2006 - Roke Manor Research's 50th Anniversary

CELLDAR - Cellphone Radar System

During 2001 we combined our expertise in radar technology and cellular radio to develop CELLDAR™, a groundbreaking technique that uses the reflection of digital telephone signals from the sides of aircraft or boats to detect and track their movement.

Using demonstrator equipment, we have shown that CELLDAR™ can detect large aircraft over hundreds of kilometres, providing there is a cell phone network present to illuminate the targets.

CELLDAR™ Benefits

There are many benefits of this ground breaking system, a few of them are:

CELLDAR™ is a passive system, which means that it does not transmit any energy and so its use cannot be detected.

CELLDAR™ provides a low cost solution when compared to its equivalent active radar competitors.

CELLDAR™ is a multistatic system which means there are many transmitters to enhance the Radar Cross Section of targets when compared to a monostatic radar.

Development and Applications of CELLDAR™

Various government and industry bodies have now shown interest in the technology, opening up a world of opportunity for us to develop applications of CELLDAR™ for both the commercial and defence markets. In July 2002 we teamed with BAE Systems to further develop the system.

The anticipation is that we will be undertaking advanced trails of CELLDARâ„¢ in 2006.

CELLDAR™ Applications

Ground Based Air Defence

CELLDAR™ would act as a passive triggering system to cover blind spots.

Passive Airborne Early Warning

CELLDAR™ would allow aircraft to fly along the boundary of borders and look into an area without needing to transmit into it.

Battlefield Reconnaissance

Of tanks and other vehicles.

Homeland Defence

CELLDAR™ could monitor air, ground and coastal movements.

Traffic Monitoring

CELLDAR™ can monitor vehicle speeds, classify vehicle types, and examine traffic flow. This can all be achieved without the need to lay underground equipment which would be expensive and cause disruption.

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