August 10, 2004



The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Board of Trustees has chosen “Cypress Woods High School” as the name for the district’s eighth high school campus, which is currently under construction and set to open in August 2006 at the 1 82-acre multi-school site at Spring Cypress and Skinner roads. Trustees approved the name during their August 9 Board meeting.

The name Cypress Woods was chosen from a list of suggestions offered by members of the community, parents and staff. One of the considerations in naming the district’s next high school was that it continued the tradition of including “Cypress” in the moniker to reflect the school’s distinction as belonging to Cypress-Fairbanks ISD.  

Trustees had previously approved the high school’s colors, which will be red and gold. Based on prior practice, the first group of students who will attend the high school will join the administration in selecting a mascot prior to the school’s opening.  

Cypress Woods High School was designed by PBK Architects, Inc. and modeled after Cypress Ridge and Cypress Springs high schools. In addition, the Cypress Woods campus will house the new Carlton Center, which will replace the current facility and be built in conjunction with the new high school for cost savings.

For architectural renderings, construction photo updates and more information about Cypress Woods High School and other bond construction projects, visit the district’s Web site at


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