scrapbookers and anyone who enjoys fonts.

The Larabie Fonts Font Collection is available on CD and several new download options. There are fonts to suit every project, large or small; invitations, menus, book covers, video games, movie titles and billboards. Give all your design work a distinctive look that gets noticed.

Searching for a font?

Looking for a specific typeface that you don't know by name? Use the search tool at the top of this page. It will take you to where you can search their database of fonts using keywords or similar characteristics. If you still can’t find it and you have a font sample, post it using What the Font or WTF Guru Forum where a panel of font fans will do their best to identify the typeface often within minutes of posting.


Big news! Typodermic releases it’s first Font collection on CD in OpenType format. Click here for full details.

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