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"Kiss Your Tsar's Ass"

The 2nd of August, 10 hours 55 minutes. The center of Moscow. Putin's majority in the State Duma adopts the benefits law during the second reading. On the square in front of the Bolshoi Theater there's a communist meeting at its peak (about 700 persons). The speakers are cursing the government and its anti-popular policy. Somebody of the meeting's participants goes on a hunger strike.
10.58 The distance from the meeting is less than a kilometer. Rakhmanovski Pereulok, building 25/1-the Ministry of Health and Social Development. Two persons dressed in MChS (Emergency Situations Ministry) uniform enter the central doorway of the building. They tell the two security guards that now there will be an unplanned exercise in the building, a gas alert, and suggest that they should put on the respirators they have brought for them. During the conversation with the guards twenty national-bolsheviks (about a half of them also dressed in uniform) pass the checkpoint in a long line, enter and go upstairs. They go to the first and the second floor and, opening the first doors that they come across, announce the unplanned exercise. The employees of Mr. Zurabov obediently and in a rather organized way leave their places of work and go outside.
11.05 Nazbols gather in three offices of the department. One of the biggest offices, the biggest one on the second floor, belongs to the minister himself. The boss of the office wasn't there. (That day he had an appointment with Putin).
Barricading is at full speed. By means of closure bars and construction air pistols the doors of the offices are blocked. Meanwhile an unsanctioned meeting begins: about ten nazbols passing by absolutely by chance decided to support their comrades.
11.10 The meeting outside is at full speed. The Ministry clerks and passers by, who stopped to gaze at such an unusual spectacle, add mass character to the event.
From the blocked offices leaflets of the following content are falling on the meeting participants' heads:
"Zurabov, resign! The so-called "monetization of benefits" is a crime of the power against the people. The minister Zurabov, one of the main initiators of this theft, is a criminal. We call all Russia's honest citizens to rally against the power of an arrogant gang of functionaries that terrorizes the whole country."
The NBP's banners appear in the open wide windows of the captured offices and the assaulters chant: "Down with the government and the Duma!", "To the people-free medicine, the ministers to the guillotine!". The acoustics is perfect, the slogans are clearly heard hundreds of meters away from the building.
11.20 The first militia car appears-four militiamen. Having estimated the situation they bury themselves in portable radio transmitters.
11.25 From somewhere above, somebody's voice is distinctly heard: "Are there any employees of the ministry here? Kiss your tsar's ass!". The official portrait of the nation-wide elected president is thrown out of the window of Zurabov's office on the sidewalk.
11.30 Two buses with OMON soldiers (special units) arrive to the building from the square in front of the Bolshoi Theater. The meeting on the sidewalk is suppressed, almost all the nazbols participating in it are arrested. From the windows of the ministry the slogan is heard: "Down with the police state!" About one hundred OMON soldiers rush into the Ministry of Health building.
11.35 Five minutes apart they knock out the doors of two offices on the second floor of the building. At the windows on the first floor nazbols go on shouting slogans.
11.50 Having estimated the solidity of the barricaded door and pitilessly destroying the lately finished complete renovation OMON officers break the wall of the office on the first floor.
11.55 It's Maxim Gromov who remained longer than anybody at the window of Zurabov's office. The OMON officers had to spend much time persuading him "not to do stupid things and to come down from the window-sill for good"…
At 12.20 they begin to lead the nazbols out of the building and seat in militia buses. For twenty minutes in the passages and the offices of the Ministry of Health what Putin's polizeis call "measures of physical pressure" was going on: the arrested were "worked over" with boots and clubs.
The events of the following days: tortures during examination and an impudent chase after the participants of the action around Moscow indisputably witness the fact that the authority has realized what kind of prospect such actions can bring to it.The OMON officers lead Maxim Gromov and Kirill Klyonov out of the the Ministry of Health building
According to the data of the 8th of August these nazbols are arrested and sent to SIZO (Special Isolation Facility):

Bespalov Oleg Alexandrovich (Saint-Petersburg), 26 years old
Globa-Mikhailenko Anatoli Igorevich (Moscow), 18 years old
Gromov Maxim Alexandrovich (Cheboksary), 31 years old
Ezhov Sergey Alexandrovich (Ryasan), 19 years old
Klyonov Kirill Igorevich (Bryansk), 19 years old
Korshunovski Anatoli Anatolyevich (Saint-Petersburg), 22 years old
Tishin Grigori Anatolyevich (Moscow region), 17 years old

On the 2nd of August nazbols set an example for all disagreeing, for everybody, whom cynical authorities don't want to see face to face. Meetings and pickets as an instrument of political struggle and a way of voicing one's civil position have almost lost their actuality. That is why every functionary must feel that even in his cozy office he isn't in safety.
And how would have developed the events if these were not 20 nazbols who entered the building, but all the 700 people who had held the meeting in front of the Bolshoi Theater?

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